Tuesday, October 6, 2020

october 2020 moodboard


goooodmoring everyone and happy #spookyszn!! I'm back again with another monthly mood-board as anticipated. I like this installment that I have going on with creating these, it's fun to tap into some creativity once in a while even if it's just piecing together something like this! I have always been a huge fan of this time of year, i'm so happy it's finally here. (I couldn't help but read that last statement in the "we have been waiting for you all year, we are so happy your finally here." meme ahah.)

This upcoming month is already making my head spin with all that I have going on for the month of October, all good things don't get me wrong, but for once my calendar is beginning to fill back up. This week i'll be setting off to go visit my friends in Boston and I can't hold my excitement any longer for it, can't wait to share with you all a recap of that trip.... I know it would be memorable to say the least! And in the next two weeks i'll be spending time with my family to go visit my sister In Virginia. Can't wait till we are all back together in such a beautiful state!

I feel like I have to share with you all how school & life is going so stay tuned for a new post this week or next of me trying to gather my thoughts while navigating this new change in all of our lives. Hope you are all killing it this week and for the month to come. You deserve to, stay happy and make yourselves proud!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

productivity "hack" that's getting me through the new normal


It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down just to to chat with you all, I miss doing this! Obviously, given the current state of how life is operating right now, things have been pretty hectic to say the least. One thing that I have learned about myself over the last handful of months is the importance of having a routine. So before I dive any deeper into this, do me a favor &  pour yourself a cup of coffee *or too*, it’s time for us to catch up!

Growing up, I never thought I would be one to thrive off of such a ridged schedule, but it does make sense that I do now looking back. We’d all wake up early, go to school for several hours, come home, snack, go to practice, activities, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed only to repeat this same cycle for the next four days of the school week. Even though I’ve always been a bit of a morning person, I distinctly remember myself a year ago wondering “how did high school us manage to do it all in one day, when college hits and you attend your only two classes do the day, take a nap, and kinda see where the night goes.” I guess that’s the allure of colleges to most people my age, the freedom and the ability to

just kinda see where the day takes you. 

As soon as I went through my first week of my “new normal” for school this year, I quickly began to realize that I’m not going to have the luxury to fit all my classes, homework, and everything else in between into one or too days a week, I had to figure out another way. Well, with working a bunch of hours over the week, I realized I have no other option but to wake up at 5:45.

Yes 5:45 am, you heard me! This ungodly hour seems just as scary to you as it did to me before I got into the habit of waking up at this time, but I soon discovered the benefits of doing so it’s not as daunting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still 21 years old and like to enjoy that aspect & happen to let time slip away here and there, but call me crazy but I weirdly love this new routine. I’m now somehow managing to wake up, go for a run, watch a few lectures, go to work for 8 hours, come back and finish other things I was working on and still manage to be a grandma for the most part and be in bed my 9:30 latest. 

Maybe this will be the encouragement you needed to take the extra step to start getting up earlier and start showing up for yourself by carving out more time for doing what you need to do! Or maybe this is simply me ranting on about seeing as though I’m productive ahhh.. (is this what my life has come too!?) anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this little “catch up over coffee.” 

I’m honestly interested in making a ~vlog~ of a week in my life but the sound of hearing my own voice in video over a miniute can make me hold back, we shall see! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

september 2020 moodboard

Since we are already well into a week of September already, it's about time I post my mood-board of the month! It's obvious as a Floridian that I do not get to experience the beauty of the leaves change, instead I get to experience heat, rain, and potentially hurricane season... but I digress. Pretty soon I will be getting my fall fix when I head back up to the north east next month, I can hardly wait! I drew my inspiration for this months mood-board off of some fall trends that I've been swooning over recently. Something about the change in weather that really amplifies anyones wardrobe ahah.

 I don't know if it's because of this new season of "fall" that we are entering into or what that i'm just excited for whats to come, despite all that is going on around me haha. I don't have any major plans for this new month, but my only goal is to finally become set with my new life schedule. Playing the balancing act between work, school, blog, sleep, and still maintaining to have a bit of a social life is, well, a lot to say the least. Over the I've been waking up at 6am to try to manage to squeeze in all my daily responsibilities.... ahh the reality of adulthood! Lets see how long I can keep this up for ahah! 

