Monday, January 28, 2019

my nightly skin care routine

Since I unfortunately don't have the "swipe up" option on my Instagram stories (well for now at least;), here is the list of all the products I use on a nightly basis!

Cleanser: For when you don't trust you and your makeup wipe to remove all the makeup completely, lather up your skin with this thickly luxurious facial cleanser. I haven't met a Kiehl's product that I don't love. This cleanser gives me the piece of mind that my face is clear from everything it experienced that day, with a bonus glowy radiance. If you are looking for an alternative to this product for more than half the price, I recommend trying this one out that I go back and forth with using

Toner: No need to get all fancy over here and spend an arm and a leg on your skincare routine. This drug store find has been my favorite toner for a few years now. $5 dollars for a huge bottle you can find nearly anywhere is more than a great deal if you ask me! Not only do I love the price of it, but I notice a huge difference after using it for more than 3 days. My pores are non existent! For the best results, make sure to swipe all over your face morning and night with a cotton round!

Treatments: Here's the fun part, well for me at least. Now is the time to apply serums! My two favorite holy grail night serums are Kiehl's night serum and this one I borrow from my mom haha. Some nights I use both, or one of the other, I like to play around depending on how my skin is feeling that day. Both are worth every penny. I have used the Kiehl's night serum for a little over a year now and still have so much left in my bottle. A little does go a long way!

Eye creme: This is one area I need to start focusing in on. I haven't tried a ton of different products when it comes to eye cremes because I just simply forget about this step. Applying eye creme is just a preventative step in my skincare down the road. With the few that I have been loving Benefits "It's Potent" eye creme, which could be found right here.

Ice Roller: Hands down my favorite gift I received for Christmas! I am here to tell you all that this simply genius invention really does live up to all it's glorification it receives from the blogger community! I have always struggled with finding the right products that will help re-energize my dark puffy under-eyes, until I found out this is the solution to my problems! Their is so much I love about the ice roller. It helps set in all of my serums and whatnot at night and gives me the morning wakeup alertness that I need!

Night Masks: I was actually inspired to write this post because I have been on the hunt to find a decent overnight mask. I picked up this one from target that I have only used once last night & instantly fell in love! It has everything you could ever want: a sweet, refreshing watermelon scent, free from animal testing and makes your skin look so alive and bouncy! I'll keep you all posted if I end up not liking it later down the road, I hope not but we will see.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

whats been going on in my life

It's been a long time since I sat down (well metaphorically) with all of you to chit chat about everything. Let's all pretend that we are meeting up for a big coffee date, because that is ultimately what I hope to convey through my little blog!  Any-who, last semester I hardly had any time in between balancing my internship with school and to top it all off, my personal life to write a little recap of how my internship went. This post is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge of everything. Bare with me, please!

My Internship at Finn Partners: While I was in New York this summer, I suddenly became so #woke about getting stuff done with the extra time that I was just wasting. (Click here if you want to read more about my self realization!) I hit the ground running this fall and applied as an intern with a PR firm in Greater Fort Lauderdale. I learned so many in's and outs of the business and even though I enjoyed it, I realized after the internship I wanna focus my attention to something more niche, like doing PR for different fashion brands. That's why internships are valuable in my opinion. I was able to test the waters without waiting until after college and being like..... What did I just get myself into?? If you have the opportunity to do something now, don't hold it off to who knows when!

College update: I hardly ever post anything about where I go to school... some of you may think I don't even go to school, but I do!! I used to be miss "advice girl" when it came to managing academics in high school because it was SO much easier to figure out back then. Now, I find myself learning as I go each semester in college. I haven't found the trick to it yet, it's a work in progress! Over the past two years,  I have been struggling with where exactly I see myself in the grande scheme of things. I opted to stick with what I knew after high school, because in all honesty, I had no idea where I wanted to go. Long story short, I think I expanded upon it in this previous post.  For the first time in my life, I found myself in this dark pit of uncertainty with the trajectory of choosing the right school for me. If you would've told me I would be considering transferring schools this time last year, I wouldn't buy it. With that being said,  I am in the process of transferring schools for next fall to finish out my last two years. If you are ever discouraged with where you currently are in life, I am here to tell you that things can get better!! 


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

bachelor recap week 2 & 3


All and all, not a whole lot happened this episode. The most exciting scene for me was the "sneak peak" of Colton catapulting himself over the mansion fence and the girls SCREAAAMING! Like, blood curdling SHREAKS!

In typical Bachelor fashion, episode two starts off with our host with the most, Chris Harrison speaking to the group of beaming girls. Once the camera pans over to all the contestants, the confusion starts to settle in. "Wait.... who is she?" "I don't remember all these people the first night?" It ultimately takes me a few weeks to learn who the cast is because in every beginning episode they always seem to "introduce" someone new to the mix!

