Tuesday, December 31, 2019

recap of 2019!

More often than none, I feel that is easy for us as individuals to reflect upon all the negative within a season of our lives instead of all the good that transpired during that time. As i've been reflecting upon all that has occurred over this past year, it's easier to be reminded of all the bad and the ugly that went on throughout the year, despite all the good that was by far more beneficial. Sure, we have all have had our fare share of heartbreak, stress and whatnot throughout this year, but it's always encouraging to be reminded that their is always so much more ahead of that garbage!! Taking a further step back to realize that despite some majorly minuscule roadblocks i've faced this year, 2019 has been an unbelievably transformative year for me in such a positive way.

If you've been following along with me though my blog, instagram, or even if you know me personally, I've always seemed to have labeled myself as being this "indecisive" mess off a person that can't ever stand firm on any decision present to me. (If you care to read more about when I finally snapped out of this mindset, check this out!) Obviously, this way of thinking is completely toxic and destructive, but I am confident that even though it did take some time, I eventually took my life by the reins and made it how I really want it to be! Once you come to terms that the only person that will push yourself to become all that you aspire to be in this life is yourself, it's liberating to realize that the world is essentially at your fingertips, go seek it out! If your not happy about where you are currently, you have all the power to change your life for the better!

Who I was this time last year in comparison to who I am today is night and day. I can confidently say that I am no longer afraid of thinking if i'm "making the right decision for myself or not," because you know what? I've made so many new friendships, memories, experiences since i've said yes to some uncertainty; to me that's the beauty of life! I have made such tremendous growth within myself for not only knowing what I want for my life, but gaining a new sense of personal independence from living alone in my apartment. Not to mention, this year I was more than grateful to experience two of my all time favorite bands live, Fleetwood Mac and Vampire Weekend...... truly an iconic experience I will never forget!

So sure, 2019 has been one hell of a year, but if it wasn't, I don't think I would be this new version of that I am today. This year has made me become the version of "Jillian" that would make my younger self very proud. With all of this being said, 2020, am I more than ready for all that you are, bring it on!

Hope you all have a magical and safe new years! Chat soon!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

college update: fall 2019 recap

Each year, its no surprise that school gets harder and harder no matter if you are in college or even middle school. I've been super MIA not only on here, but on my instagram as well since i'm still trying to play the balancing act between blogging, academics, a social life, sleep, applying for summer internships and work. I can at least strive to do all, right?? I think one of biggest take away, or lesson however you wanna look at it, that I have learned over this past semester is the importance of being independent, thanks to living alone in my own apartment. This new season of independence wasn’t really something I could’ve eased my way into, I was catapulted into it and had to quickly adjust to my new “adult” way of life. Even though things have been very hectic, this chaos has allowed me to manage my time wisely and make me realize how I love having a constant routine. Days can sort of seem to blend together considering most days are kinda repetitive, school, gym, study, etc. But when I’m intentional about having a specific time to complete these task as well as having a. Set dinner time, each day seems to be more fulfilling. 

Speaking of food, that has been one challenge I’ve faced this past semester. When I first moved in and before classes officially started, I enjoyed being able to whip up a frozen Trader Joe’s entree and spruce it up a bit to make it feel like “It’s homemade” lol. Soon as events with my sorority picked up, long study hours in the library hit and everything in between, I’ve found it harder for myself to cook food meals that I enjoy, and aren’t the same frozen meals on repeat, or my my case, a meal that isn’t a couple of big handfuls of cheese it’s. What I find to be annoying is that instances where I wanna cook and whatnot I have to buy so many ingredients that I end up wasting because I’m never really gonna use again?? And it’s just myself so a lot of food goes wasted?? Idk, I guess it’s all trial and error. I’m definitely going to try hello fresh for next semester lol! 

Academically, this semester has been very challenged and I have to admit, i nearly got by with one class. Since changing my major for the summer to marketing, I am now required to take a lot more rigorous classes like calculus, accounting, stuff like that instead of the fluff I was taking while on the communications track. I know that all of this hard work and stress will pay off when I get my degree, but it hasn’t been easy. Especially for someone who thought the only math she would be taking in college would be math for liberal arts. Noting good comes easy, so I’m holding onto that sentiment for this next phase in my school career!! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50

I'm kinda channeling some major buddy the elf vibes and i'm not sure what it is about this year that has me WAY to excited for Christmas and being emerged in the holiday spirit!  I've been anticipating this time of year since the summer haha. I know it's still a few weeks away but I feel like a kid again counting down the days until it's officially December. With all the festive feelings I have, I thought I would make little gift guides this holiday season! To kick off this season of gift guides, I shared my  $50 and under gift ideas today!

