Wednesday, October 2, 2019

life update!

I can picture it just like it was yesterday, this time last year I found myself tucked away inside my teeny-tiny, close to freezing cubical as the new intern for the PR company I was working for. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was prepared for this new and exciting venture that I was about to embark on. Up until then, my schedule wasn't all that thrilling. Driving back and forth to school, going to work and coming home was the mundane schedule I had on repeat. Comfortable with all I had within my life, dare I say I was almost comfortably numb with my life?

Flash forward to one short year later, I currently find myself curled up inside my cozy apartment after a long, busy day full of classes and dance practice for my sorority. As I sit here reflecting upon how far a year has gotten me and how changes in my life can make me so happy; one thing runs through my mind that I never in a million years I thought I would EVER dare to say..... but i'm really loving college! 
Whats funnier to me is that even though i'm still at the school I literally HATED a year ago, it feels like a brand new place by experiencing all that it can be! I wanted to just pop in and chat with you all since I've been kinda MIA on here lately. Truthfully, i'm still working out the kinks with how to manage my passion with running Fabulously Floridian on top of my other obligations and maintaining good grades, but I think i'm slowing to pick up the pace! Fabulously Floridan has always been this outlet where I can come and express myself, my thoughts, and my creativity. Recently, I am really feeling grateful for starting this little blog where I can come and speak my thoughts without any limitations. It's a therapeutic break from the busyness of life currently. I know i'm kinda gettin in my *feels* here but i'm extremely grateful for all of you who have been following along with my journey this far! 

Love you all and happy spooky szn!!

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