Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What I Typically Eat

This is my second consecutive blog post about "healthy living," it may seem as if I'm switching gears with my blog and making it more health oriented. Running a lifestyle blog is so much fun to me because it gives me the freedom to not be limited with what I write about, it's my very own "online diary!" I always strive to inspire some of you all with what I write on here.

 College is known to be the time when most kids gain the notorious "freshman 15." Between binge eating to cope with the stress of studying to being out at a party from time to time, times like that doesn't matter what you feed your body, as long as it's easily accessible. Now before any of you roll your eyes at me for seeming like such a granola girl, I'm not that. I just wanna share with you all what I typically eat during the school day that provides me with sufficient energy, at the same time being a delicious meal that doesn't make me feel terrible during my day.

Here's the deal, I live with IBS (disgusting I know, I'm sorry. If you are not familiar with IBS you can look it up, I don't really want to explain it here haha!) It somewhat runs in my family and it just had to pass to me. Which sucks because most of my favorite foods set me off. I don't eat fried food because of it and cut back on dairy because my stomach just doesn't agree with it. With that being said, I tend to stick to a lot of whole foods and not so processed products. I do love cheez it's and fine cheese, so I just have to suffer with the consequences. During those dark times Tums are my best friend.

BREAKFAST: If I have a few extra minutes to spare in the morning before I head out the door (that was just a nice way of saying that I didn't snooze my alarm.) I'll cook some scrambled eggs with toast and top it all off with Trader Joe's Everything Bagel seasoning... trust me it's life changing. If I'm in a pinch for time I usually have toast with peanut butter, bananas, chia & flax seeds, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

SNACKS: I wouldn't consider myself much of a snacker, but when it comes to cheeze-its ohhh don't get me started, those are my demise. I give it to myself because generally, I say I eat pretty healthy, If I wanna indulge in a bowl filled with cheesy/salty goodness, why not! Find the balance within your eating patters to remain sane!

If I need some extra recovery from eating poorly, I down a green juice. They are lifesavers to me. Some are brave enough to drink them as a meal, I stick to using them as a supplement when I feel as if i'm running low on my intake of fruits and veggies. For lack of better terms, i'd be so cranky if a green juice was my meal. It may be kinda dorky, but one of my favorite things to do is testing out different green juices from local and non-local juice stores. I have such a major sweet tooth, so I tend to lean more too the green juices that have more apples or fruits in the mix rather than just the greens.

LUNCH: For lunch I create my own "bento box" that you can find at Starbucks, you know the ones with the cheese and the fruit. For me, it's a better alternative to the boring ham sandwich that I have been eating for years on end, I enjoy variety in my life and in my food! I incorporate some wheat thins, pepper jack cheese, a red delicious apple, strawberries and a Cliff Bar to help me fuel the rest of my day.

DINNER: I am so *blessed* that my dad is an amazing cook... If it wasn't for him i'd be eating eggs every night or ordering take out, sorry mom! Our dinner varies based on what he feels like whipping up that night.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Dessert!! It's a curse that I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I typically indulge into my favorite ice cream in all time, The Tonight Dough from Ben and Jerry's. This month...well at least until Halloween, I am trying to cut out my dessert consumption. Fingered crossed that goes well.

I hope you all enjoyed this little recap!

Write to you all soon,


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Consider this Before Starting #BBG

Today feels like the appropriate time to reflect on my experience with the #BBG workout program. I had such a fun this past weekend in Orlando with Kyle and our friends, I brutally feel the need to get back into my normal routine of eating habits after such a fun weekend spent at Halloween Horror Nights.
    I started the #BBG workout a few weeks ago as somewhat of a self experiment. Is the ever so hyped workout routine worth all the hype it gets? Lemme quickly interject into any of your thoughts or doubts that you may have about the program and say, yes, it is indeed worth it. Even though I *accidentally* bought a months worth of a subscription instead of the free trial (whoops). I do highly recommend this program, but there are a few things I should've considered by starting this program.

1. Finding the Time
This fall, my weekly schedule is, to say the least, jammed packed. Lemme give you all a quick rundown so you can sympathize with me haha. Every Monday and Thursdays I have my internship at the PR firm. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class practically all day, which leaves me with the weekend for any downtime to catch up on my assignments and gain sanity. I always try to squeeze in a workout during the weekends to leave my weekends primarily free, but the BBG workouts are sometimes to long to complete in the 30 minutes I have to exercise before all chaos of my weekday begins. If time management is a skill of yours, you shouldn't have any problem with this program.

2. Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!
It's no brainer that i'm trying to constantly save each penny that I come into contact now a-days, a monthly payment of $40 for a broke college kid on-top of a existing gym membership is somewhat excessive and unnecessary for me. Buuut, If I wasn't already paying for a monthly membership, It might be worth it. The app gives you the option to either workout in the comfort of never leaving your home, or at the gym. They do offer somewhat of a discount if you choose to take the plunge and purchase the yearly membership, but even that is a pretty penny.

3. Motivation!
The biggest flaw I had with this program is finding the right amount of motivation. Personally, I feel that I perform my best during a working out if someone is physically yelling at me and pushing me to "go the extra mile." Showing up at the gym and completing a workout circuit by yourself can be somewhat intimidating, but it is better than doing it alone at home. It may make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially if your gym is full of bulky, meatball men like mine. On the flip side, being in that setting helps you complete the workout efficiently. Try brining a friend along to help you along the way during the circuit, It helps tremendously! Having someone to keep you accountable during the workout will help you stay on track and complete it. I tried doing #BBG at my home and it was difficult to say the least, my dogs are such a distraction as well as just waning to do something else at my house.

