Wednesday, March 13, 2019

end result of the "bachelor experiment"

Not sure anyone if anyone who has been keeping up with this little segment of my blog has noticed that I haven't recapped the Bachelor in past 2, 3 or wait is it 4 episodes? Yes, four episodes of the Bachelor. I know that prior to the start of the season I made a vow to you all that week by week I would report my responce on the newest episode. I thought this would be a great idea! During past seasons I typically read other recaps that make me laugh more than the show did. I thought I would be the right girl to bring on this challenge! After all, I find myself to be eccentric and witty and would provide more of a fresh, young take to recapping each episode. Sad to say, I believe I have failed you all. Today i'm sharing all that went wrong with my little social experiment. During the season I hit the ground running by posting week after week, as time progressed I found myself  constantly apologizing for posting every other week, and I just stuck to that schedule.

After skimming through each show, it was almost tiring to just watch others "thirst it up" and witness all the corniness of the show. No joke, I would have to give myself a mini pep talk to publish the recap posts. It's like the show makes it almost too easy for the viewers to joke about it. Half way through I started feeling cynical and felt that I was hard to see more good out of it, so that explains why I haven't recapped the final episodes of this season.

Buuut, I do wanna keep my word like I promised in the beginning of all of this and share my final thoughts before I kiss this franchise goodbye. Here goes nothing. Okay overall I feel that the "hype" of it being "the most dramatic season yet"is a bit played out way too much and nine out of ten times the end game is predictable. I still feel weird about Colton and Cassie together. Don't get me wrong, I am one billion percent here for anyones happiness, especially when It comes to love; but I feel as if she was guilted into this. Colton seems like a great guy but his relentless persistence seems a bit creepy to me? And yes, Cassies dad did plant the seed in her mind that she just wasn't that into him, and that's okay! She could've articulated a bit better how she was feeling, but I get how intense that situation could be. I would have more respect for her if she just stuck to her word, that's just me. Personally I would've just enjoyed them mutually breaking up instead of bringing her back into the picture. I know I can't speak a whole lot on behalf on went down because I don't know them or know what they are going through.

The end of the night is mainly what I was excited for; the reveal of the bachelorette. I heard speculation of it being Hannah B. (which in fact ended up to be her) and I wasn't mad about, at first. My thoughts began to change when I witnessed the most cringey, uncomfortable 20 minutes in Bachelorette history. This has more validation to the randomness that Harrison spews lol. It was almost hard to watch between the awkward FaceTime and unfinished sentences of it all. I did feel bad for her, they kinda set her up to fail it seemed. Like, why couldn't production help her out a bit more with prompting her with things to say? Like I said Idk, but it's official, no recap next season haha. On the positive note, I will be looking forward to seeing the instagram story highlights of her because I do believe she was one of the best dressed!

Any who, thanks for being along for this little experiment.

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