1. Kopari Gift Set - I love when beauty brands come out with holiday sets so I can test out some products without making a big commitment to just one!

6. Skincare Fridge - this super mini fridge is extra in the best way possible.

10. Hydroflask - In the era of the VSCO girl, I find it hard to rock one of these without seeming ironic but hey.

Monday, November 11, 2019

a few of the most helpful tips i've tried to boost my positivity!

Throughout the past week or two, I haven't really been feeling like my normal self. Not sure if it's based off the fact that i'm in the thick of this busy semester or that mercury is probably in gatorade or some nonsense like that lol. Jokes aside, things have just seemed totally off and I can't really put my finger on it. As some of you may know, I'm the type of girl who views life through the lens of "the glass being half full, opposed to empty", but like I said, i've found myself in this slump of bitterness and self comparison, all for what?

 To give myself some perspective of my actions, I had a moment of self reflection over the weekend and thought, "these negative thoughts have no positive impact to myself, or even to others around me." From then I decided to take the matter into my own hands instead of waiting on the world to change, (which seems to be a toxic pattern of mine). Thank god i've been creeping out of this weird stage. Whether or not you've been going through something similar, I've thought of some tips that have helped me and will hopefully help you get back to your groove!

The way you speak to yourself matters.... A LOT! 

I know a lot of what i'm about to say may come off as so incredibly cheesy and corny, but please hear me out!! Despite the fact that you may hate having to get up early for your 8am class, or even struggle at even the thought of making your bed in the morning, try to fill yourself with positive affirmations because that will set a positive trajectory for the rest of your day! After waking up cranky and allowing myself to go about my day around those negative feelings, I didn't even give myself the chance to change my mindset about the day ahead of me and all the possibilities right in front of me! 

More often than not, I tend to find myself making fun of myself and all the "clownery" that I can put myself through. Over time of classifying myself as a clown or being "toxic" (another hot word of mine lol), I start to bind myself within this mold of that dons't line up to who I truly am. Like I mentioned in this previous post of getting over my indecisiveness, I need to set aside the labels I tend to slap on myself in order to break from this cycle.

You are loved, wether you believe it or not:

Call up your mom, check in with your best friend, find a dog to hug, remind yourself how loved you are. Living alone, i've fallen a time or two into this feeling of loneliness, since it's so easy to do so within the little confinement of my apartment. Surrounding yourself in the love of others, no matter how far away they are, isn't that much of a challenge! It's as easy as dialing up an old friend, or getting to chat with my parents that remind me of the support system that I have surrounding me at all times! Even thought it may not sound like a lot, sharing a laugh with someone you love can really lift your mood for the better!

Gravitate back to what makes you the happiest!
Wether it's going outside to soak up some sun at the beach, taking a walk to clear your mind, or whatever activity that makes you the happiest, carve some time out of your business to do so! I've noticed that i've been obsessing over the idea of "being busy" that i've began to almost idolize it, without cutting myself any slack by just.... having a break! Giving 110% of yourself all the time to others and responsibilities can easily cause you to burn out if you don't take some time to enjoy yourself. Whatever it may be that you love to do, get back to it! Shut off the world around you, enjoying the season you are in currently, so that you can recharge yourself back to your fullest potential!

hope you guys go and have an amazing week!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

fall beauty favorites!

Hey babes!

These days, instead of getting all dolled up for work, I find myself living in oversized frat t-shirts and leggings....the definition of fabulous right here lemme tell ya! Welcome to the reality of the ever so fabulous Floridian . Even with the lack of "getting all glam," I've been able to find my beauty fix in getting ready for tailgates & sorority functions... only for my fresh face of makeup to be wiped off by sweat by the end of the event lol! With that being said, here are a few of my fall favorites that I have found to be tried and true.