Overall, the workouts kicked my butt time after time and left me feeling so soar...hopefully that means progress! I did love my short time with the workout app but these are some observations I learned throughout the process :)

Hope you all are encouraged with what i've learned with my brief trial of BBG and I hope you all wanna try it too!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Back to School Must Haves


Hey guys!!

Let us cheers to resuming back to the time of stress, extensive learning, and hectic schedules! This post felt clearly appropriate for the time being that school is back in session. I pulled a few of my favorite items that have already been a huge life saver for starting back at school. Trust me on this post, they are 100% Fabulously Floridian verified lol.

Backpack: Last year, I was constantly going back and forth from using a tote bag as well as my Longchamp purse. It honestly wasn't functional for me what so ever. This semester, I'm on campus from 9am -6pm, it only makes sense for me to use a backpack. I found this hershel backpack for such a great price (under $50 helloooo!!) I absolutely love the color and how lightweight the material is. I can't wait to also use this backpack as my new carryon bag!

Lily agenda:  I have been using Lily planners for over two years. The vibrant colors and patters always seem to brighten up even the most dullest and high stress days lol. The only down side of this planner (well maybe because I had the medium size??) I do find it kinda small, I write alot and I often times found my words running off the space they give for each day.

I am very busy: I have been wanting this agenda for so long because we can all relate to this....right?? It's always sold out in stores and i'm not a huge online shopper, but I love the whimsical details that bando incorporation in all of their products!

Sneakers: REAL TALK! I have been living (and i'm not just saying that) in these sneakers ever since I bought them before my trip to New York. If you know me, I am by no means a "sneaker head," but these sneakers are like waking on a literal cloud! Not only are they super stylish and comfy, they are super particle to wear on campus (i'm currently wearing mine now haha.) I also linked my pink ones for you to check out!

Top & Leggings: This probably isn't the best, but I hate mentioning that I run a fashion blog while on campus, I mean I don't look the par. My school environment is super casual, no one ever dresses up so I find the beauty in accepting that comfort is key. But that dons't mean you have to sacrifice looking cute! You can easily pair a soft top with leggings with detail to dress up your look while still being comfortable without looking somewhat homeless.

Swell: I am still grateful to this day that my friends Sophie and Josh gifted me with my palm print swell, I use it all the time. I tend to be kinda annoying of always having my drinks cold, even my coffee. My Swell does just that. The shape of it is so efficient to carry in my backpack to class.

Pencil Pouch: Truth be told,  I can be somewhat messy most times... well more like forgetful. Everyone knows how easy it is to lose al your pens and pencils during the school year. I always thought that pencil pouches were somewhat of a waste, but if your like me, they help keep you stuff together. I love this one because the have the cutest idioms engraved on the pouch, most of which are in french. Bonjour!

Have a great semester everyone!


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Why I'm Loving Fabfitfun (and you should too!)

Over the past week, I was honored to be chosen as a #fabfitfunpartner! Being able to collaborate with some brands that I am passionate about is another bonus of having my own blog. Just a little disclaimer before I dive into this post; I always want to make sure that when I partner with a company or brand, it is one that I am passionate about and know that you all will love. I'm never just trying to . sell you something.

Subscription boxes in the past have been somewhat of a nightmare for me. I have ordered a few subscription boxes in the past and they have always seemed to let me down. Minuscule product testers and stuff that I really had no use for was shipped to me and month after month that left me disappointed and felt as if I was throwing my money down the drain. Wah Wah.

Fabfitfun is different than the generic subscription boxes. Their personalized test truly does cater to your likes and dislikes as well as sending you full sized products of stuff you know you wanna have! One of my favorite aspects of Fabfitfun is that you know you have a monthly gift waiting for you, and hello, a box full of goodies worth over $300 for only $40, how could you pass that up? Not to mention, when you place your order, enter my code: GOTTAHAVEIT at checkout to receive $10 off!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018


For a little over a year, I’ve wrestled with thoughts of my future endeavors.  My mind is always working like a ping-pong table, back-and-forth with my thoughts inside my head.  Also, being apprehensive about pursuing what I want to do because it’s more of a “creative” job, rather than your typical 9-5 Dunder Mifflin office style type of job.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely passionate with what I want to do career wise, I just have such difficulty with actually trying to chase after what I want, because I get discouraged with negative thoughts that reign in my mind from time to time. Even though I want to pursue an EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE CAREER in PR, I end up having weird second thoughts and think “maybe it’ll just be best if I go to school to become a dentist.” Which, if you know me is extremely WACK because I get nauseous from the sight of blood and truthfully I'm not that great at science, so that would just be torture!

This summer I took a big step and applied for an internship at a reputable PR firm. It’s crazy how well the stars were aligned and I got the internship! I have realized that my biggest downfall is that I tend to romanticize ideas of myself doing something and achieving something without actually putting in the effort to do so; this is what ultimately holds me back from growing. Who would ever think that too much dreaming can be a bad thing?

You will never know until you find the courage within yourself to try, seek and find a way to make things work. Doors will open up for you if things are meant to be. I sound like such a cheese ball, but I just thought it would be a great post to share with you all, as well as be an encouragement if any of you are facing a new season in life whether it may be the start of a semester, a new job, or any other opportunity.  


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