Friday, December 21, 2018

glamsquad x cvs

Last week I was invited to test out Glamsquad's new partnership with CVS Beauty! From the Kardashians, to influencers and people just like you and me using Glamsquad across the country, it has become a household name in my book.

If you are unaware of what Glamsquad is, it's essentially a beauty service company that allows you to have your own personal, professionally trained "makeup & hair guru" with the convenience of them coming to you.  People, we are living in the future!  Wanna sit in your robe all evening until your event, but dread the thought of having to go to the salon?  Call Glamsquad!  Wanna rewatch Friends for the billionth time, but just noticed you need a manicure and don't wanna be unglued from the television?  Call Glamsquad!  If you have a laundry list of errands to run and still somehow need to find time to squeeze in an appointment to get your makeup done, look no further but to call Glamsquad!  You get the picture.

I was some weird, preconceived notion that I could only access these services if I lived in one of the many major cities across the US... not true.  Heck, they will come to your dorm room, it's amazing and do I dare say... obsessed?

The company launched a new partnership with CVS Beauty in hopes to expand their beauty services to your neighborhood!  I was fortunate enough that they just set up shop in Fort Lauderdale and was invited to check it out for myself.  Okay..... I was BEYOND impressed with how my makeup looked and that might even be an understatement.  Shantel, my beauty guru for the night, worked wonders to give me the perfect look for dinner with my sis downtown.  After getting glammed up with Glamsquad, I had just the perfect amount of highlighter and bronzer that naturally accentuated my features!

To find out more and receive $10 off your first beauty service, click this link!

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas to you and your families!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My Journey with Anxiety

I’ve had this idea running rampant in my mind for such a long time, but I was always unsure of when it would be the appropriate time to post this.  Not only finding the suitable time to post this heavy topic, but how to properly address this issue that I, as well as many others, have faced one time or another.

Today I woke up with this abundance of confidence within myself pertaining to today's post. I knew that I must crank out this post today or it would be eating at me! I opened my eyes to the realization this morning that there is nothing wrong with how I may phrase any of this or how I should come about this topic. This is simply me sharing my story. Nothing but the honesty, raw truth of my journey with living and learning how to overcome my anxiety.

Before I dive into everything; I wanted to reiterate the fact that I have created my blog not only to inspire others with my style, but most importantly, establishing my blog to inspire others thoughts and well being. Human interaction, whether it be through any media form or face to face interaction, is something that is so important to our lives and has been lacking tremendously in our society.. I hope that my story will be able to touch even one persons life and show them that they aren't alone. So here I begin, tackling an issue I have been wrestling with for sometime. Here's my raw, complete story of how I learned to overcome my anxiety.


Thinking back to two years ago, the time I was struggling the most with my anxiety, I wouldn't ever imagine that one day I would be writing about how I overcame something that at the time consumed my life. I want to paint you all the picture of what my life was like during my junior and senior year of high school, dominated by my anxiety. Even though I was sharing my almost "cookie cutter" version of my life back then on my blog, it was incredibly hard to share what I was struggling with not only with my parents and friends, but to all of you. Not only did my anxiety create this constant worry and fear within myself, but held me back from enjoying little moments that were going on within my life.

It's a little comical to me that during this period of my life, I always prided myself on how I was “Miss Independent”' and so self sufficient; when the harsh reality being that I was being consumed by this perpetual state of fear and worry. At that time, it was almost impossible for me to go somewhere by myself, let alone drive anywhere. I was constantly troubled about wondering when and where my next anxiety attack would happen, with no one by my side to help calm me down. My heart would race a million miles per minute, feeling as if someone was holding my throat and not allowing me to breath and trouble collecting all of my thoughts. My anxiety was somewhat paralyzing. Since I was so oblivious to what would set off these episodes, I felt that this made my anxiety worse because I would constantly dwell on the same "What if''s?" and reenact these scenarios in my mind.