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation: Now you see, I've been wanting to try this holy grail drugstore foundation ever since I head my girl, Cameron Eubanks from Southern Charm, rave so highly about this $9 dollar foundation in her go-to makeup routine with Bravo. It's been on my radar for a few months now, but I had to take the plunge right before big and little reveal the other week when I realized I left my one and only foundation at home. One quick and frantic drive over to CVS too hunt for this foundation, I can now truly attest to the hype! Full coverage, super light weigh and did I mention, super cheap? What more could you ask for?!

Glossier Perfume: This perfume legit blows my mind away. If you aren't aware, Glossier's perfume matches with your own scent and created the most gooooorgeous scent. Pretty, light, dreamy, and airy. Whenever I spritz this perfume it sends myself to running around in a garden.

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment:  Just like when I forget to wear my watch and earrings, when I forget to wear this lip tint I feel completely undressed and not put together. This natural red tint provided with SPF and doused with moisturizer has been one of my go-to's for years. I'm not brave enough to wear lipstick all the time, so I slap some of this on to make me more presentable, while still looking natural!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

life update!

I can picture it just like it was yesterday, this time last year I found myself tucked away inside my teeny-tiny, close to freezing cubical as the new intern for the PR company I was working for. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was prepared for this new and exciting venture that I was about to embark on. Up until then, my schedule wasn't all that thrilling. Driving back and forth to school, going to work and coming home was the mundane schedule I had on repeat. Comfortable with all I had within my life, dare I say I was almost comfortably numb with my life?

Flash forward to one short year later, I currently find myself curled up inside my cozy apartment after a long, busy day full of classes and dance practice for my sorority. As I sit here reflecting upon how far a year has gotten me and how changes in my life can make me so happy; one thing runs through my mind that I never in a million years I thought I would EVER dare to say..... but i'm really loving college! 
Whats funnier to me is that even though i'm still at the school I literally HATED a year ago, it feels like a brand new place by experiencing all that it can be! I wanted to just pop in and chat with you all since I've been kinda MIA on here lately. Truthfully, i'm still working out the kinks with how to manage my passion with running Fabulously Floridian on top of my other obligations and maintaining good grades, but I think i'm slowing to pick up the pace! Fabulously Floridan has always been this outlet where I can come and express myself, my thoughts, and my creativity. Recently, I am really feeling grateful for starting this little blog where I can come and speak my thoughts without any limitations. It's a therapeutic break from the busyness of life currently. I know i'm kinda gettin in my *feels* here but i'm extremely grateful for all of you who have been following along with my journey this far! 

Love you all and happy spooky szn!!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

fall wishlist 2019

ahhhhhh yes, it's finally fall.... well at least it is for the rest of the county! It's once again that glorious time of year for all of us Floridians where we really have to use our imagination to the fullest. I'm talking about "imagining" that even the slightest rustle of wind through the palm trees sends us  to pull out our *one* sweater from our closets and raid the grocery stores of all things pumpkin spiced. Even though it still is summer time down here in South Florida, I thought I'd share with you all some items I have to get my hands on this fall! Like always, click the highlighted links below to shop each product if you wish!

2019 Wishlist

One: Ditch the drab boring nail color pallet that's just "excepted" to wear during fall and add a pop of color to your look! Maybe it's the name "positive vibes only" that's drawing me into making this OPI purchase!

Two: Not gonna lie, but I kinda want to get back to some of my "preppy" roots when it comes to my wardrobe, especially for this fall. Lets face it, the classics never go out of style. I don't care what the "not being able to wear white" after labor day law, I've been loving white on white and I want to be wearing it even more this fall! Ohhh imagine how cute this sweater would look with the pop of that nail color... *droll face*

Three: You know that pair of jeans that look great on anyone? That skinny leg, right in between mom jean and certified "cool girl" jean?! Yeah, I need a pair ASAP and think I found the right fit, here!

Four: It's almost hard for me to believe that I do not own a simple yet versatile pair of white sneakers. It seems as if now's a suitable time to toss my flip flops in for a real shoe for fall. After searching high and low, I found the perfect pair!

Five: The midi cheetah skirt is the first clothing article I loved so much, I need the same thing in multiple colors! The blush satin midi skirt is so chic and is perfect to throw on with an oversized sweater for this fall. 

