Saturday, December 30, 2017


Hey Everyone!

I believe this is the first time ever on the blog that I'm writing something fitness related! To preface this blog post, I am clearly, by no means an expert.  I just want to share with you all some of the ways I keep myself fit, mentally and physically, just in time to kick off the New Year!  Throughout my life I have always been active.  Growing up I played different sports, including swimming, and I danced for a big portion of my life. The way I felt about myself wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows.


I struggled with my weight well into my middle school years. I was a bit more on the chucky side than most girls in my grade, but what I didn’t understand then was that I was still very much a kid, and a growing one at that.  Let me tell you, that did not make for a good three years of middle school. Kids are cruel, I thought the world was against me (I was so incredibly dramatic haha.)

This is a strange time in life where you can’t rely on your own thoughts and emotions because they are constantly up in the air.  At the time I was extremely insecure with myself.  I felt uncomfortable in large social settings and I was concerned that I didn’t look like the other girls in my class. This is the complete opposite of the confident woman I am today. My mindset was so toxic back then, I was hung up on the fact that I wasn’t as tiny as the other girls, that I missed out on just having fun with my life!

I joined a swim team in 6th grade just to give me something to do and I ended up falling in love with it! I swam competitively throughout middle school and into my freshman year of high school. One of my biggest regrets to this day is quitting! I loved everything about swimming, there was even a point and time I was on two teams at once. I began to see a change in myself, not only physically but even feeling comfortable in my own skin! I wasn’t dieting anymore or concerned about my image, I was simply just having fun! I always thought that if I didn’t eat as much, I would start seeing changes in the way I looked. That is the biggest lie ever told, but hey you live and ya learn!

My freshman year of high school I started dancing again.  Some of you may not know this but I had such a relentless passion for ballet. My freshman year of high school I even wanted to be homeschooled so I could join different ballet companies. Wow, things have changed in a few short years. Fortunately, my school offered dance classes during school, as well as an after school program. My sophomore year I took the dance endorsement track, I wanted to be such a dedicated ballerina.  Two hours of my school day was spent in dance class. The phase eventually wore out and I had to focus on school and what I wanted to follow in my future. I had no time for other activities. #D1BOUND #GRINDDONTSTOP.  I figured I would take up running because I could go at any time that worked with my schedule and all I needed was some headphones and running sneakers! I had always hated running, even in PE when we were required to run the mile, I would always walk it!  But, I have learned to love running! Now, I run about 2 miles a day and I keep pushing myself to go further. My goal this year is to start training for the “7 mile bridge run” in the Florida Keys!


Besides training for the 7 mile run, I want to be more consistent with my running. In high school, I pretty much had the same schedule, so it was easy to plan when I was going to go for a run. Fast forward to now, my work schedule is constantly changing, different class times, and other responsibilities make it more challenging to find the time. I want my motivation to be that running will make me feel wonderful, giving me energy to last through the day and have a more clear mindset!

On top of my love for running, I also love clean eating. Not only does exercising increase my mood and create an overall enjoyable lifestyle, but so does eating well. I want to try to also eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, I even bought a juicer! Another one of my New Year's resolutions is meal prepping for breakfast and lunch for the upcoming week. One of my favorite food accounts on Instagram:@cleanfoodcrush, has the best clean eating recipes.  Each one I have made has been a huge hit!


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