Thursday, January 9, 2020

favorites of 2019

Not only did this past year lead me to some great memories and experiences, but also lead me to open my wallet to make some great purchases!! Clearly, being in college and working like a lunatic during the little breaks that I during the semester doesn't give me the financially freedom to spend my income on outfits just to post for my instagram lol. Getting older and having to budget i'm quickly learning the principle that less is more! Sure, some things are worth splurging into now and then, but even then my new frugal outlook is wanting to see if I could ever get that special item on sale. 

With that being said, I thought I would round up my favorite products from 2019 that, dare I say, I can't live with out! Shop each item in the descriptions i've provided below!

Ring: I'm already on my second one because I wear this rainbow statement ring all the time, even with it looking kinda crusty, I always get complements on it! Not to mention, it's now on sale for only $12! Time to stock up on one of my favorite accessories!

Slip pillow case: I've legit been dreaming of owning one of these bad boys for god knows how long already. This Christmas, my dreams of wanting a slip pillow case finally came true when I unboxed my very own navy pillow case! Celebrities, beauty experts, and myself highly endorse this luxurious little pillow case. It may seem a bit frivolous, but this pillowcase is key for great skin, hair and sleep. Don't believe me? Read some of their reviews! Pssst, I've also found one on sale here.

AirPods: All I can say is....  can someone lemme know how did I function before AirPods?! P.S. they are currently on sale!

Hydroflask: After legit trying a S'well, Yeti, Arctic, every insulated drink container out there, Hydroflask truly lives up to all the hype it gets. Fits tons of ice and keeps your drinks cold, not to mention, the easy to cary handle makes this clunky water-bottle more easily to carry around wherever you may go.

It's a 10: My holy grail haircare product. This product tackles every issue that your hair could possibly face with the bonus of smelling INCREDIBLE!

Sherpa Pullover: I'm not even being dramatic when I say I live in this pullover. From traveling, to wearing it to class, running errands, staying at home, etc. I always find myself wearing this jacket. It feels like your constantly bundled in the coziest blanket and i'm not too sure what could be better than that.

Foundation: This $6 drugstore foundation provides me with full coverage, doesn't feel heavy, and makes my skin GLOW! Legit better than any expensive foundations i've tried In the past. This stuff does wonders..... *chef kiss*

Amazon Echo: I have developed this new routine in the mornings that I carve out some "me time" by making a nice breakfast for myself and listing to jazz music to ease me into the day. I swear i'm 20 going on 57. Thanks to my Alexa, the convince of yelling at her to crank up the Frank Sinatra makes me sort of happy to be living in this era of technology. Oh, also it's under $60.

Blowout Brush: Okay, to be honest, this is my sisters, buuuuut I have used it a few times and I don't know why I haven't already gotten it for myself. If your a girl like me with ungodly amount of thick hair, blowdrying your hair is a real pain in the you know what. This blow dry brush eliminates half of the struggle of doing your hair and making it look as if you just went to the drybar!

Monday, January 6, 2020

my goals for 2020!

Happy 2020 everyone!! It may be 6 days late but hey, it's still the same sentiment! I guess I should add becoming more punctually about my post to my resolutions list haha. Anyways, after spending some time concocting my “goals” for 2020, I couldn’t help but recognize all the completely unrealistic ones I set for myself last year, which you can check out right here

Sure, some were mixed in that I attempted to get at but I never got up at 4am and to be completely honest, that just sounds completely criminal. Regardless, I’ve definitely become more of a morning person within the past year but I clearly did really get close to the resolutions only a nut job would set. This year, Instead of creating these loony resolutions like i did last year, I thought I’d create goals for myself that I find my self either struggling/lacking in any way shaped or form. The list is down below, feel free to read up on it. I hope this year is one of the best yet, the best is always yet to come afterall! 


1. Only apologize when necessary... like Jillian u really gotta stop over apologizing for everything 

2. Be kind to yourself and be mindful of how you talk to yourself 

3. Do yoga! 

4. Read more.. finish at least 5 books

5. Say yes to every opportunity that is presented to me, you’ll regret it in the long run

6. Get stuff done the day of instead of just “leaving it for the morning” and acting like a crazy person to complete it 

7. Go to the beach more!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

recap of 2019!

More often than none, I feel that is easy for us as individuals to reflect upon all the negative within a season of our lives instead of all the good that transpired during that time. As i've been reflecting upon all that has occurred over this past year, it's easier to be reminded of all the bad and the ugly that went on throughout the year, despite all the good that was by far more beneficial. Sure, we have all have had our fare share of heartbreak, stress and whatnot throughout this year, but it's always encouraging to be reminded that their is always so much more ahead of that garbage!! Taking a further step back to realize that despite some majorly minuscule roadblocks i've faced this year, 2019 has been an unbelievably transformative year for me in such a positive way.