Last weeks episode made me feel as if the show wanted to place a negative target on the girl from Fort Lauderdale, when in reality it has proven to be Demi. She keeps using this narrative that her young age is what excuses all her bizarre actions with the girls and Colton. I can see her going far for ratings.

ONE ON ONE WITH MISS ROLL TIDE: Unfortunately, not my current fave, Hannah G.  Anyways, the "day date" portion of this segment was so cringey, it was almost hard to watch.  Poor Colton, spewing out his emotions to a girl to only say "yeah." Cringe.  A hot tub magically appears in front of them; Colton walking in first in effort to have her follow along. She later steps in, without responding to much of the small talk he is coming up with, she then puts her head on his shoulder and they begin smooching away. It was kinda painful to witness.


I immediately thought that they were going to the same pirate themed restaurant like the one the Tanner family visited in Full House. Like, isn’t the Bachelor crew near San Fran? Not that much of a far fetched thought.

Take Tanner Family Fun night... but make it 2019.

I’ve wondered this since episode one... What is this big beef between the two pageant girls!? It has to be something massive if it wrecked the group date for the two mini Miss Americas... but how come we are left feeling so unsettled?  Why so vague ladies? 

GIRL!! HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED THE BACHELOR!!! DON'T TELL HIM YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANOTHER GIRL IN THE HOUSE, that’s an automatic bag packed out of there!!! Especially when you don't have a point to prove.... like are the producers trying to make this up?? Or she just crazy?  We need answers!

I honestly feel for Colton. He is trying to figure out this extremely vague, so called “warning” about Caitlin. I would be just as dramatic as Colton, possibly more after that bizarre encounter. This is an issue Colton shouldn’t care about just now, we’ll dive into it more later I'm sure. Until it’s affecting him personally, then get involved. Keep your baggage at the door ladies. 

The girls pull up to this Wynwood-esk CrossFit. Not sure about any of you, but I would die if I had to do a push up to win over someone’s love. Hello..:: have you seen my stick arms??  The limo pull had me in tears laughing. Yes Chris, that was the worst *but best* idea in Bachelor history

To sum it all up, this episode really captivated my full attention. Or maybe it was that I wasn’t on my phone while watching lol. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda glad they kept the two "toddlers in tiaras", so **fingers crossed** we can get their full story next week.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I tried Marie Kundos organization method... and here's what happened

Many of you may be familiar with Netflix's new series, "Tidying with Marie Kondo." The latest series has the internet buzzing with getting a kickstart to a cleaner life. Smart move to whoever decided to release it at the beginning of January haha. After watching just one episode, this ball of energy that is Marie Kondo has inspired many others, including myself, to purge their closets, kitchens, homes, and any nook and cranny that is covered with junk. A goal of mine for this new year that I shared on my previous post, is to become more minimalistic.....well, I'm saying that as a more eloquent way for getting rid of the super old clothes that are collecting dust within my room.

I dedicated my entire day yesterday to cleaning out my room, if not now then when right? I feel that throughout the years I have this issue of knowing what and what not to get rid of. Bouncing back and forth between "Do I keep this piece? Will I need it for some random event in the future?" and the clothes still stay, untouched. I was looking for some sort of extra motivation to get myself off my rear end and get the ball rolling. Atlas! A beaming light was shining down on me, well, from my T.V screen at least.

 Maries method to cleaning out your closet is quite genius.Simply dump allllll of your clothes (yes, everything) into a pile on your bed and pick up each article of clothing and think to yourself, "Does this bring me joy?" If the answer is no, then toss! Seems easy enough, right? Not until you're 3 hours in and no matter how hard you pick at the pile, it doesn't seem to shrink. Yes I felt overwhelmed, yes I took breaks, yes I felt like my room was giving me anxiety, dramatic? Yes. But it was so worth it. Not only does my closet look like a new place, but I filled up 2 HUGE garbage bags with clothes to donate!

The pile that started the chaos

Tadah!! Here's an example of her folding method. Never thought I would ever see my swimsuit bin so organized!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

bachelor ep. 1 recap

DISCLAIMER: As a longtime, devoted viewer season after season, the previous season of The Bachelor really ruined the whole franchise for me, I almost didn’t even want to begin to watch this one if it wasn't for Colton. If you don’t know about the mess I’m referring to, look up last seasons outcome, I don’t wanna harp of the catastrophe that is and was Aries season. It was an absolutely gut-wrenching experience to watch unfold right in front of my eyes. I say all this to find myself, somewhat of a hypocrite, stooping to watch this trash t.v program, season after season. Hey, at least i'm being honest with all of you. After all, I feel that I have invested so much time and years into this franchise, why give up now? 

