Tuesday, March 5, 2019

random items I'm currently loving

One:  I've been playing around with how I do my makeup for a few years now and I can proudly say with a boat load of confidence that I finally found the right way that works for me! With that being said, have been wanting to try a power highlight opposed to the creamy ones that I have been using. The problem with my creamy highlight is that they just make me seem, well, oily compared to the angelic dewy shimmer we all want. So, I did some research and stumbled across this cult classic. I have only been using it for a few days now but I'm already hooked! Along with how well it last, another plus for me is that it's a universal shade so I can wear it all year 'round depending on if i'm tan or not it'll still look great!

Two: Blame it on my Italian girl genes that I contently seem like such a hairball 24/7. I can only imagine how much money I threw out the door between the countless waxes to remove my horrendous girl-stache. Over time, my skin has become more and more sensitive to getting waxed that I couldn't even bring myself to the salon to have to go through the pain of getting my lip waxed and potentially burned. Ouch. Okay, I do admit it. At first I was really skeptical about this hair removal product. I have been seeing so much hype about it all over instagram and even from my best friend, I caved. But I am here to tell you guys that they are right, this product works wonders! Kiss your expensive lip waxes goodbye for good with this little gadget that's only $20!!

Three: I am constantly adding new "resolutions" to 2019 and the newest one is to stop picking at my fingernails. I have such a problem with peeling them off and making them even more brittle! Gross, I know but don't lie we all do it. Not only is this the perfect nude pink nail shade, it also doubles as a nail strengthener. I have been using this nail polish for about a month now and I don't think my nails have ever looked this pretty! Not to mention, it's on sale!!

Four: Not sure if multi-vitamins are somewhat a placebo but oh well!! Just kidding, I have been taking these vitamins every morning for over a month and feel such a tremendous difference. About a month ago, I felt as if my energy levels were plummeting. Was I low on iron? Am I not eating enough in one day? Is it normal for myself to feel this rundown at such a young age? The answer to all my questions is inside this cute little cube. These delicious gummy vitamins fill in the gaps of what I could be missing out on during a busy day!

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