Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Fever!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you all are enjoying your time off if you are on Spring Break! (Unlike me who is crawling just to finish this week). Currently my school is still in session and it's so difficult hearing about other people's activities for Spring Break when you still have to go to school! 

I want to first apologize for my lack of blogging. I know, I know, I shouldn't be making excuses but I always get so busy with school right before break! Recently, I’ve been reading up about actually planning your blogpost, seems like that would come in handy! I’m always so intrigued by my fellow bloggers little tips and tricks to help improve my blog, as well as anything else.

Surprisingly, yesterday my friend Rachel and I had absolutely no homework. So what better way to spend the afternoon than taking some shots? Living in Florida, I sometimes tend to forget how beautiful and natural my state really is. We visited a park which takes you on a breathtaking walk literally through the everglades. It was hilarious because we’ve been wanting to know for the longest time how to get back there and we just happened to find our way yesterday.

Alright, so I’m kinda obsessing over these suede (shown in the pictures) shoes I found at J.Crew last week. I’ve been searching for a pair like them for such a long time! I completed my “Spring Inspired” outfit with these colorfully-scalloped Lilly shorts and a white blouse to help beat the heat.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Break Essentials

With a countdown on my calendar, I'm almost certain that I can speak for everyone when I say this: we are all just craving spring break (because I know I am). This past weekend I took my first SAT, which wasn't too awful, keeping in mind the stress-free days ahead of me during break.

I love spending my break with my friends or traveling down to the beautiful Florida Keys with my ever-so-fun Aunt Shannon. If I had the chance to plan a dream spring break getaway,  I would choose to fly to Fiji or St. Barts (One can dream right?). The more I "pin" my dream trip, with all of the tropical hotels and exquisite views, the more I wish I could hop on a flight right now!

Well, whether or not you are spending a low-key day at the pool or going on a day trip with your friends, or even traveling to some amazing destination, why not do all that in style! I've put together a few of spring favorites of mine that are guaranteed to make every day during your days off brighter.


Spring Break Essentials

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