I can vividly recall times of having to leave the movies with my friends or while driving had the feeling that I had no control of my actions of where I would take myself and my car, or even having to leave a conversation with someone to step outside to get some fresh air.  I began to just accept my anxiety as a factor in my day by day life; probably the worst thing anyone could do. I began to feel alone in the sense that I didn't really have someone to talk to that felt the same way that I did; I was beside myself. My friends and family did the best they could, but I started holding it in more and more because I didn't want others to see me as "dramatic" or that I was using my anxiety as some cheap punchline.  

Countless nights I recall crying out to God asking Him to take this away from me, yet always finding myself dealing with this constant battle. Towards the middle of my senior year, I had enough and it was time I figure out what the cause of this chaos was inside of me. Maybe it's my coffee intake? Maybe it's the foods or lack of foods I am eating? Thus my "infamous" bag of almonds appeared everywhere I went, as well as cutting back my occasional cup of coffee to just one. Both these things affected my level of anxiety, but I didn't realize a huge change in how I felt mentally. I was still worried, still fearful, and still doubtful.

The summer before my senior year, my friends and I attended a conference our church held. This was the moment when things started to shift; not right then and there, but bare with me. I'll never forget when Pastor Rich Wilkerson gave a sermon about anxiety and the baggage it carries within everyone. Growing up in a church centered school, I was preached about this day after day; but I had never heard it taught like that before and I felt a presence of peace. I remember I was in tears because I had been looking, seeking and asking for an explanation, or even just something that could help with what I’d been dealing with.

From that moment I began to take a step back and examine my mental state. Is what I'm worrying about going to matter in 10 minutes from now? Is this anxiety creating any good in my life? Is all the negative things that I think can go wrong in my life actually happening? No. No and no again. It's taken me two years of finding this peace within myself to not dwell and worry on every thought, that I have noticed my anxiety slip away from me.  Again, I'm not saying that I never feel this way, it just isn't as crippling and sever as it was. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself religious or not, I found the best way to help with my anxiety by meditating on the good! Focus on the good within your life, what can come for your future, what you have been blessed with in your present. Worrying doesn't add a single good to anything! Think of all the wonderful things you can be accomplishing instead of worrying!

I know I approached getting over my anxiety very holistically because I knew that it wasn't so bad. I encourage anyone who knows, or is suffering in that way to seek help from someone! Create a support group at your school, spark the conversation, help yourself and the well-being of our society! There is nothing wrong or selfish in loving and helping yourself out. Don't be afraid to have conversations about your mental health with your friends, family members or loved ones!! It's easier more than ever to give your body and mind the love it deserves.

At the end of the day and this seemingly endless journey, be authentic with yourself and your thoughts!! Self help is normal and a healthy part of growing into the incredibly awesome individual you are created to become!


Friday, November 23, 2018


Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Ultimate Packing Hack!

Hey guys!

I've been home for a few days now after coming back form one of the best trips to one of my favorite cities, Boston! I can go on and on about that city and the time I spent over the weekend, buuuut todays post I wanna focus on this app that has transformed my life, and make packing so much more efficient! 

Not sure if I have mentioned on the blog that I am the definition of an over pack. Even if i'm spending the weekend in the keys my carryon, is stuffed to the brim with a million outfits to do an "impromptu" quick change...... in the keys.... where I only wear a t-shirt and my swimsuit at best. I knew I was only going to be in Boston for a few short days and didn't wanna cram Mary's dorm with an excessive amount of luggage (okay, I still brought a ginormous bag, props to the ones who can fit their stuff in a carryon.) I was determined to see if I can break my bad habit of it! 

Now, I couldn't have completed this treacherous task with my strength alone. About a month ago I discovered Finery; it's essentially the computer system Cher Horowitz has in her closet. (If you are not familiar with this reference from the cult classic, Clueless, I advise you stop what your doing and watch it immediately!) 

How I feel using Finery!

You simply sign up for free, put in some information and the app recognizes your own clothes and builds outfit inspo's, or even what to wear based on your location & the weathers that day, how cool is that! Technology is amazing at times. I was able to cultivate this chic look which I wore the last day In Boston. The best part of all of it, I was able to plan accordingly without having to bring along my whole wardrobe for a four day trip!!

