Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 resolutions update!

With almost two weeks into February, I personally feel as if now is a good time to update you all with a “checkpoint” of where I stand with my quote on quote resolutions. Some still standing to this day, and some that I didn’t even start to attempt yet, maybe I’ll get to them a little down the road? 

If you are new here and would like to read up about my goals for 2019, check it out here!

1. Eat more holistically: I have somewhat lived up to this one thus far, minus the exception of recently getting my wisdom teeth out and having to eat ice cream on top of ice cream consecutively lol. I also eluded on my instagram stories to the “health trend” phenomenon that is celery juicing. After viewing so many positive results of what the power of the overlooked veggie has done for others, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to try it out for  myself.

2. Wake up earlier to be more productive: Hmmmmmm. Okay, so going into this new year I was so obsessed of wanting to wake up & have he strict regimen a la Mark Wahlberg, but instead wake up at 3 maybe push it back to one more hour? I haven’t even tried to attempt this, I’m convinced my body wouldn’t even allow me to get up at such an ungodly hour. But, I have noticed a change with getting up at 9 on the days I don’t have class to get stuff done, I’m keeping my word! 
3. Start reading more: Have not started this yet. Any good book recommendations?

4. If you like a song, give the whole album a try: two words, Kacey Musgraves. I don’t know what I love more, her style or her music!

5. Go to more concerts: 2019 is my year. It will be. It doesn’t even feel real but this year I am going to see my all time favorite bands; Fleetwood Mac and Vampire Weekend. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

6. Listen to 5 new podcast: Well make that 4 now, thanks to The Morning Toast, I am proud to say I am self proclaimed “toaster.” Needless to say I’m obsessed and with a new episode every weeks day makes the school week better!

7. Learn yoga: I googled “bedtime yoga poses” last night and tried my best at mimicking the minuscule imagines on my phone. I need to take a real class one of these days! 

8. Take more photos: Personally, for someone who hardly takes any photos, I feel as if I’m improving. Baby steps.

9. Learn to cook: NOPE. Maybe soon….. maybe.

10. Journaling: I have actually found the enjoyment of taking a break, not even ever day but whenever I can, and recap my days, feelings, whatever to my journal. I am also planning on doing a blogpost about how much I have been enjoying it!

11. Become more minimalistic, get rid of anything I don’t use or need: check out the before and after of my #konmari closet makeover!! 

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