Saturday, July 15, 2017

Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you, but the summer before your freshman year of college can seem a bit emotionally draining. Knowing that you're leaving your friends, family, and hometown behind to start a new and thrilling chapter of your life seems a bit scary right? I have a few tips on how to soak up every minute of your last “high school summer” and have it be one that is productive for the year to come, and make it memorable.

  1. Make Plans for Everyone in your Life
Call up a friend you havn’t seen in years, have lunch with one of your family members, set aside time for the ones in your life. Be sure to reconnect with those close relationships or even any relationship in your life to create lasting memories you will take with you to college.

People are moving in all different directions, now is the best opportunity to spend time with those individuals. This season of my life has been especially challenging for me.  My close friends are moving far away or out of state, and having to expect a major change with making new friendships next year. Since I will be staying local, luckily I will still have Kyle and my family by my side.  It’s gonna be such a big change not being less than 20 minutes away from the people I spent every moment with. Don’t hold back on spending every miniature of those you love.

2. Get a Job!
If you haven't realized already, college is insanely expensive. Spending money on books, coffee, dorm necessities, tution, the list goes on and adds up so quickly. Having a job before your freshman year will help you save for you college expenses while teaching you budgeting tips you’ll need for the next upcoming years.

Having a summer job gives you great exposure to balancing your time and managing your planning, which is crucial for your college years. Even if you don't find a job, look for an internship with something you are passionate about. Your college will see how you have used your summer to pursue more “hands on” learning and this will make you stand out to your professors and future employer especially when you are applying for a bigger and better job.

3. Dorm Shop
This sounds like a no brainer if you're living on campus, so look for mood boards or any inspiration to help you plan want your new dorm to be like. I mean, this will be your new little “home” so make it personal to you and that it makes the whole transition seem inviting. Even if your staying at home, a fresh start is always nice. Gut out your room and get rid of all the useless junk like textbooks or anything that caused clutter. Add some new finishes to your room or redo the whole thing!



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