The more I get older the more I realize how screwed up this whole concept of the bachelor/bachelorette is. I am such a cry baby, there is no way I would voluntarily want to compete for someones love with 30 other beautiful men/women, and if that wasn't bad enough, it will all be televised on national tv?! No thank you. These girls are truly brave in my book. The camera crew would be filming me in the diary room crying all the time, they might just kick me off the show because of that reason alone. Sorry not sorry. With the 3 hour time slot that was mainly just footage of these mysterious and oddly staged “bachelor nation” parties to fill in the gaps of the lack of footage, here are my favorite takeaways from night number one. Shall we begin covering the lackluster 3 hour extravaganza?

I wasn't a fan of the long theatrical "bachelor nation" parties, I know I probably missed some events that transpired during them, like a proposal or two. I skimmed this section of footage to cut to the chase for actual first night of the girls and their interaction with the man of the hour, Colton.

Okay this segment was actually very adorable…some new and some old faces made it to this highlight. It's pleasant to see the bachelor "hall of fame" if you will. Celebrating the couples that have held up throughout the years and have totally normal lives despite of all the constant nonsense. I hear to much of the negativity from all of the breakups and the scandals within the bachelor realm. This segment was the light at the end of the tunnel. The huge question in my mind during all of this was "where was Sean and Cathrine?" Was the paycheck not big enough? Or do we all have a good understanding of where they are currently in life unlike the rest?

Wait. Colton's bit with his struggled of being a "chubby child" when he was younger hit home. Colton, have comfort in the fact you aren't alone.

WTF IS THIS SLOTH?: Let’s just paint the picture of the two of them get married and having kids. One day, baby Colton + Sloth girl asks how her parents met. Weird story to say the least. But look on the bright side, at least their child will have a good story to tell. Also, whats with this fad of having at least one contestant in a full costume? Do we have to revisit "chicken man" from Becca's season?

THIS TEA WITH THE MISS NC AND MISS ALABAMA! This is really sending me to the days of when I used to bing watch Toddlers and Tierras. Those were the days. I’m patiently waiting for one of those girls to throw one of their “flippers" out onto another!!

From a style POV, all of these dresses from last night I remember glaring over 2 years ago while shopping for prom, underwhelming. Also, the issue when the two girls were spotted wearing the same dress. With 30 women probably shopping from the prom section in Bloomies, this was bound to happen.

THE FAKE AUSTRALIAN: I’ve seen that trailer a few days prior to watching this and I nearly gagged. I guess what they say is true, you got to fake it to you make it.

THE PUPPY PHOTOSHOP: if I was Colton, that would be an automatic YES for me! So adorable.

Okay that “binch” that all the girls are oddly waiting for WOULD be from Fort Lauderdale lol. What’s up with South Florida Brewing up the girl that the other contestants despise? *ehhemmmm corrine.* Could it be our glowing, sun kissed skin? Or our good sense of style?. In all seriousness, that red mini dress though, I must get the details on asap! I also want to give her the benefit of the doubt, it was the first night and the producers do make crazy edits to pinpoint one contestant as the villain each season to thicken the plot and bring in the extra views. It's truly kinda sicking. 

FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE: I was really happy with who Colton gave the "first impression" rose to; Hannah! From what I observed, she's so adorable and had such a normal conversation with Colton and didn't go above and beyond to make a giant fool out of herself. You go girl. Do I smell final three?

Until next Monday,


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

oh hellllooo 2019!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Call me crazy, but I have this little theory that a huge reason people tend to break their New Year's resolutions so quickly is because we all know deep down that all these elaborate plans we set for ourselves will crumble just in time for February. So, to be extra careful and not fall into the same trap we all do year after year, I carved some time out for self refection. Stepping back and taking a break from the busyness of everyday to focus on realistic goals that I want to achieve for myself in 2019.  Goals, not resolutions, see what I did there.  Hoping that the minor change in what I call these actions will help them stick, fingers crossed!

One last thought before I share with you all my complete list of things I want to pursue this year. I understand that each new year is a start of a "clean slate" essentially, it's like a huge reset button for millions and millions everywhere. But each and every day we are given a chance to pick ourselves up, and start a brand new day. If you feel so compelled to change or start something new in your life, don't put if off till the next national holiday, be original and get going now, sis!

With setting that little sermon aside, here's the little list of goals for my new year! I encourage you all to create "goals" and to light that fire under your feet, don't waste the time you have in the moment! If there has been one thing that 2018 has taught me, is to chase after what you want & don't wait around for what you may think is the perfect opportunity. Sounds like a no brainer, it's easier said than done, who knows what's in store for you!

    1. Eat more holistically (kick processed foods buhbye!)

2. Wake up earlier, even on days off to be more productive

3. Start reading more for enjoyment

4. If I like a song, give the whole album a try

5. Go to more concerts, no matter how big or small

6. Listen to 5 new podcast

7. Learn yoga

8. Document my life better (lol just fancy for taking more pictures and videos)

9. Learn to cook, something other than my speciality of eggs!

10.  Have a physical and digital (my blog) journal to track what I'm loving or hating, or just random thoughts during each month.

11. Become more minimalistic, donate clothes that I haven't bothered to touch in eons. 


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