To get started; levitate your mouse over this link to start making your life so much easier!!

One last thought! You can shop my outfit below if you please! :)



Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall Essentials I'm Loving

This isn't a gimmick to "convince" or guilt you all into purchasing these products for apparent reason, take my word for it. I have purchased these products within the past month or so and have been obsessed (for lack of a better term) with each item. I try to find every excusing to wear each piece  I listed wherever I can! From the Madewell sweater dupe to the silk leopard pants, each of my fall favorite picks are essential for building a trendy yet classic wardrobe for this fall. Even if you like me, and live in an area where you see more Iguanas then leaves changing *like South Florida cough cough.* I digress. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Pink Striped Sweater: I popped into H&M a few weeks ago because I was lured in by their under $20 sweater promo and came across this beauty! This sweater is perfect because its light enough that I can wear it year round (i'm always uncomfortable cold), as well as layer it if it ever gets colder outside! The best part about this sweater is that is so similar to this Madewell one, for less than half the price!

Benefit Blush and Stain: This product is revolutionary. I was a bit scared when the helpful girl at Ulta showed me how colorful the "nail polish" looking cheek stain, but I was sold when I tested it out. This stain gives such a natural, flushed look that lasts for hours. Like, 24 hours. I also love the fact that it's such a buildable products, if you wanna increase how dramatic your look will be, increase the amount of product of your face!

Slip On Vans: I really jumped on the "basic binch" wagon when I bought these, but honeslty I have  shame in that! These shoes are somewhat of a throwback to me, I was crazy for slip on vans in fourth grade. I had mostly every color and even prints that collated with the holidays. I find these a better alternative to wearing flip flops all the time, since summer is "technically over."

Bean Boots: Since I live in a area where it only gets below 70 degrees two weeks out of the whole year, I bought mine used off eBay last year. Sure they are a little worn at the bottom, but I did get them for a steal of only $50! If I did live somewhere else, I would recommend buying them new. They are worth ever penny. I bought them last December before I went to Boston and didn't want to take them off! They keep your feet toasty warm and extremely comfortable. I walked all around Boston in these for 4 days and had no complaints!

Leopard Silk Pants: It was love at first sight with these gorgeous pants, I can never go wrong at J.Crew! I believe in leopard as a neutral and i'm overjoyed that leopard print is having such a moment in fall style! Not only are these pants incredibly chic, but feel like you never took your pajamas off, whats better then that? Oh yes I know, right now J.Crew is offring 30% off your entire order! Don't walk, run!

Hope you all enjoy my favorite items at the moment!

Chat soon


Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Thoughts on Teami's Detox Mask

 I'm someone that believes in the idea that there is no in-between when it comes to spending your Sunday. One weekend you can crawl into bed all day, ignoring all your given responsibilities and have it be somewhat sociable acceptable because, after all, it is the day of rest. On the flip side, one weekend you have a huge laundry list of things to get done, people to see, meals to prep, dogs to pet, you name it. Today was one of those checking items off my laundry list kind of day. It wasn't the most hectic one, but I wanted to push myself to spend the extra time on my class assignments, go workout and have time to blog!

Days like these where I need some "me-time" from all the business,  I make it an effort to save time and spend it on myself, for myself. You don't have to be extravagant, just enjoy the little things that bring you peace and make YOU happy! For me, some of my favorite ways to decompress is to go for a run outside or try a new face mask. For a little over a month I have testing out Teami's Detox Mask, if you envy the look of dewy skin, you have to give it a whirl. The consistency of the smooth clay mask goes on my skin like butter! Not to mention, the smell is unbelievably yummy. Immediately after I wash my face off, you start seeing results of clear, bright skin. Yes you heard me, not days, not weeks, but minutes! The only minor flaw I found while using this mask is that if you use products to help with controlling ache, I would hold off on using the day you want to apply the mask. I say this because I found that it tends to irritate my skin if I mix the two!