Six: When I first saw this candle featured on one of my favorite instagram accounts, @things.i.bought.and.liked, I was in so happy it existed I was almost in disbelief. Not sure if it's a new things, or I've just been sleeping on anthropologies pumpkin spiced fall inspired candle for a long time now. Time to light that bad boy, turn my thermostat to 65 degree, break out my ~ugg boots~ and pretend i'm up north.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

my recruitment experience!

 Man, life sure does have a funny way of panning out. In high school and honestly up until my first year of college, I was so closed off to even the slightest idea of myself going through sorority recruitment. Even though my wardrobe definitely made it seem as if I walked straight of a sorority house, (to paint a picture for any new readers, I had a strict vineyard vines, lily pulitzer type of wardrobe lol.) I cultivated this toxic, cynical, mindset to something completing unfamiliar to me and in my mind this whole thing  was something I would NEVER do. Not in a million years.

 A huge chunk of why I felt the way I did back then was due to the fear of being "stereotyped" as this one particular girl. I'm sure each and every one of us could easily generalize a version of what we think a sorority girl is like. Also, thanks to all memes out their, it may be easier then ever to do just that. Overtime, I slowly yet surely began to get off my high horse and realize maybe this whole thing isn't all that terrible, I should give it a shot. After all, I've had several friends who have been apart/are currently apart of greek life and only have positive things to say about it all. And hellooooo, women should stick together and be each others biggest support systems anyways!

Flash forward to today, I now find myself as new member of Alpha Xi Delta! It's still kinda shocking to hear myself say that! With that all being said, I can't wait to see all that is in store with sisterhood! Today I wanted to share with you all a bit of my experience of the whole insane recruitment process to help anyone who may be going through recruitment soon or in the future!

In the Words of Julie Chen, Host of Big Brother, Expect the Unexpected.

Any Big Brother fans out there catch my reference? yes? no? One of the biggest clich├ęs that you will hear tirelessly during recruitment is "tRuSt tHe pRoCeSs." While is 10000% true, there is so much weight to this phrase. I'd like to replace that phrase with "expect the unexpected." Each day you never really know what might happen, even when you may think you do. You may walk out of a chapter with the most incredible and moving connection with some girls within the chapter and start to believe that "it's the one for you" only to find out that you were BOOM! DROPED! Or, like in my case, a hurricane might roll through and cancel two of the most important days but you just gotta roll with the punches! Please, please, please, stick to being open minded. Wherever your mean't to be, you will end up.

Be Authentically You

I like to resonate this mantra wherever I go, and during any stage in life. During the recruitment process, I would even tell the girls recruiting me that i'm doing this full in authenticity of who I am. Let's face it, i'm not one to "fit a certain mold" of a group and pretend i'm someone i'm not just to get the "clout" of being apart of it. *I even told some girls that, whoops, I have no control lol* I want to always be unapologetically me because hello, this is where i'm going to meet my friends, it would be way to exhausting to keep up some act personally! Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Sorry for being complete cheese ball by throwing in a Dr. Suss quote, I just thought it is  extremely pertinent to the situation that i'm speaking about! So to wrap up, be transparent, be unapologetic, be you.

Can't wait to keep you all posted with all that this journey has in store for me!! I'm so excited!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

apt tour.. a work in progress!!

Since moving into my apartment a hand full of weeks ago,  I've been back and forth on the idea of whether or not I should share with you all my apartment as it is, or wait until I have the final touches in place and then share the "big revel." Not sure why I decide to keep my interior such a secret, considering the fact that I'm the worst when it comes to keeping a secret. Whoops. I'd have to admit, it's something I need to work on!

In classic Jillian fashion of spoiling surprises, I unintentionally *teased* you all on Friday when I posted the little glimpse of my coffee table display. Whether you noticed it or not, I obviously felt as if it's time to share my apartment with you all, even without all the finishing touches! After all, isn't their that saying that a place starts to feel more like "home" once you starting finding pieces along the way, or am I just making that up?

 R O O M  B Y  R O O M

Living Room: Colorful. Chic. Costal. These three adjectives helped me build the framework of what I envisioned when it came to styling my first place! Even though this is still parallel to having a college dorm, I still wanted to make the small space my own. After all, If i'm gonna be living somewhere I would want it to make me feel happy!

