Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Consider this Before Starting #BBG

Today feels like the appropriate time to reflect on my experience with the #BBG workout program. I had such a fun this past weekend in Orlando with Kyle and our friends, I brutally feel the need to get back into my normal routine of eating habits after such a fun weekend spent at Halloween Horror Nights.
    I started the #BBG workout a few weeks ago as somewhat of a self experiment. Is the ever so hyped workout routine worth all the hype it gets? Lemme quickly interject into any of your thoughts or doubts that you may have about the program and say, yes, it is indeed worth it. Even though I *accidentally* bought a months worth of a subscription instead of the free trial (whoops). I do highly recommend this program, but there are a few things I should've considered by starting this program.

1. Finding the Time
This fall, my weekly schedule is, to say the least, jammed packed. Lemme give you all a quick rundown so you can sympathize with me haha. Every Monday and Thursdays I have my internship at the PR firm. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class practically all day, which leaves me with the weekend for any downtime to catch up on my assignments and gain sanity. I always try to squeeze in a workout during the weekends to leave my weekends primarily free, but the BBG workouts are sometimes to long to complete in the 30 minutes I have to exercise before all chaos of my weekday begins. If time management is a skill of yours, you shouldn't have any problem with this program.

2. Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!
It's no brainer that i'm trying to constantly save each penny that I come into contact now a-days, a monthly payment of $40 for a broke college kid on-top of a existing gym membership is somewhat excessive and unnecessary for me. Buuut, If I wasn't already paying for a monthly membership, It might be worth it. The app gives you the option to either workout in the comfort of never leaving your home, or at the gym. They do offer somewhat of a discount if you choose to take the plunge and purchase the yearly membership, but even that is a pretty penny.

3. Motivation!
The biggest flaw I had with this program is finding the right amount of motivation. Personally, I feel that I perform my best during a working out if someone is physically yelling at me and pushing me to "go the extra mile." Showing up at the gym and completing a workout circuit by yourself can be somewhat intimidating, but it is better than doing it alone at home. It may make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, especially if your gym is full of bulky, meatball men like mine. On the flip side, being in that setting helps you complete the workout efficiently. Try brining a friend along to help you along the way during the circuit, It helps tremendously! Having someone to keep you accountable during the workout will help you stay on track and complete it. I tried doing #BBG at my home and it was difficult to say the least, my dogs are such a distraction as well as just waning to do something else at my house.

Overall, the workouts kicked my butt time after time and left me feeling so soar...hopefully that means progress! I did love my short time with the workout app but these are some observations I learned throughout the process :)

Hope you all are encouraged with what i've learned with my brief trial of BBG and I hope you all wanna try it too!


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