Used my code @jillybean15 at checkout to receive 15% off $22!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What I Typically Eat

This is my second consecutive blog post about "healthy living," it may seem as if I'm switching gears with my blog and making it more health oriented. Running a lifestyle blog is so much fun to me because it gives me the freedom to not be limited with what I write about, it's my very own "online diary!" I always strive to inspire some of you all with what I write on here.

 College is known to be the time when most kids gain the notorious "freshman 15." Between binge eating to cope with the stress of studying to being out at a party from time to time, times like that doesn't matter what you feed your body, as long as it's easily accessible. Now before any of you roll your eyes at me for seeming like such a granola girl, I'm not that. I just wanna share with you all what I typically eat during the school day that provides me with sufficient energy, at the same time being a delicious meal that doesn't make me feel terrible during my day.

Here's the deal, I live with IBS (disgusting I know, I'm sorry. If you are not familiar with IBS you can look it up, I don't really want to explain it here haha!) It somewhat runs in my family and it just had to pass to me. Which sucks because most of my favorite foods set me off. I don't eat fried food because of it and cut back on dairy because my stomach just doesn't agree with it. With that being said, I tend to stick to a lot of whole foods and not so processed products. I do love cheez it's and fine cheese, so I just have to suffer with the consequences. During those dark times Tums are my best friend.

BREAKFAST: If I have a few extra minutes to spare in the morning before I head out the door (that was just a nice way of saying that I didn't snooze my alarm.) I'll cook some scrambled eggs with toast and top it all off with Trader Joe's Everything Bagel seasoning... trust me it's life changing. If I'm in a pinch for time I usually have toast with peanut butter, bananas, chia & flax seeds, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

SNACKS: I wouldn't consider myself much of a snacker, but when it comes to cheeze-its ohhh don't get me started, those are my demise. I give it to myself because generally, I say I eat pretty healthy, If I wanna indulge in a bowl filled with cheesy/salty goodness, why not! Find the balance within your eating patters to remain sane!

If I need some extra recovery from eating poorly, I down a green juice. They are lifesavers to me. Some are brave enough to drink them as a meal, I stick to using them as a supplement when I feel as if i'm running low on my intake of fruits and veggies. For lack of better terms, i'd be so cranky if a green juice was my meal. It may be kinda dorky, but one of my favorite things to do is testing out different green juices from local and non-local juice stores. I have such a major sweet tooth, so I tend to lean more too the green juices that have more apples or fruits in the mix rather than just the greens.

LUNCH: For lunch I create my own "bento box" that you can find at Starbucks, you know the ones with the cheese and the fruit. For me, it's a better alternative to the boring ham sandwich that I have been eating for years on end, I enjoy variety in my life and in my food! I incorporate some wheat thins, pepper jack cheese, a red delicious apple, strawberries and a Cliff Bar to help me fuel the rest of my day.

DINNER: I am so *blessed* that my dad is an amazing cook... If it wasn't for him i'd be eating eggs every night or ordering take out, sorry mom! Our dinner varies based on what he feels like whipping up that night.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Dessert!! It's a curse that I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I typically indulge into my favorite ice cream in all time, The Tonight Dough from Ben and Jerry's. This month...well at least until Halloween, I am trying to cut out my dessert consumption. Fingered crossed that goes well.

I hope you all enjoyed this little recap!

Write to you all soon,


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Consider this Before Starting #BBG

Today feels like the appropriate time to reflect on my experience with the #BBG workout program. I had such a fun this past weekend in Orlando with Kyle and our friends, I brutally feel the need to get back into my normal routine of eating habits after such a fun weekend spent at Halloween Horror Nights.
    I started the #BBG workout a few weeks ago as somewhat of a self experiment. Is the ever so hyped workout routine worth all the hype it gets? Lemme quickly interject into any of your thoughts or doubts that you may have about the program and say, yes, it is indeed worth it. Even though I *accidentally* bought a months worth of a subscription instead of the free trial (whoops). I do highly recommend this program, but there are a few things I should've considered by starting this program.

