Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Senior Prom!


Hi Everyone,

Wow! Here's a quick little life update: I have had quite a hectic week! Life has been nonstop since prom (which is somewhat of a good thing, there will be so much more post!) I have been delayed in posting my prom photos because right after prom, my class and I packed up our bags and headed off to Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys.  I couldn't think of a better location to create a few more memories with my friends before we head off to college! Immediately after we returned from the Keys, there was graduation rehearsal, graduation, and then #FAB4 graduation party!

I finally had some time to sit down and write, which is such a great feeling considering I have been constantly on the move this past week! I can't wait to update you on all of the end of the year celebrations, so let me begin with prom!

In all honesty, the typical "prom" look isn't really my thing.  Everything now of days is so gaudy and flashy, it was extremely hard to find a gown that reflects myself and my personality. This is so ironic considering last year (my first prom), I went for the total glitz gown.  Thankfully, I found Camilyn Beth.  Her designs are darling and she's totally talented!  I fell in love with this one gown and literally everything else I looked at couldn't compare to that gown! So, in typical Jillian fashion, I ordered it last minute and was elated that the dress fit like a glove.  I couldn't have been happier!

Kyle looked absolutely handsome in his navy suit and adorable flamingo bowtie from Collared Greens! It was hilarious, I remember telling him that since we looked so good, we should wear our outfits around town! It was honestly a night for the books and a great end to high school. Cherishing the time with the ones I love made the night so special.



Thank you Camilyn Beth for the sweet note you wrote me, your dress was stunning! 


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