Friday, October 13, 2017

So earlier this week I literally drove myself craaazy trying to find a cute and affordable pair of jeans. Broke girl ballin over here! I was straight out of luck toward the end of the day, everything was either way too big or was plastered onto me. When I got home, I started to put my mind to work. I hopped right onto Pinterest and immediately I remembered that I had a super old, plain pair of J.Crew jeans in my closet that I never wear. From there I grabbed my scissors and got to cutting!

I tried this DIY out of complete randomness and out of some despair from not finding the perfect pair of jeans, I was shocked at how quick this took!  Not to mention, I was extremely impressed with myself that I didn’t ruin the jeans. I found the unknown craftiness that I had inside of me.
All you need to create your original pair of distressed jeans is: an old pair of jeans, scissors and sandpaper.

I have been loving the “no hem” jean look, so the first thing I did to my jeans was to chop off roughly 2 inches of the hem, putting the jeans back on and off my body to make sure that the cut was even and looking the way I wanted.
I took my sheet of sandpaper and swiped the cut hem of the jeans to create more of a distressed and torn look I wanted from my jeans.

Using the same sheet of sandpaper, I went to the top of my jeans near the pocket and began swiping away at the top of the jeans to create a more dramatic look. I learned the hard way, with jean dust flying all over my room, to sandpaper your jeans outside. I love the effect that the sandpaper had on the denim, it really created the look I wanted!


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Friday, October 6, 2017

Hi everyone,

We all know that in this strangely beautiful thing we call life,  we are bound  to face different highs and lows on our journey. Ever since the end of June things have almost been at a complete LOW for me. Okay, that seems a bit dramatic buuuut, I found myself putting so much of my personal identity into my friends and into my relationships that when everyone moved away from me, I began to feel so empty. Now don’t twist my words, my friends are the world to me, they inspire me so much and fuel me, I love them tremendously! I just  was so caught up in always having plans, and spending time with everyone, I forgot to make time for myself, which is something extremely healthy and vital to your own well being. It really is a weird, indescribable feeling with them all gone. Older students and friends always talk about the feeling of leaving everything behind, but things don’t exactly register until you're living it. those feelings surpass what anyone has ever told you.

For me especially, this past month  has been a major change,  as well as a fresh start, because I have been at the same school with,  for the most part, the same kids for nine years. Even at times of doubt, uncertainty, and learning how to be fully  independent, there is a side of me that is excited for all  these weird changes. It makes me think of the song “Put Your Records On” By Corinne Bailey Rae. (You all know that song, it’s the one that goes: “giiirl put your records on, tell me your favorite song”,a classic, sing-your-heart-out song.) There is a line from that song that has been resonating  with me: “Maybe sometimes we feel afraid but it's alright.”  It’s the excitement for all the uncertainties and possibilities that lie ahead of me. I have the power to be the go-getter that I am, and start painting this beautiful life that I will create for myself, one with many adventures and living out my dreams. I have found a few tips and tricks that'll be sure to give to a little pick me up, and show some serious self-love, because just being a little bit selfish every once and awhile, isn't a bad thing, so don't be afraid to embrace it!

Change things up!
Chop off all your hair, dye it a crazy color, embrace the change. I can testify that a change in hair can really improve your self confidence and have almost a new outlook on life! Okay well maybe not completely, but a fresh cut can really be a big mood booster!

Feed your Soul
Recently I have bought a juicer, which has tremendously helped getting me into the whole “clean eating thing.” I love that thing, it's so fun getting to create your own juice concoction and see which one is the best! My favorite blends so far have been: blueberries, apples, ginger, chia seeds, carrots, and lemon. Also: orange, apple, and celery has been another great juice recipe! I have realized that eating more of a plant based diet and just eating clean has made me for more energized and helps clear my mind. Balance is obviously something extremely vital in life, so indulge a little, don't make yourself crazy. I always treat myself to some good dessert, I have always had the biggest sweet tooth, after all I deserve it, right?

Pamper yourself

Like I said above, don't be afraid to really spoil yourself. If you like the shoes, buy them, if you like the way you look in that outfit, wear it. Do all you can to make yourself, you'll thank yourself for that! When I'm usually feeling stressed or not really feeling like my normal self, I love taking a nice long bath, with some face masks of course. My bathtub is my sanctuary for reconnecting my thoughts or just new ideas lol. Get your nails done if you want, do whatever you gotta do to lift your spirits!!

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Fall Favorites + Hurricane Update

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hi everyone!

I wanted to thank you all for the kind wishes, thoughts, and prayers from you guys to  my family, friends and I during Hurricane Irma. Fortunately, our town isn't completely destroyed. For the most part, we have power, there is just a bunch of debris in the streets, and our houses stayed in tact! I don’t know if any of you have seen the devastating photos from the Florida Keys, but I can't believe the whole island has been flipped upside down. My favorite place to “escape reality” will need much work to  cleanup the beautiful island.  Please continue to send your love to all the Floridians and anyone living in the Florida Keys, it is greatly appreciated!