1. Finding the Time
This fall, my weekly schedule is, to say the least, jammed packed. Lemme give you all a quick rundown so you can sympathize with me haha. Every Monday and Thursdays I have my internship at the PR firm. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class practically all day, which leaves me with the weekend for any downtime to catch up on my assignments and gain sanity. I always try to squeeze in a workout during the weekends to leave my weekends primarily free, but the BBG workouts are sometimes to long to complete in the 30 minutes I have to exercise before all chaos of my weekday begins. If time management is a skill of yours, you shouldn't have any problem with this program.

2. Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!
It's no brainer that i'm trying to constantly save each penny that I come into contact now a-days, a monthly payment of $40 for a broke college kid on-top of a existing gym membership is somewhat excessive and unnecessary for me. Buuut, If I wasn't already paying for a monthly membership, It might be worth it. The app gives you the option to either workout in the comfort of never leaving your home, or at the gym. They do offer somewhat of a discount if you choose to take the plunge and purchase the yearly membership, but even that is a pretty penny.

3. Motivation!
The biggest flaw I had with this program is finding the right amount of motivation. Personally, I feel that I perform my best during a working out if someone is physically yelling at me and pushing me to "go the extra mile." Showing up at the gym and completing a workout circuit by yourself can be somewhat intimidating, but it is better than doing it alone at home. It may make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially if your gym is full of bulky, meatball men like mine. On the flip side, being in that setting helps you complete the workout efficiently. Try brining a friend along to help you along the way during the circuit, It helps tremendously! Having someone to keep you accountable during the workout will help you stay on track and complete it. I tried doing #BBG at my home and it was difficult to say the least, my dogs are such a distraction as well as just waning to do something else at my house.

Overall, the workouts kicked my butt time after time and left me feeling so soar...hopefully that means progress! I did love my short time with the workout app but these are some observations I learned throughout the process :)

Hope you all are encouraged with what i've learned with my brief trial of BBG and I hope you all wanna try it too!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Back to School Must Haves


Hey guys!!

Let us cheers to resuming back to the time of stress, extensive learning, and hectic schedules! This post felt clearly appropriate for the time being that school is back in session. I pulled a few of my favorite items that have already been a huge life saver for starting back at school. Trust me on this post, they are 100% Fabulously Floridian verified lol.

Backpack: Last year, I was constantly going back and forth from using a tote bag as well as my Longchamp purse. It honestly wasn't functional for me what so ever. This semester, I'm on campus from 9am -6pm, it only makes sense for me to use a backpack. I found this hershel backpack for such a great price (under $50 helloooo!!) I absolutely love the color and how lightweight the material is. I can't wait to also use this backpack as my new carryon bag!

Lily agenda:  I have been using Lily planners for over two years. The vibrant colors and patters always seem to brighten up even the most dullest and high stress days lol. The only down side of this planner (well maybe because I had the medium size??) I do find it kinda small, I write alot and I often times found my words running off the space they give for each day.

I am very busy: I have been wanting this agenda for so long because we can all relate to this....right?? It's always sold out in stores and i'm not a huge online shopper, but I love the whimsical details that bando incorporation in all of their products!

Sneakers: REAL TALK! I have been living (and i'm not just saying that) in these sneakers ever since I bought them before my trip to New York. If you know me, I am by no means a "sneaker head," but these sneakers are like waking on a literal cloud! Not only are they super stylish and comfy, they are super particle to wear on campus (i'm currently wearing mine now haha.) I also linked my pink ones for you to check out!

Top & Leggings: This probably isn't the best, but I hate mentioning that I run a fashion blog while on campus, I mean I don't look the par. My school environment is super casual, no one ever dresses up so I find the beauty in accepting that comfort is key. But that dons't mean you have to sacrifice looking cute! You can easily pair a soft top with leggings with detail to dress up your look while still being comfortable without looking somewhat homeless.