If you've been following along with me though my blog, instagram, or even if you know me personally, I've always seemed to have labeled myself as being this "indecisive" mess off a person that can't ever stand firm on any decision present to me. (If you care to read more about when I finally snapped out of this mindset, check this out!) Obviously, this way of thinking is completely toxic and destructive, but I am confident that even though it did take some time, I eventually took my life by the reins and made it how I really want it to be! Once you come to terms that the only person that will push yourself to become all that you aspire to be in this life is yourself, it's liberating to realize that the world is essentially at your fingertips, go seek it out! If your not happy about where you are currently, you have all the power to change your life for the better!

Who I was this time last year in comparison to who I am today is night and day. I can confidently say that I am no longer afraid of thinking if i'm "making the right decision for myself or not," because you know what? I've made so many new friendships, memories, experiences since i've said yes to some uncertainty; to me that's the beauty of life! I have made such tremendous growth within myself for not only knowing what I want for my life, but gaining a new sense of personal independence from living alone in my apartment. Not to mention, this year I was more than grateful to experience two of my all time favorite bands live, Fleetwood Mac and Vampire Weekend...... truly an iconic experience I will never forget!

So sure, 2019 has been one hell of a year, but if it wasn't, I don't think I would be this new version of that I am today. This year has made me become the version of "Jillian" that would make my younger self very proud. With all of this being said, 2020, am I more than ready for all that you are, bring it on!

Hope you all have a magical and safe new years! Chat soon!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

college update: fall 2019 recap

Each year, its no surprise that school gets harder and harder no matter if you are in college or even middle school. I've been super MIA not only on here, but on my instagram as well since i'm still trying to play the balancing act between blogging, academics, a social life, sleep, applying for summer internships and work. I can at least strive to do all, right?? I think one of biggest take away, or lesson however you wanna look at it, that I have learned over this past semester is the importance of being independent, thanks to living alone in my own apartment. This new season of independence wasn’t really something I could’ve eased my way into, I was catapulted into it and had to quickly adjust to my new “adult” way of life. Even though things have been very hectic, this chaos has allowed me to manage my time wisely and make me realize how I love having a constant routine. Days can sort of seem to blend together considering most days are kinda repetitive, school, gym, study, etc. But when I’m intentional about having a specific time to complete these task as well as having a. Set dinner time, each day seems to be more fulfilling. 

Speaking of food, that has been one challenge I’ve faced this past semester. When I first moved in and before classes officially started, I enjoyed being able to whip up a frozen Trader Joe’s entree and spruce it up a bit to make it feel like “It’s homemade” lol. Soon as events with my sorority picked up, long study hours in the library hit and everything in between, I’ve found it harder for myself to cook food meals that I enjoy, and aren’t the same frozen meals on repeat, or my my case, a meal that isn’t a couple of big handfuls of cheese it’s. What I find to be annoying is that instances where I wanna cook and whatnot I have to buy so many ingredients that I end up wasting because I’m never really gonna use again?? And it’s just myself so a lot of food goes wasted?? Idk, I guess it’s all trial and error. I’m definitely going to try hello fresh for next semester lol! 

Academically, this semester has been very challenged and I have to admit, i nearly got by with one class. Since changing my major for the summer to marketing, I am now required to take a lot more rigorous classes like calculus, accounting, stuff like that instead of the fluff I was taking while on the communications track. I know that all of this hard work and stress will pay off when I get my degree, but it hasn’t been easy. Especially for someone who thought the only math she would be taking in college would be math for liberal arts. Noting good comes easy, so I’m holding onto that sentiment for this next phase in my school career!! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50

I'm kinda channeling some major buddy the elf vibes and i'm not sure what it is about this year that has me WAY to excited for Christmas and being emerged in the holiday spirit!  I've been anticipating this time of year since the summer haha. I know it's still a few weeks away but I feel like a kid again counting down the days until it's officially December. With all the festive feelings I have, I thought I would make little gift guides this holiday season! To kick off this season of gift guides, I shared my  $50 and under gift ideas today!

1. Kopari Gift Set - I love when beauty brands come out with holiday sets so I can test out some products without making a big commitment to just one!

6. Skincare Fridge - this super mini fridge is extra in the best way possible.

10. Hydroflask - In the era of the VSCO girl, I find it hard to rock one of these without seeming ironic but hey.


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