P.S: MAKE IKEA YOUR BEST FRIEND! I found the best pieces (my coffee table, end tables, rattan chair, fuzz throw, t.v stand, couch, legit most of my stuff) at ikea for such great prices! Like I said, if you just moved into a dorm/apt. in college, this isn't your "forever home" or "hot shot" apt. just yet. Take advantage of places like Ikea and target for simple pieces that are functional and half the price of some home furnishing stores!!

Bar Cart: How on brand is the whole set up for me?! Can't wait to dress it up for the holidays!

Kitchen: Angled this photo juuust right so I can crop up the giant blank space above my kitchen table, lol! Slowly and surely things will come together. In the mean time of finding the right print to frame above my table, thought i'd add some color to my kitchen with a jar of citrus. A very cheep and easy decor tip!

Bedroom: The star of the show is my bright, hot pink, obnoxiously adorable rattan headboard that I snagged at a none other than a local THRIFT STORE! Yes, you heard me right! Odd Ball's thrift store in Fort Lauderdale to be exact. If your in the area, I highly recommend checking it out, it's worth the visit! It's kind of a funny story of how I found this magnificent piece, actually.  It was the classic "i'm going to the store to get one thing and leave with something completely far fetched from what I came for! In my case, I went in looking for a coffee table, and walked away with a headboard!

Not sure if you all are aware of it, but bedding furniture is hella expensive. So to cut cost, I packed up what I had at home and "u-hauled" it up to my place! Highly recommend doing if you have the means to do so! 

Hope you all enjoyed this little tour of my place! More updates to come along the road!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

hot girl summer

  Wtf. That's the only appropriate way to start off this post because, honestly, WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THIS SUMMER GO?! I know, I know, typically around this time of year everyone is in denial that "reality" is kicking back in, but like, wasn't it just the beginning of May last week? lol.

  Right after I got back from my trip to New York life seems to be flying right past me! Between working and moving into my new apartment, it's been one heck of a whirlwind to say the least! During this fever dream feeling of a summer, just like every stage in life, I did learn two valuable life lessons along the road *well, two to be exact.*


Summer of 19 you and me:  Even thought it felt like 102 and their was truly nothing to do, summer of 19 for me was far from the fairytale romance motif of the popular Dan + Shay song, and that was completely fine for me! This summer this was my first ever "single girl summer" since I was what.. 15? 16? It may be lame, but learning how to adjust to being solely independent after dating someone for so long is quite the adjustment! I can attest to the fact that time is really the best healer. It was nice being able to get back to my thoughts and prioritizing what makes me happy!

Budgeting: Taking into consideration that very soon I have to start paying for rent, groceries, etc. , I've been kinda nuts about saving my money. Instead of splurging whenever I get my paycheck, I take a big chuck of it and dump it directly into my savings account. Ugh. If only my younger self did this when I was working almost 40 hours a week.... oh well. I like to visualize the growing my savings as somewhat of a game to make it seem less mundane. The more I set aside, the more it grows!

Have a great week guys!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

college girl back to school!


  I know we are all in the same boat of being in denial that this summer is coming to a close ever so quickly; but that's a story for another time. Growing up, shopping for school supplies was almost just as exciting to me as the last day of school, what a psycho I am. I guess this is where my obsession for stationary items stemmed from.

  With the horrific back to school commercials & the days of summer growing shorter, back to school shopping to little me was a chance where I was able to have a fresh restart and *flex* a bit when I show up on the first grade of whatever grade sporting all of my new smelly markers, stickers and folders with my favorite TV characters on the front. Throwback to the forth grade when I vividly remember I had an iCarly spiral notebook and it was my prized possession haha.

  Back to school shopping in college is just flat out sad. Used binders and folders from semesters past that you end up finding tucked in your closet and using it because "it gets the job done." Where's the excitement in that? To put the fun back into back to school shopping, I designed a list of must have items for any college girl headed back to school!


Agenda: Not to be dramatic, but I would be lost in the world without my agenda. I have until the end of August until my current one is donezo, so in the mean time I have been eyeing these two adorable ones from target! Not only are they at a great price point, but they even allow you to plan out each hour of your day. I by no means have all my ducks in order for every hour of my day, but at least I can pretend!