Swell: I am still grateful to this day that my friends Sophie and Josh gifted me with my palm print swell, I use it all the time. I tend to be kinda annoying of always having my drinks cold, even my coffee. My Swell does just that. The shape of it is so efficient to carry in my backpack to class.

Pencil Pouch: Truth be told,  I can be somewhat messy most times... well more like forgetful. Everyone knows how easy it is to lose al your pens and pencils during the school year. I always thought that pencil pouches were somewhat of a waste, but if your like me, they help keep you stuff together. I love this one because the have the cutest idioms engraved on the pouch, most of which are in french. Bonjour!

Have a great semester everyone!


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Why I'm Loving Fabfitfun (and you should too!)

Over the past week, I was honored to be chosen as a #fabfitfunpartner! Being able to collaborate with some brands that I am passionate about is another bonus of having my own blog. Just a little disclaimer before I dive into this post; I always want to make sure that when I partner with a company or brand, it is one that I am passionate about and know that you all will love. I'm never just trying to . sell you something.

Subscription boxes in the past have been somewhat of a nightmare for me. I have ordered a few subscription boxes in the past and they have always seemed to let me down. Minuscule product testers and stuff that I really had no use for was shipped to me and month after month that left me disappointed and felt as if I was throwing my money down the drain. Wah Wah.

Fabfitfun is different than the generic subscription boxes. Their personalized test truly does cater to your likes and dislikes as well as sending you full sized products of stuff you know you wanna have! One of my favorite aspects of Fabfitfun is that you know you have a monthly gift waiting for you, and hello, a box full of goodies worth over $300 for only $40, how could you pass that up? Not to mention, when you place your order, enter my code: GOTTAHAVEIT at checkout to receive $10 off!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018


For a little over a year, I’ve wrestled with thoughts of my future endeavors.  My mind is always working like a ping-pong table, back-and-forth with my thoughts inside my head.  Also, being apprehensive about pursuing what I want to do because it’s more of a “creative” job, rather than your typical 9-5 Dunder Mifflin office style type of job.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely passionate with what I want to do career wise, I just have such difficulty with actually trying to chase after what I want, because I get discouraged with negative thoughts that reign in my mind from time to time. Even though I want to pursue an EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE CAREER in PR, I end up having weird second thoughts and think “maybe it’ll just be best if I go to school to become a dentist.” Which, if you know me is extremely WACK because I get nauseous from the sight of blood and truthfully I'm not that great at science, so that would just be torture!

This summer I took a big step and applied for an internship at a reputable PR firm. It’s crazy how well the stars were aligned and I got the internship! I have realized that my biggest downfall is that I tend to romanticize ideas of myself doing something and achieving something without actually putting in the effort to do so; this is what ultimately holds me back from growing. Who would ever think that too much dreaming can be a bad thing?

You will never know until you find the courage within yourself to try, seek and find a way to make things work. Doors will open up for you if things are meant to be. I sound like such a cheese ball, but I just thought it would be a great post to share with you all, as well as be an encouragement if any of you are facing a new season in life whether it may be the start of a semester, a new job, or any other opportunity.  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

What to Wear this 4th Of July

Odds are, this Independence Day, like many others in the past, will consist of me spending the day in a swimsuit. Noting wrong with that, but I'm always a little envious of everyone wearing cute summery outfits on the 4th. With that being said, I found a cute outfit while I was in NYC. The beauty of it is that you can wear this outfit as a separate or as a set, which is how I styled it!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!
Shop this post below (similar items): 



Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Broke College Girls Guide to NYC

Before I begin, I have been reflecting about the stories that summers tell. Each summer has a story, as well as each trip to NYC. New York is obviously unlike no other, between the energy that the city brings that has you feeling inspired to create, achieve or even think beyond what you are currently feeling. I am not even going to apologize for such a cheeseball start to this blogpost, spending this past week in the city has really helped me prioritize what I want to achieve for myself in the future.

