Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Importance of Staycations

Let’s face it, It’s that weird, uncomfortable stuck-in-the-middle sort of time of the year. Everyone, including myself, is still recovering from all the fun of spring break and hopelessly anticipating the beginning of summer. For me, this time of the year seems to drag on.. nothing quite eventful going on, things seem to be somewhat dull, just yearning for a break from the monotony!

  Over the weekend, I took a quick, much needed getaway down to the Florida Keys (If you guys don't know by now, it is my absolute favorite place to go!) Their is something so unique about the keys, it's hard to capture all of its beauty into words, you just have to go and experience it all!
 I am a firm believer in taking some time off for yourself to enjoy life and all that is around you. People may consider it to be a bit selfish, but taking some time off for yourself is actually vital for good mental and physical health!

  With the Keys only being less than two hours than me, it is a the perfect "staycation" living down in South Florida. Even if you don't live around here, go and get out of the normal routine and rediscover what is close to your home! Today it is easier than ever to come across some charming little towns that are right in your own backyard. I already have a list going of costal towns I gotta check out across Florida (shoutout to Costal Living, making me wish I was always on vacay lol.) This, odd and dull time of the year is actually pretty exciting. It's the perfect time to get away from it all!

Support your locals: One of my favorite aspects of going on a staycation is that it allows you to connect with the local business around you. Visiting  restaurants and shops that are unique to the town around you allows you to immerse yourself with different food, people, experiences as well as taking pride in your neighbors accomplishments. It's a nice break from all the big chains and our usual spots that we are so familiar with!

Refresh & Recharge: Trust me, a little getaway from your day to day life helps you not loose your sanity. Taking a quick trip allows you to focus your thoughts back to yourself, remind yourself what is important in the moment and the time to come, as well as potentially creating a spark of creativity within you. I find that I draw some of my best ideas and thoughts for my blog, within the stillness of nature! Allowing myself to unplug and relax from responsibilities allows me to recharge and come up with new and exciting ideas for my blog, as well as my future. One of the best feelings in the world to me is how I feel standing besides the ocean, I think that is why I find so much inspiration while at the beach.  You look out onto the endless horizon and it begins to click that you are so so small in the grand scheme of things. Your worries do not add up to what is ahead of you! A little cheesy, but I had to share!

Where will your staycation lead you? What memories and experiences will you have to share with the quick break from your daily routine?


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