Thursday, September 7, 2017

College Resolution: Freshman Year

Hi everyone,

I can't think of a more appropriate time to be writing this post! Sadly, the long days of summer have came to a close and the beginning of fall is now here. There really is no difference in Florida's fall compared to the summertime. It is still as hot as the sun outside, it’s 100% acceptable and comfortable to still be wearing summer clothing, oh and not to mention it's the season for iced pumpkin spiced lattes! Or try something fun: order a hot one, step inside your car, and turn the AC on full blast! That's a floridian’s “Fall”! Instead of getting the beautiful, picturesque scenery of the leaves changing,  we get the possibility of potentially having to prepare for a catastrophic hurricane,  so that's always fun!

Anywho,  at the start of each school year, I like to think about all the possible things  I can do in preparation to succeed. Two weeks ago, I started my first year of college. I knew coming in it was going to be a bit of a change and quickly realized it is a massive jump into independence and taking responsibility for myself. I wanted to sorta challenge myself at the start of this new chapter of my life, and set up a few “resolutions”

1. Getting Straight A’s
I made a lot of mistakes in early high school and middle school in regards to my poor study habits and not wanting to do my homework. Such “pre-teen angst” I had lol! I had a sort of rude awaking when I realized that my laziness affected my classes, and where I could apply to college. Long story short, at the start of my junior year I became a much more diligent and proactive student, so last two years of highschool I got very close to getting all A’s on my report card. Since I have kind of a “fresh start” academically, why not start college  with all I got? Fingers crossed I will stay on top of my assignments and not fall into procrastination… which I tend to do!

2. Travel
Yes, yes,  traveling is on my “resolutions” list for the new school year, even though it's not all that academic. I’m not sure if all of you know, but, I have decided to be one of the small   percentage of college kids to stay close to home for fiscal reasons. Being in debt worries me, and the thought of having to take out tons of student loans is not something I want to be starting my life of with. The extra money I am saving in tuition can transfer to my travel funds!
Just because that plan isn't for me doesn't mean that it isn’t  for other students! I rather show up to my classes, work, and be able to book a flight if I want to! I already have plans to go up to Boston with my best friends in December, I am counting down the days until that trip, hopefully I’ll finally see snow! (I am such a Floridian.)  I also planned my classes so that I will always have fridays off, so as long as I request off from work, there should be plenty of opportunities! I strongly believe that traveling, no matter where you go, is another great source of learning that is incredibly fun. It’s also a huge plus to have friends at schools out of state that I can always visit!

3. Staying Organized, For Real!
I hope I'm speaking to the masses on this one. I feel that it is so easy for me to visualize myself being an organized person. Afterall, I have a pretty cute agenda, color coded pens, and folders for each class, but after a few days I'm back to being a bit of a mess! I realized a flaw within myself when it comes down to the fine details; I rather quickly get my task done, than spend the extra few minutes making sure that everything is where it needs to be. This school year I really want to make sure to consistently stay organized with all my assignments and due dates, and never lose anything or get a zero because I forgot to write down the date!

What goals are you setting for yourself for this year?


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