Friday, March 13, 2020

life update 3.12.2020

Wow... it’s been a hot minute but hope everyone is doing well *well, at least trying* to do so in the midst of all this madness!! 

It’s no surprise that the world around us doesn’t slow down for anyone or anything. Life’s been pretty insane these past few months, ok more specifically ever since this semester began. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve been run over by a semi truck while constantly being bombarded with news thats no easy pill to swallow.

In lighthearted news, I recently turned 21, two weeks ago while in Charleston and ... dare I be that girl and say, it’s been a lot of fun hehe. In this moment in time I am currently on my spring break, which now has taken the whole #springbreakforever to a literal meaning considering the fact my university has decided to switch over to all online classes for the next few weeks u til things start to settle down, hopefully?

 Not sure if anyone’s picked up on it, but I tend to thrive on structure. A set time to wake up, daily routine, set dinner time, are the things I livvvve for. I just seem to focus more and feel accomplished knowing my day is strategically planned. Now stripping back all of that just do class on my own will be a big adjustment I’d just have to get used to, and hey it can’t be that terrible considering it’s only temporary.

As far as my big plans to spend my summer in NYC working as an intern is still up in the air. I kinda came to terms with reality this week (typically me the pieces living in a fantasy land ahah) and figured I should keep my options more broad instead of putting all my eggs into one basked and being solely hell bent on just some sensation. As the tried but true dating remains the same, “man plans and God laughs” I just have to be remained in the midst of all this chaos, things happen for the best possible outcome, even if they are extremely fuzzy while in it! 

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