Brush: Everyone that I know that owns this thing, every blogger I follow that talks about it, looses their mind over this product. I already know i'll be carving out $36 to get this the next time I get paid. This brush fakes a salon blowout in the matter of minutes! We may not have flying cars in 2019, but we have this and to me that's just as incredible.

Backpack: Let me start of my letting you all know I am not that "cool girl" who wears a big tote to class, to me it's just not particle. I need something durable, yet cute, that I can stuff everything and anything into, but I don't wanna look like i'm about to embark on a cross country hike, you feel? The benefit of this backpack is that you don't have to sacrifice looking cute for practicality! Score!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Protecting your eyes from "blue light" is such a hot topic these days,  and finally I understand why! I've heard countless advertisements about these glasses, but it all seemed kinda made up to me. It was until my boss bought this pair & I have been borrowing them since then and I can now attest to the hype! The prof is in the pudding guys! No longer do I feel so drained and lethargic when i'm completing a task on my computer or phone. Did I mention these are less than $20? Run, don't walk.

Colorful Pens: The pens are the perfect tool to write down your plans in agenda, take organized notes in class, at the end of the day these felt tip pens are even better to doodle in class with lol.

Diamond Pens: The millennial version of Cher Horowitz's iconic pink fluffy pen.

Hydroflask: Another piece I need to add to my water bottle collection. What I like about the Hydroflask in comparison to my yeti & swell is that it is easy to store ice in *unlike my swell* and is easy to carry around campus with the little handle *unlike my big bulky yeti.* 

Mug: Since i'm strictly an iced coffee kind of gal (yes, even in the cold!) I wanted to find a way to drink out of a cute mug. As of yesterday, I made myself a cup of sleepy time tea before bed that really help me unwind and find a purpose to this mug I have!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

my favorite outfits for summer roundup

Hey babes!!! Throughout the duration of this summer, I decided to cut myself some major slack from the constant planning and posting here on my blog. Lets face it, the days of carefree summers are quickly slipping away from my fingertips since i'm getting older. Not only that, but I've learned that I work more efficiently & i'm more inspired when I have a daily routine opposed to just going through the motions like I do during the summertime. Anyways, I wanted to share with you all the details of my favorite outfits that I wore this summer! Since I don't have the luxury just yet of the "swipe up" feature on Instagram, you can shop every item that I wore in these photos down below!

*p.s: some items I linked are similar to what I'm wear due to the fact that some product I have arnt the newest :)

Monday, July 8, 2019

the only purse you need this summer

It's always surreal to me when brands reach out in hopes to collaborate with my little blog; especially when they fit perfectly with my lifestyle! Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to select my very own bag from amerii! Ever since the start of the summer, I've wanted a rattan bag that will work as a cohesive piece to wear all summer long and frankly all year. For the past two weeks, I've hardly ever left the house without my amerii bag! Not only does the bag go with essentially everything, but the quality of the handcrafted bag is definitely worth the purchase! Go check them out now while their 30% off summer sale is still happening!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

never thought I would say this...

I can picture it so well as if was yesterday, my last day of dreadded finals. Okay, I mean it was only in May, but still, i'm trying to paint a picture for you all. There I was, prancing around FAU's campus with a grin beaming across my face as I was thinking to myself that I'm kissing this place goodbye once and for all! "Bonsoir Boca!" I thought as I galavanted my way to my car. I just took my French final so naturally French was still preoccupying my mind. Orlando here I come! #transferszn.

Flash forward to today, June 27th where I am now OFFICIALLY a resident of none other than the city of Boca Raton, yes you heard me! In August to be exact. I know what you all are probably thinking. "Weren't you so ready to leave that place, I thought you hated it." Especially if you've read my last update. (Which if you haven't you can always catch up here.) Anyways yes, well see it's kind of a funny story I believe, so allow me to explain how I got here. 

If you are an avid reader of the blog, or have known me for some time, it's kinda obvious that I've prided myself as "a very indecisive person." Which, I've learned the hard way, isn't very cute. Since my last update, I was in that "limbo" period of being registered for classes at FAU as my backup plan, while still waiting on receiving an answer from UCF. During the start of summer, my family was down for a week and the whole time during their visit the unsettling feeling of unease from not really being sure of where I'm going to school in the near future was eating me alive, like always. I would bring up the pickle that I found myself in to my friends and to my sister and they would all give me almost the same response back. "Jillian, you have so much going for you in Boca and South Florida, why go to somewhere unknown just to prove to yourself that you can be independent!" Or as my sister bluntly stated "Jillian, you don't even seem excited to be going to Orlando." Greaaaaat. Now what do I do! With these responses hitting at me every which way, I found myself at such a cross road.