I found internet connection so I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorites for the fall season! I am loving these statement tees down below, they are so versatile to dress up or wear casually! For my trip up to Boston in december, I have been searching for a cute bootie that I can wear all day, and be comfortable. (Not to mention a reasonable price, since I never wear boots.) I found a pair of  Leopard Short Boots from Target that I just couldn’t pass up! Feel free to click on anything down below, it will direct you to the website!

Hope you all enjoy,

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College Resolution: Freshman Year

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hi everyone,

I can't think of a more appropriate time to be writing this post! Sadly, the long days of summer have came to a close and the beginning of fall is now here. There really is no difference in Florida's fall compared to the summertime. It is still as hot as the sun outside, it’s 100% acceptable and comfortable to still be wearing summer clothing, oh and not to mention it's the season for iced pumpkin spiced lattes! Or try something fun: order a hot one, step inside your car, and turn the AC on full blast! That's a floridian’s “Fall”! Instead of getting the beautiful, picturesque scenery of the leaves changing,  we get the possibility of potentially having to prepare for a catastrophic hurricane,  so that's always fun!

Anywho,  at the start of each school year, I like to think about all the possible things  I can do in preparation to succeed. Two weeks ago, I started my first year of college. I knew coming in it was going to be a bit of a change and quickly realized it is a massive jump into independence and taking responsibility for myself. I wanted to sorta challenge myself at the start of this new chapter of my life, and set up a few “resolutions”

1. Getting Straight A’s
I made a lot of mistakes in early high school and middle school in regards to my poor study habits and not wanting to do my homework. Such “pre-teen angst” I had lol! I had a sort of rude awaking when I realized that my laziness affected my classes, and where I could apply to college. Long story short, at the start of my junior year I became a much more diligent and proactive student, so last two years of highschool I got very close to getting all A’s on my report card. Since I have kind of a “fresh start” academically, why not start college  with all I got? Fingers crossed I will stay on top of my assignments and not fall into procrastination… which I tend to do!

2. Travel
Yes, yes,  traveling is on my “resolutions” list for the new school year, even though it's not all that academic. I’m not sure if all of you know, but, I have decided to be one of the small   percentage of college kids to stay close to home for fiscal reasons. Being in debt worries me, and the thought of having to take out tons of student loans is not something I want to be starting my life of with. The extra money I am saving in tuition can transfer to my travel funds!
Just because that plan isn't for me doesn't mean that it isn’t  for other students! I rather show up to my classes, work, and be able to book a flight if I want to! I already have plans to go up to Boston with my best friends in December, I am counting down the days until that trip, hopefully I’ll finally see snow! (I am such a Floridian.)  I also planned my classes so that I will always have fridays off, so as long as I request off from work, there should be plenty of opportunities! I strongly believe that traveling, no matter where you go, is another great source of learning that is incredibly fun. It’s also a huge plus to have friends at schools out of state that I can always visit!

3. Staying Organized, For Real!
I hope I'm speaking to the masses on this one. I feel that it is so easy for me to visualize myself being an organized person. Afterall, I have a pretty cute agenda, color coded pens, and folders for each class, but after a few days I'm back to being a bit of a mess! I realized a flaw within myself when it comes down to the fine details; I rather quickly get my task done, than spend the extra few minutes making sure that everything is where it needs to be. This school year I really want to make sure to consistently stay organized with all my assignments and due dates, and never lose anything or get a zero because I forgot to write down the date!

What goals are you setting for yourself for this year?


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My Favorite Dresses of the Summer

Monday, August 7, 2017

Dresses are one of my closet staples.  They make me feel so put together, effortlessly!  I have been living in these three dressed this entire summer and probably will be until the temperature dips to anything below 75!

This adorable drop waist dress from ShopBop is currently under $50! Everytime I wear this dress, whether to work or just going out, I get countless compliments! The dress makes me feel so chic and I love wearing the dress fully buttoned for a super polished look. Not to mention, the quality of the dress is incredible and I’m shocked at the new price of it!

The next dress I have been loving this summer is this one from Vineyard Vines! I’m a sucker for anything with tassels….sandals, earrings, you name it! When I tried on this dress at the Vineyard Vines in Grand Central Station, I knew I just had to have it! It fits like a glove, is super comfortable and I love the versatility of this dress!  You can take it with you to the beach (I usually just wear an oversized t-shirt to the beach, glamorous right? haha), or even dress it up with wedges! This dress is so breathable, perfect for the summer sun.

The last dress has to be one of my biggest scores ever! This adorable fit-and-flair from Club Monaco, was only $24! HOW COULD ANYONE PASS UP SUCH A GREAT DEAL?!  I purchased this adorable dress right before my graduation trip to NYC and before I started working at Club Monaco. The fit and the color of the dress is so classy and is perfect for work or to go out on the town!   

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