Thursday, April 2, 2020

quaretine playlist

During this weird, strange time we are currently living in, one of the ways I've found a way to lift my spirits is through the power of music. No surprise here, considering I create playlists for legit every month of my life since 2015 or so (which you can check out through my spotify!) So I thought I'd make one for this time in all of our lives! My "corona-cation" playlist has a little sprinkle of everything. Nothing too crazy, or too mellow you could fall asleep too. (Obviously, if you wanna take a nap to this, by all means go right ahead.) I hope you all enjoy my curated a playlist of vibey, chill, easy listens to help make this unsettling time feel a bit better, enjoy!


my "new" routine

This has really taught me, as well as many of you, that we all are just creature of habit and routine. Even during the school semester, I love relying on having a packed schedule and sticking to constant routine to keep me feeling fulfilled. That may be the extrovert in me talking but hey. Now having to adapt to our "new normal" of staying home and being prohibited from going anywhere for valid and obvious reasons.... I started to drive myself stir crazy with absolutely no foundations of a structure.

Over the past few days since I've started packing up my apartment to move back home for my "six month summer," I've developed some what of a routine, a very small, not that exciting one to keep my cool throughout this unprecedented time we are living in. Although nothing major is going on that I need to schedule in, I do feel as though it's been very beneficial to just stick to somewhat of a structure and schedule some activities in along the way! Soooo without further ado, here's what I've been up to during all of this craziness!

Quarantine Routine:

9:45-10:00 am: Wakeup. To me, this is sleeping in at it's finest. I usually like to get up around 7:30-8am but why should I know considering I don't have to be up for anything specifically haha.

10:00-10:45 am: Read my morning devotion. Then I roll out of bed, head over to the bathroom for my morning skincare routine, then waltz on over to my kitchen to make some breakfast and typically watch and episode of Shark Tank while I finish my coffee.

10:45-11:45 am: Get dressed to go for a run, stretch, and get outside.

12:00 - 2:00 pm: Hop in the pool to cool down post run. Catch some sun outside, read for a few, work on any homework assignments I have to complete in the meantime. Try to make/ eat some lunch!

2:00-2:30pm: Rinse off. 

2:30-4:00pm: Bum around, find something to keep me entertained. Started to ride my longboard that was tucked away in our attic. I also made tie dye that I can't wait to share with you all! Read some more, play some sudoko, watch the office haha.

5pm: Feed the dogs, take them for a walk with my parents.

6ish pm: Time to feast! 

7:00pm: Post dinner, watch T.V with the fam, or maybe even a movie.

9:00 pm Evening Bath followed by my nigh time skincare routine, getting ready for bed, all of that good stuff.
9:45 pm: Sweet Dreams!

Obviously I don't follow this rigidly, and will clearly be changing it up to keep it interesting but until then, hope you all enjoyed it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

keep it quaran-cozy!

It's no surprise that i'm ever so quickly losing my mind due to  being in complete social isolation. If you've been keeping up with my instagram stories, i'm sure you are more than familiar by now that i'm at the brink of losing my mind. An extroverts worse nightmare ahah. I guess I can find comfort in the fact that the whole world is feeling more or less the same manic feelings that I am experiences.

Jokes aside It is extremely important to stay in and be mindful of those around you so we can quickly flatten this curb once and for all and jump right back into our regularly scheduled programming. Until then, veg out, work out, whatever you need to do to keep your sanity during these quarantine times. I have noticed even in times of my life when I feel down, the slightest bit of effort in my look or even doing my hair or makeup dramatically changes my mood for the better.

I'm not a huge proponent for getting all dolled up just to stay in though, but I am a huge fan of loungeware. Yes, you heard me, not pajamas, loungewear. (Ok, i'm aware it's all the same thing but loungeware just has this certain... je n'ais ce quoi to it.) You don't have to compromise feeling cute about yourself just to completely bum around in the same oversized tee you've worn to bed the past 4 years, now more than ever we all need some major self love. In efforts to guide you all in the right cozy direction, I pulled a few of my favorite, most cozy loungewear items that will have you looking cute and feeling "quaran-cozy" during this strange time!

Friday, March 13, 2020

life update 3.12.2020

Wow... it’s been a hot minute but hope everyone is doing well *well, at least trying* to do so in the midst of all this madness!! 

It’s no surprise that the world around us doesn’t slow down for anyone or anything. Life’s been pretty insane these past few months, ok more specifically ever since this semester began. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve been run over by a semi truck while constantly being bombarded with news thats no easy pill to swallow.

In lighthearted news, I recently turned 21, two weeks ago while in Charleston and ... dare I be that girl and say, it’s been a lot of fun hehe. In this moment in time I am currently on my spring break, which now has taken the whole #springbreakforever to a literal meaning considering the fact my university has decided to switch over to all online classes for the next few weeks u til things start to settle down, hopefully?

 Not sure if anyone’s picked up on it, but I tend to thrive on structure. A set time to wake up, daily routine, set dinner time, are the things I livvvve for. I just seem to focus more and feel accomplished knowing my day is strategically planned. Now stripping back all of that just do class on my own will be a big adjustment I’d just have to get used to, and hey it can’t be that terrible considering it’s only temporary.

As far as my big plans to spend my summer in NYC working as an intern is still up in the air. I kinda came to terms with reality this week (typically me the pieces living in a fantasy land ahah) and figured I should keep my options more broad instead of putting all my eggs into one basked and being solely hell bent on just some sensation. As the tried but true dating remains the same, “man plans and God laughs” I just have to be remained in the midst of all this chaos, things happen for the best possible outcome, even if they are extremely fuzzy while in it! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

valentines day 2020 thanks to the help of amazon student!

Soooo if you didn't see my big "secret project" over on my Instagram story last week, let me inform you all over here! I was recently given the opportunity to be a Campus Manager for Amazon Prime Student at Florida Atlantic University for this semester! This whole experience still seems very surreal that I get to work alongside one of the biggest companies here at my school! Now that the secret is out of the bag, I can't wait to share with you all where this journey takes me and obviously you all will be right along my side the whole way through!

Now that I got that off of my chest, we all are *hopefully* aware that Valentines day is only just a few days away. Not to be all lame or anything over here but this is my first Valentines day in a while that I'm single. A lot of people may be sad or even uncomfortable at the fact that they don't have a significant other to share the holiday with, but i'm using this day as a chance to share more love to myself as well as the ones in this life that always express love to me on a daily basis. After all, this "day of love" should be way more than just expressing it to one person, but to pour out to all of those who make you feel like the best version of yourself each and every day! Speaking of showing yourself some love this Valentines day, Prime Student made it easier than ever before for myself to indulge in a little bit of self care. Down below I liked my guide for all the essentials you will need to give yourself a little TLC this holiday!

So go ahead, watch your all time favorite romcom, call your girlfriends, crack open your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's, because after all you deserve it!



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