I swear, my friends are truly god sent. The advice that they give me are always what I need at the time that I need it the most. Grant said something that really stuck with me. "Sometimes, we tell ourself that we possess this certain quality that ends up harming us from doing big things within our lives, and for you it's constantly telling yourself that you can't make these decisions on what to do because you are indecisive and that is just "who you are." WOW! That hit me hard, a lightbulb flashed within me. THIS IS MY FATAL FLAW! By just classifying myself as "indecisive" and always feeling the need to prove something to others that ultimately, isn't going to make me happy is what I struggle with! I brought it up to my dad about the situation I found myself in, and like every dad, he gave me the most simplest answer, "you need to make a pro's and con's list." I did just that. It went something like this: 

UCF:                                                                                                              FAU:
PROS:                                                                                                           PROS:
*Moving alway                                                                                           *Not to far from home
*?????                                                                                                          *Smaller environment
*Big School?                                                                                               *Near the beach
                                                                                                                     *Get to keep my job
CONS:                                                                                                         *Etc..
*Trying to get into a program that I may or may 
not get into for something in not
 "thrilled" to study and major in
*Largest School in the country
*Where would I live??
*Do I really love the area?

It was about time to put to rest my toxic mentality of my situation and make it the best it can be! All I know of FAU is just from me going to class all day, driving home, going to work/ internship & that's about it. Also, UCF has yet to confirm the status of my application because they are still "deciding" on my acceptance. If that isn't confirmation that it wasn't meant to be I'm not sure what is! Since being out of high school, I have really missed being involved and the feeling of community that coincides with experiences all that you can from your time on campus. For ONCE I am confident in where I'm going to school and I'm already counting down the days until I move in! With arms open wide I am welcoming this new chapter into my life and I'm beyond excited to start! I hope this kinda closes the loopholes of what has been going, hehe! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

summer swimwear under $50

After what seemed like WEEKS without seeing even just the tiniest glimpse of sunshine, i've been developing  cabin fever by trying to keep myself busy on my days off indoors.  You can probably picture the over abundance amount of excitement I had when at last the sun decided to show itself today in South Florida. With the sun beaming down upon my skin, I thought it would be best to share with you all some of my favorite swimsuits & pool/beach accessories at the moment! Feel free to click the items down below to check out each item!

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your summer!

Friday, June 7, 2019

beauty master class in bal harbour

Hey babes! So yesterday I went down to Bal Harbor and experienced a master beauty class hosted by Maria Tettamati, a fashion blogger based in Miami. I swear, in another life or if I ever get bored when I'm old I wanna become an esthetician. I'm just way too intrigued with skincare! With all joking aside, in the mean time i'll just keep learning and familiarizing myself on new skincare products. This informative beauty class was on ANOTHER LEVEL. Also I must shot out Neiman Marcus Bal Harbor for their out of this world banana bread that was available to snack on... it was dangerously delicious. I'm convinced that with all the newly released skincare products I doused my face in, I look as if I just came out of the womb. Graphic I know, but I can't find a better metaphor to compare how rejuvenated my skin looks and feels! We live in a generation that women and men don't have to wait until their 65 years old to start wearing some sort of night cream product recommended to them on QVC. Take charge of your skins health now and educate yourself to the products out there! 

I also linked my outfit that I wore down below!

Chat soon!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

a salty soul x fabulousy floridian

No shoes, no shirt, no problem is my mantra when it comes to dress code down in the Florida Keys. I think this might have been the first time in a long time I wore more than just a big tee shirt and flip flops out to dinner thanks to A Salty Soul! If you are not familiar with this effortlessly cool costal outfitters, they are based in Nantucket, MA, one of my dream vacation spots!

