Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sophia Webster x Neiman Marcus Event!

Hi Everyone,

I love the holidays, with friends coming into town, family gatherings, and holiday joy makes the season worthwhile! I guess it’s now socially acceptable to be playing Christmas music, or is it too soon?! (Michael Buble is defrosting as we speak, haha). Pretty soon on the blog, I will be sharing my “Christmas Wishlist” as well as a gift guide that will erase all the stress of finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list!

This Halloween was forgettable, as I really didn't do much.  I was bummed because I had a few great costume ideas, guess I’ll just have to save them for next year! The night of Halloween, I decided that I was going to stay home and catch up on some sleep, get things done around the house, and work on future assignments. 
That morning, I followed by typical “lazy morning” sacred ritual, watching Shark Tank in my Pj’s and indulging in my favorite cereal, Chocolatey Delight! As I was absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram, I saw on Neiman Marcus that designer Sophia Webster was appearing at the store in Bal Harbour! I couldn't let this opportunity slip out of my reach, so I quickly got dressed and was off to Miami.

Sophia's new collection is so vibrantly beautiful, I'm definitely coveting a few items! My favorite, the flamingo fuzzy purse, it just screams my name! The collection was so beautiful, I would be afraid to wear the shoes because they truly look like pieces of art! I was in heaven, champagne, pink lemonade, macarons, and donuts were being served during the event. What more could you ask for?

I was so glad that I saw this so last minute and was able to go. Just being in the center of all these fashion influencers, designers, and stylists was so unbelievably inspiring. I got such a refreshing feeling of being empowered by how unique each and every women is. I felt some sort of indescribable peace being in the mix of it all.  I know that this is what I am meant to do! Call me crazy, being so young and having such ambitious and crazy big dreams for myself. I think that is the key factor of what makes life so uniquely beautiful. You can be anything you want and do anything you want with hard work and dedication!

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