Hope you all are having a new and refreshing perspective for this new month and season ahead of us, enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

summer 2020 recap

I believe that is important to reflect a season of your life when it is racing to the finish line, especially when you have tons of time to do so. The end of a semester, a relationship, or even the ending to the newest show you’ve been binging, it's healthy for your own personal growth to go back and put into perspective all the possible take aways from that stage in your life. This summer was unconventional to say the least, clearly not at all what I was anticipating on. I don’t think the phrase “man plans; God laughed” has even been used this much BEFORE 2020, because God was hysterically laughing at all the meticulous little plans i had created for this time of my life BIG TIME. Obviously i'm not the only one who had things change this summer due to COVID, the world has been going through it. 

Summer 2020 plans pre Covid:
To give you all a bit of a brief back story of my plans for this summer, this was the summer that I would have spent in Manhattan interning and pretending as if i'm the female version of Donald Draper (well, the good qualities of his impressive work ethic & king of advertising that is haha). It would’ve been fabulous to say the least, even if it was having to be the coffee runner for the office. Ever since I started college I always planned on interning the summer right before my last year of school. Once COVID shut everything down I spent a huge chuck of time back at my parents home living a majority of my days exactly like the previous during the q. 

On the bright side...
Dispute the fact that i was living in groundhog Day, I was thankful for the time period forced to give a good and hard look upon my life to reflect on the past few months and year to give myself more of a foundation of how I want to be better transitions out of this season. A better friend, a better sister, student, to be kinder, more of a listener, you name it. Not to mention, I started adding way more value to the normal, mundane aspects of my life. Sounds lame, but I missed getting all dressed up even if it’s just to go out to dinner and drinks with some friends. This has always been a source of creativity within my life and without having that or even putting in any effort just kinda made me feel dull and bleh. 

With getting tested a few times to make sure I didn’t have rona or anyone within my little circle, I did find myself traveling WITH GOOD CAUTION, this summer. For years me and my friends always have these huge dreams of us going out of town for the summer, but with all of our different prior commitments, things always get pushed off to the side. For the first time in well... years we put our money where our mouth is. #couplesretreat in sunny sanibel hahah and then celebrated Mary’s 21st birthday extravaganza at the SLS Miami Beach (which we lived WAY above our means that weekend... it was worth it.) 

One of the biggest highlights from this summer was my trip up north with my family, off the grid in Maine. It was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, days leading up to it I was absolutely apprehensive about being in the middle of such a desolate location for over a week. Once we got there and all of our family started arriving, I now long for those days. It’s funny how within only a few hours, my life in south Florida feels like a. completely different world.  Nights filled with lobster, laughter and memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

To wrap things up..
I know how this post can possibly sound like a litany of my complaints, but if it wasn't for this global pandemic, I hate to say it, but I wouldn't have valued and appreciated these different facets in my life that have always been such a strong constant within my life. I have always held such a weight of importance with my family, friends and self, but getting this chunk of time to take a leap back and put things into perspective was, dare I say, a blessing in disguise??

Hope this last stretch of 2020 can cut us some slack lol!!

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Monday, August 10, 2020

new apartment wishlist


Goooooodmorning everyone! Well, it's been exactly  a week since I decided it would be a fabulous idea to move into my new place during a hurricane....NOT! In my defense as a true native Floridian, I had no clue that a storm was making it's way to the sunshine state until the day of it's expected landfall. Luckily, the storm was hardly anything compared to some of the devastation we've seen in the past so that's a huge praise. My days of sleeping on an air mattress, (well scratch that, more like sleeping on the tile floor due to the huge whole in it that deflated in the wee hours of the night), are all put aside because I finally moved the last bits of my furniture out of storage yesterday.

My room is finally looking more like, well, a room and I couldn't be more excited to see it finally coming along. Since i'm living with two of my friends this year, it alleviates the need to do a complete apartment renovation all by myself, all I have to worry about is my bedroom. I want a clean slate to start completely fresh. My vision for my new bedroom is simply: Simple. Chic. Girly. Pops of gold, light pink, black, I think you get the picture. 

I created a wishlist as seem above for the pieces I want to style my room with! Can't wait to keep you guys updated along during this process so stay tuned!

Oh almost forgot, you can shop each item down below. Just click on the corresponding number for each product that is linked! Happy shopping!

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven 


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