Monday, July 31, 2017

July Favorites



Carla Colour Barton / Collared Drop Waist DressFoundation Primer /Lantern Earrings /
 Half Moon Clutch / Top /  Sandal / Jumpsuit

To close this chapter of July, I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite purchases I've made this month and a few that are currently on my wish list! Currently cuddled up in my house, watching re-runs of the Office for the umpteenth time on this rainy day, these products send me to a sunny state of mind!
Those adorable light pink sunnies, earrings and clutch are a must for my next months purchase! (Trying to budget my shopping addiction!) I have been looking all over for a dressier version of the classic "slides", which are so in right now, (I was debating weather to get the slides with pearls on them, or settle for something more classic!) I found a pair similar to the ones above. The shade light pink slides would look perfect with the jumpsuit from Club Monaco, which has to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet at this moment!

The jumpsuit is unlike anything that I own, but goes perfectly with my wardrobe, while still being a piece that is a bit daring, and still being classic with the white linen. Working at Club Monaco has been a blast, I love being able to try on what is in store, so when my paycheck comes in I have so much to buy!  The ruffled stop is casual enough to wear during the day with shorts, but also looks amazing with jeans and heals!

Every time I wear the English Factory drop-waist dress I get so many complements! I love how put together it makes me feel, I feel so eurpoean couture in it haha! I love to pair that dress with my gold Jack Rodgers, or flats when Im going to work. For such a good price for that dress, it has been one of my favorite purchases!

Last but not least is the Smash-box Primer. I'm not a makeup guru by any means, but this stuff does the trick if you cant get rid of your big pores, like me! My skin feels like satin after I apply the primer to my face, and keeps my skin looking flawlessly even throughout the whole day.



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