With all the wonders and enchantment that the city brings… it comes with a pretty big price tag. New York City is hella expensive, not to mention how easy it can be to blow all your savings on a handbag in Barneys! (I was very tempted to pull a little Carrie Bradshaw moment, but that would mean I would starve for the rest of the week haha.) If you are in the same boat as me don't worry, I’ll be sharing a few of my ‘broke college girl tips’ to really stretch your dollar when you visit the city!

1. Budget for what's important and save a little to splurge:
I know I might not be the right person to share money saving advice, but I surprisingly did okay with budgeting my money while being tempted with all that NYC holds. Prior to your trip, it's a great idea to map out your plans. This way you can visualize what you will be busy with and how much you should spend for each day, while leaving a little leftover for any emergency you didn’t plan for, or if you want treat yo self a little!

2. Where to rest your head:
Hotels aren’t cheap and most often it's hard to find one in your price range, especially if your staying for a handful of days. I was lucky enough that Mary’s sister let us stay in her apartment while we visited, so we saved a big chunk of change with the hotel. It would be foolish to stay in a hotel if you know someone in the city or at least close by!  Airbnb is a better alternative to a hotel since they are usually a lot more affordable, as well as kinda making you feel that you are a part time New Yorker!

3. YUM
I’m beginning to think that some restaurants are catching on to the concept of looking ‘gramworthy so they can up the prices with their not so great food.  Mary and I learned this the hard way. Please, please, please take my advice and if there's a new restaurant you have a strong desire to check out, please read the reviews before you end up shoveling out tons of money for a dining experience that was just ‘alright.’ Also, don’t feel obligated to eat out for every meal, that starts adding up. Cook a big breakfast, bring a protein bar with you and go out for dinner! Cutting back on how many times you eat out adds up in the long run.

4. Do Your research!
Not everything you do in NYC has to be extremely expensive. Get up on your research, a lot of museums and stores offer student discounts. Even if you are unsure if they accept a student discount or not, don’t be afraid to ask, the worst thing someone could say is no. Don’t get sucked into overspending on a tourist trap, there is so much more to New York for you to enjoy,

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fabulously Floridian X Fossil

BIG things are finally starting to fall into place with my life, as well as the blog. Well, the big "thing" in my life currently is the start of summer, also I recently embarked upon a new journey with a new job! Like I mentioned in a previous post here on the blog, some big changes are coming to the look and feel of Fabulously Floridian; that isn't meant to scare anyone, it will just be more tailored to who I am and my true vision of this blog!

In my perfect, ideal fantasy that I vision myself constantly living in, I was planning on announcing the "rebrand" of my blog with this post for my collaboration with Fossil. I have been way to excited to share with you all this post I decided to go ahead and post it now instead of waiting! This partnership with Fossil has been somewhat of a surreal experience for me. Looking back to when I started Fabulously Floridian, never in a million years would I have expected that Fossil will choose me to become one of their brand partners! I cannot stress how much of an incredible honor this has been to me!

It's kind of an oxymoron that I am so braindead when it comes to new technology, considering that I run a blog lol, but fossils new, chic smartwatch (which is now on sale!), Is completely user friendly as well as being one of my new favorite accessories! Not to talk down on the Apple watch, but one of my favorite aspects of Fossils Smartwatch it holds true to the elegance of the wristwatch, opposed to something futuristic looking thing that you wear on your wrist!

Shop this look and similar items down below!



Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Get Ready for Graduation!

Recently all that I have been hearing from so many people is that they are "so shocked" that this school year is coming to a close..... well not me, this year has felt like it was five years all wrapped up in one lol. ANYWAYS... I wanted to share a few dresses that caught my eye that will be perfect for high school or college graduation! It's kind of a funny story of how I got my dress, actually, It was an impulse buy. I was at some random store months before graduation, liked it for five minutes, bought it and within a few days I wanted to wear something else! My mom was so irritated with me for that very reason, that I had to wear the dress to my graduation. If I thought about it more clearly and had  some options of what to wear to graduation,  I added those personal favorites down below. Hope you all enjoy and happy dress shopping!



