Saturday, February 6, 2016

This Weeks Top 10

Hey guys! Another long week of school is gone, which means time for the weeks top 10!

1. This week I signed up to take my first SAT, Im so completely nervous for this test, it's so crazy to imagine that I am at the time in my life where I am finishing up with High school!

2.  I'm obsessing over female empowerment, girls who are continually to change and shape our community as well as our country. I came across an Instagram page (@shecannetwork) that features girl bloggers doing just that!

3.  My birthday month happens to be this month of February and I can't wait to begin to plan my Palm Beach inspired brunch! I have my eyes on these adorable flamingo print Lilly shorts to add on my wish-list!

4. Looking for an easy, go-to after school snack? Check out this peanut butter banana smoothie, one of my all time favorite smoothies! (I like to add a little bit of toasted coconut and flax seed in my smoothies.)

5. Not going to lie, but I've been dreaming of my future beach cottage in Nantucket (a girl can dream, am I right!) I would love to design the house inspired by these photos.

6.  While reading The College Prepster, I stumbled upon these darling sandals that are perfect for the spring time, and well anytime!

7. In the cutest news I've read all week, check out this Orange County Firefighter saving a golden lab's life while rescuing from a freezing pond.

8. Celebrating NYFW, the return of my schools fashion club has emerged! It's such an honor to be given the privilege to be the president of the club where I have the opportunity to lead and connect with such a creative group of high schoolers through the diverse world of fashion. I can't wait to see all that the club will achieve!

9. I have to admit,  I've recently been addicted to reading Cosmopolitans daily snapchat stories.

10. If I had to travel to anywhere on the globe right now, without a doubt, I would book a one- way ticket to Portofino, Italy.

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