Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I tried Marie Kundos organization method... and here's what happened

Many of you may be familiar with Netflix's new series, "Tidying with Marie Kondo." The latest series has the internet buzzing with getting a kickstart to a cleaner life. Smart move to whoever decided to release it at the beginning of January haha. After watching just one episode, this ball of energy that is Marie Kondo has inspired many others, including myself, to purge their closets, kitchens, homes, and any nook and cranny that is covered with junk. A goal of mine for this new year that I shared on my previous post, is to become more minimalistic.....well, I'm saying that as a more eloquent way for getting rid of the super old clothes that are collecting dust within my room.

I dedicated my entire day yesterday to cleaning out my room, if not now then when right? I feel that throughout the years I have this issue of knowing what and what not to get rid of. Bouncing back and forth between "Do I keep this piece? Will I need it for some random event in the future?" and the clothes still stay, untouched. I was looking for some sort of extra motivation to get myself off my rear end and get the ball rolling. Atlas! A beaming light was shining down on me, well, from my T.V screen at least.

 Maries method to cleaning out your closet is quite genius.Simply dump allllll of your clothes (yes, everything) into a pile on your bed and pick up each article of clothing and think to yourself, "Does this bring me joy?" If the answer is no, then toss! Seems easy enough, right? Not until you're 3 hours in and no matter how hard you pick at the pile, it doesn't seem to shrink. Yes I felt overwhelmed, yes I took breaks, yes I felt like my room was giving me anxiety, dramatic? Yes. But it was so worth it. Not only does my closet look like a new place, but I filled up 2 HUGE garbage bags with clothes to donate!

The pile that started the chaos

Tadah!! Here's an example of her folding method. Never thought I would ever see my swimsuit bin so organized!

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