Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall Essentials I'm Loving

This isn't a gimmick to "convince" or guilt you all into purchasing these products for apparent reason, take my word for it. I have purchased these products within the past month or so and have been obsessed (for lack of a better term) with each item. I try to find every excusing to wear each piece  I listed wherever I can! From the Madewell sweater dupe to the silk leopard pants, each of my fall favorite picks are essential for building a trendy yet classic wardrobe for this fall. Even if you like me, and live in an area where you see more Iguanas then leaves changing *like South Florida cough cough.* I digress. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Pink Striped Sweater: I popped into H&M a few weeks ago because I was lured in by their under $20 sweater promo and came across this beauty! This sweater is perfect because its light enough that I can wear it year round (i'm always uncomfortable cold), as well as layer it if it ever gets colder outside! The best part about this sweater is that is so similar to this Madewell one, for less than half the price!

Benefit Blush and Stain: This product is revolutionary. I was a bit scared when the helpful girl at Ulta showed me how colorful the "nail polish" looking cheek stain, but I was sold when I tested it out. This stain gives such a natural, flushed look that lasts for hours. Like, 24 hours. I also love the fact that it's such a buildable products, if you wanna increase how dramatic your look will be, increase the amount of product of your face!

Slip On Vans: I really jumped on the "basic binch" wagon when I bought these, but honeslty I have  shame in that! These shoes are somewhat of a throwback to me, I was crazy for slip on vans in fourth grade. I had mostly every color and even prints that collated with the holidays. I find these a better alternative to wearing flip flops all the time, since summer is "technically over."

Bean Boots: Since I live in a area where it only gets below 70 degrees two weeks out of the whole year, I bought mine used off eBay last year. Sure they are a little worn at the bottom, but I did get them for a steal of only $50! If I did live somewhere else, I would recommend buying them new. They are worth ever penny. I bought them last December before I went to Boston and didn't want to take them off! They keep your feet toasty warm and extremely comfortable. I walked all around Boston in these for 4 days and had no complaints!

Leopard Silk Pants: It was love at first sight with these gorgeous pants, I can never go wrong at J.Crew! I believe in leopard as a neutral and i'm overjoyed that leopard print is having such a moment in fall style! Not only are these pants incredibly chic, but feel like you never took your pajamas off, whats better then that? Oh yes I know, right now J.Crew is offring 30% off your entire order! Don't walk, run!

Hope you all enjoy my favorite items at the moment!

Chat soon


Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Thoughts on Teami's Detox Mask

 I'm someone that believes in the idea that there is no in-between when it comes to spending your Sunday. One weekend you can crawl into bed all day, ignoring all your given responsibilities and have it be somewhat sociable acceptable because, after all, it is the day of rest. On the flip side, one weekend you have a huge laundry list of things to get done, people to see, meals to prep, dogs to pet, you name it. Today was one of those checking items off my laundry list kind of day. It wasn't the most hectic one, but I wanted to push myself to spend the extra time on my class assignments, go workout and have time to blog!

Days like these where I need some "me-time" from all the business,  I make it an effort to save time and spend it on myself, for myself. You don't have to be extravagant, just enjoy the little things that bring you peace and make YOU happy! For me, some of my favorite ways to decompress is to go for a run outside or try a new face mask. For a little over a month I have testing out Teami's Detox Mask, if you envy the look of dewy skin, you have to give it a whirl. The consistency of the smooth clay mask goes on my skin like butter! Not to mention, the smell is unbelievably yummy. Immediately after I wash my face off, you start seeing results of clear, bright skin. Yes you heard me, not days, not weeks, but minutes! The only minor flaw I found while using this mask is that if you use products to help with controlling ache, I would hold off on using the day you want to apply the mask. I say this because I found that it tends to irritate my skin if I mix the two!

Used my code @jillybean15 at checkout to receive 15% off $22!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What I Typically Eat

This is my second consecutive blog post about "healthy living," it may seem as if I'm switching gears with my blog and making it more health oriented. Running a lifestyle blog is so much fun to me because it gives me the freedom to not be limited with what I write about, it's my very own "online diary!" I always strive to inspire some of you all with what I write on here.

 College is known to be the time when most kids gain the notorious "freshman 15." Between binge eating to cope with the stress of studying to being out at a party from time to time, times like that doesn't matter what you feed your body, as long as it's easily accessible. Now before any of you roll your eyes at me for seeming like such a granola girl, I'm not that. I just wanna share with you all what I typically eat during the school day that provides me with sufficient energy, at the same time being a delicious meal that doesn't make me feel terrible during my day.

Here's the deal, I live with IBS (disgusting I know, I'm sorry. If you are not familiar with IBS you can look it up, I don't really want to explain it here haha!) It somewhat runs in my family and it just had to pass to me. Which sucks because most of my favorite foods set me off. I don't eat fried food because of it and cut back on dairy because my stomach just doesn't agree with it. With that being said, I tend to stick to a lot of whole foods and not so processed products. I do love cheez it's and fine cheese, so I just have to suffer with the consequences. During those dark times Tums are my best friend.

BREAKFAST: If I have a few extra minutes to spare in the morning before I head out the door (that was just a nice way of saying that I didn't snooze my alarm.) I'll cook some scrambled eggs with toast and top it all off with Trader Joe's Everything Bagel seasoning... trust me it's life changing. If I'm in a pinch for time I usually have toast with peanut butter, bananas, chia & flax seeds, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

SNACKS: I wouldn't consider myself much of a snacker, but when it comes to cheeze-its ohhh don't get me started, those are my demise. I give it to myself because generally, I say I eat pretty healthy, If I wanna indulge in a bowl filled with cheesy/salty goodness, why not! Find the balance within your eating patters to remain sane!

If I need some extra recovery from eating poorly, I down a green juice. They are lifesavers to me. Some are brave enough to drink them as a meal, I stick to using them as a supplement when I feel as if i'm running low on my intake of fruits and veggies. For lack of better terms, i'd be so cranky if a green juice was my meal. It may be kinda dorky, but one of my favorite things to do is testing out different green juices from local and non-local juice stores. I have such a major sweet tooth, so I tend to lean more too the green juices that have more apples or fruits in the mix rather than just the greens.

LUNCH: For lunch I create my own "bento box" that you can find at Starbucks, you know the ones with the cheese and the fruit. For me, it's a better alternative to the boring ham sandwich that I have been eating for years on end, I enjoy variety in my life and in my food! I incorporate some wheat thins, pepper jack cheese, a red delicious apple, strawberries and a Cliff Bar to help me fuel the rest of my day.

DINNER: I am so *blessed* that my dad is an amazing cook... If it wasn't for him i'd be eating eggs every night or ordering take out, sorry mom! Our dinner varies based on what he feels like whipping up that night.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Dessert!! It's a curse that I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I typically indulge into my favorite ice cream in all time, The Tonight Dough from Ben and Jerry's. This month...well at least until Halloween, I am trying to cut out my dessert consumption. Fingered crossed that goes well.

I hope you all enjoyed this little recap!

Write to you all soon,


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