Saturday, April 14, 2018

How to Feel Confident for Finals

Now, I have never been the "top of my class" when it comes to grades, but I always worked as hard as I can. If your a student, I believe that this is the most awkward and uncomfortable time of the semester. I am so close to wrapping up my freshman year of college *thank god* but I have to constantly reel myself back and remind myself that I still have this last stretch left. Ahh yes, thats right, I'm taking about finals and preparation for them.

 Like I mentioned probably a million times in the past on my blog, this first year has taught me a lot about myself and more importantly how to study and pass in college. In my opinion, high school really doesn't prepare you all that well for the ungodly amount of work you will have to endure! With that being said, I thought that I would share with you all some pratical tips that I have learn (the hard way) this year that will help you succeed and feel confident about tackling your finals coming up.

Don't Compare yourself to others!: As flawed humans, we do this almost absentmindedly. We always seem to compare our own capabilities with what others can do. This can be toxic to our mindsets because instead of focusing in on what makes us who we are we start discrediting our skills, talents, even interest and fixate our thoughts on how come we didn't get the same grade as so and so, or didn't get into the same program as them. The biggest take away that I have learned in college so far is this: we are all capable of different accomplishments, as long as if you put 110% of your own effort into your work, no matter what grade you receive, it should be the most rewarding payoff. Yeah, this seems somewhat dumb to just accept (and is still incredibly hard for me to face, I need to lay off on trying to be such a perfectionist.) It take the load off your chest of beating yourself up over the fact you didn't do as well as you thought.

Find out what works best for you: Lectures to me, is the most outlandish idea I have ever heard of. I don't know, maybe their is someone out there who thrives listing to a long, 50min. lecture class, but that such as..... well that sure isn't me. Throughout this semester, I have tried many different ways of studying that works well for me.  Finding out what type of learner you are, is extremely valuable to help you out in the long haul for studying and retaining new information.

Use whats at your disposable: This somewhat piggy-backs off of what I said previously, but using all of the resources, even something as simple as asking your professor a question can help you out tremendously with your finals. In our age of technology, it is seriously easier than ever to find out more information about concepts that you couldn't understand. Videos, study groups, etc. can make you feel more prepared, and take the stress of studying.

Game plan: Finally, create a plan for yourself. A plan for how and when you are going to study for each class. Luckily, I have two classes that don't require a "typical" final. Creating even just a mental plan for how and when your going to study will make things seem less intimidating, you can even start with the easy stuff first lol.

Good luck everyone, hope this helps!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring Wishlist

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed Forever 21 really stepping up their game recently? I still get extremely overwhelmed whenever I walk into the store, but recently I have found the cutest pieces that actually fit well and look great on me! I linked a few items from their and a few other of my spring favorites that are on my radar for spring down below.

  I look forward to this time every year. It's the time when stores start introducing their spring collections! Shopping for a Floridian is finally enjoyable again, no more sifting through treacherous amounts of coats and dark colors to find last seasons spring/summer look! I rallied together a few of my favorite bright, tasseled, ready for warm weather products down below, Enjoy!


Friday, April 6, 2018

What I Can't Live Without!

A few weeks ago, I received Fossils latest hybrid watch. Lemme be the first to say, I am in love with it! This post isn't sponsored, I simply just want to share my love for this beautiful, rose gold watch! I never leave the house without wearing a watch (even if the battery needs to be replaced!) I always feel somewhat naked if I walk out the door without one on!

  By no means do I consider myself a lucky person, If anything I have terrible luck. I would never bet on myself... for anything! The stars were somehow aligned for me a few weeks back, I was picked from Fossil in a random drawing, that's how I received this beautiful watch!

  It's insane how complex and interesting this watch is. From first glance, it looks as your standard wrist watch. As my curiosity started wondering around about how to work the watch, I realized that you connect it to its app that it is connected with! My mind was blown. It's the little things in life lol.  Once I synced my watch to the app, I was allowed to pick and choose the different functions for each of the three buttons on the watch. My Fossil watch traces my steps throughout the day, I can take pictures with it, as well as play my music straight from the watch!

Shop the watch I received and ones similar down below!




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