Through their business they are able to provide for the boys & girls club in their area with the chance to live life on the water through various ocean activities; how awesome is that?! A Salty Soul was kind enough to send me two pieces from their collection, they fit my lifestyle (and closet) perfectly! A striped tee is a must when it comes to anyones summer wardrobe, the beauty of it is that it can be worn over your swimsuit, or you can dress it up with some denim for the evening time! Not to mention, I can't stop raving about their "seas the day tote." It's the perfect weekend travel bag that can double as a beach bag!

Make sure to check them out, I know you would love them as much as I do!

Monday, May 13, 2019

to new beginnings!

So, sophomore year of college is officially in the books! It's kinda obvious I've been putting posting on the blog on the back burner of things I need to get done, this past month has just required so much out of me between studying for finals and trying to transfer schools. Gah. That's another story I should probably update you all on. A little news flash too, no matter what it may seem like on the gram, we all kinda don't have it all together and that's sort of comforting that we are all in this together and learning as we grow! 

Most of the time I tend to find myself living in my own fantasyland where everything in my mind consist of all things good, you know rainbows and gumdrops sort of mentality, which isn't a bad thing BUT GOSH, I CAN BE SO OBLIVIOUS TO REALITY, LIKE WAKE UP FROM DAYDREAMING JILLIAN! I must give a special shout out to my mom for always bringing me back down to reality. I such a pisces lol. Long story short, I found myself not registered for classes at both FAU or UCF (I'm waiting for all my grades to be posted before sending out my application.)

 Registration? oh I don't need to do that, I'm gonna get in for the fall and their is no doubt about it! I would repeat this to myself. It wasn't until the felling of unease for the unknown kicked in and I had to quickly get my shi together and come up with a back up plan! I frantically met with my advisor and I'm still blowing her her email like a loon, but now rest assured I have something to fall back on if things don't work out! To be honest, the feeling of uncertainty bugs me beyond believe, but what I've learned through all of this mess to rest on the promise that wherever I may end up, is where i'm meant to be! 

I'm making a self promise to myself that wherever I may end up at, I will make the most out of these next two years before I graduate. During all of this, it was so easy to just beat myself up over not knowing where I should be at, where I should be living, etc. but I've came to the realization that I can do absolutely nothing about the decisions I made in the past, no matter how hard I dwell on them. But what I can do is to only go forward and make the most of any situation presented to me! 

Now that my TedTalk is officially over lol... I'm so excited summer is here! One by one my friends are coming back home and we've solidified that we must make this a summer the best one yet! One last summer of fun and not having major responsibilities to weigh us down. I'm overjoyed for the new experiences, new adventures, new friendships and new opportunities with this season ahead of me! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

easter inspo. 2019

If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of springtime. I love the beauty of how spring time signifies the "rebirth" of nature and everyone collectively wears my favorite color pallet, pastels. Since Easter is right around the corner I thought I would put together a handful of my favorite spring pieces. It was hard not to include everything from the Gal Meets Glam collection, ugh I cry. Each piece is beyond stunning, I need to get my hands on one of those dresses asap! To not be incredibly biased, I included a wide range from other designers and retailers that are perfect for the spring holiday!

Like always you can shop by clicking on the highlighted links or by clicking the photos down below!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

prom/formal inspo. 2019

Shopping for an evening gown can already be a headache within it's own, but figuring out how to do your hair and makeup can unfortunately be worse than finding the perfect dress. Luckily for you all, I'm sharing a few of my favorite makeup looks, tips, as well as some evening gowns to make shopping fun like it should be!

Makeup looks + tips: 

tip #1:
If your dress consists of a lot of patters, colors, embellishments, etc. stick to a basic/more neutral makeup look. Warm, natural colors are your friend in this case. By using this color pallet, it allows you and your beautiful dress to shine, without being to distracting! 

tip #2
If your dress is more plain, don't be afraid to go full glam! Step outside of the box and use some color, it could really tie the whole outfit together while staying on trend. For example, last year, I had a bright red dress and last minute decided to make my lips the same color. I was apprehensive at first but it looked so good! 

tip #3
Test out the makeup look you want before going to someone to get your makeup done, especially if your getting your makeup done by someone you've never seen before. I've seen my friends go get their makeup done and immediately wipe it off because it was not even close to what they wanted. So to save time and money, take my advice. Stick to who you know is going to do an incredible job or just practice, practice, practice till you get it the way you want!

Annnd if you are still finding yourself searching for dresses, I linked some of my favorites down below!


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