Friday, January 29, 2016

This Weeks Top 10

Hey Everyone! So I've thought of something great that will keep me on track with constantly posting at least every week. Starting today, I am going to post my "week's top 10." Hence the name, I will be posting my top 10 ten of what ever seems to be  interesting me that week! I hope you all will love it, and I would love to hear what you think. Always remember to leave a comment of what you think!



1. Alright, I might be jumping the gun a little bit on this one but if you haven't check out Kate Spade's  Valentine's day collection.. you should get to it, It's totally swoon worthy!

2. Recently last week I found out that for my family trip this summer, we are taking a trip up to New England! I've been dreaming of finally getting to visit there! We will be visiting Boston, Martha's Vineyard, and Rhode Island. Check out this super cute hotel in Edgartown were are visiting!

3. Elections are coming right around the corner (sadly, I will still be 17 in November.) Vineyard Vines made these super cute political party shirts! Which party do you side with?

4. I don't know if your skin is like mine, but for as long as I can remember I get these red bumps and I don't have the most smooth skin; I've heard that Dickenson's witch hazel works miracles.. hope it works!

5. I love love love listing to/ finding new music. Spotify has to be hands down (next to Pinterest, hey go follow me @jillybeaannn13) my favorite and most used apps. I always create a playlist for every month, or at least try too. Im currently obsessing over Vampire Weekend & Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

6. I'm dying to get over to J.Crew, they have their newest arrivals in stores now. How perfect their new look-book is!

7. I find myself finding any excuse to bake these chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to Pinch of Yum I have found THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe, everyone goes crazy for them. I definitelywill be doing a blog post incorporating this recipe soon.

8. For Christmas my sister Jenna received a pair of black Hunter boots. I'm constantly asking for her permission to borrow them. A definite investment is these adorable Military Red pair.

9. New year new resolutions.. right? I've found a bunch of easy recipes for eating clean.. hopefully I can stick to this resolution! (Check out my pointers boards to find the recipes)

10. Last but not least, Netflix finnnnallyyyy added the final season to my favorite show, Parks and Recreation. Can't wait to finish this series, it will be very bitter sweet. I mean after all, isn't Leslie Knope everyone's inspiration?

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