Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Ultimate Packing Hack!

Hey guys!

I've been home for a few days now after coming back form one of the best trips to one of my favorite cities, Boston! I can go on and on about that city and the time I spent over the weekend, buuuut todays post I wanna focus on this app that has transformed my life, and make packing so much more efficient! 

Not sure if I have mentioned on the blog that I am the definition of an over pack. Even if i'm spending the weekend in the keys my carryon, is stuffed to the brim with a million outfits to do an "impromptu" quick change...... in the keys.... where I only wear a t-shirt and my swimsuit at best. I knew I was only going to be in Boston for a few short days and didn't wanna cram Mary's dorm with an excessive amount of luggage (okay, I still brought a ginormous bag, props to the ones who can fit their stuff in a carryon.) I was determined to see if I can break my bad habit of it! 

Now, I couldn't have completed this treacherous task with my strength alone. About a month ago I discovered Finery; it's essentially the computer system Cher Horowitz has in her closet. (If you are not familiar with this reference from the cult classic, Clueless, I advise you stop what your doing and watch it immediately!) 

How I feel using Finery!

You simply sign up for free, put in some information and the app recognizes your own clothes and builds outfit inspo's, or even what to wear based on your location & the weathers that day, how cool is that! Technology is amazing at times. I was able to cultivate this chic look which I wore the last day In Boston. The best part of all of it, I was able to plan accordingly without having to bring along my whole wardrobe for a four day trip!!

To get started; levitate your mouse over this link to start making your life so much easier!!

One last thought! You can shop my outfit below if you please! :)



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