Friday, February 3, 2017

Tips on Avoiding Seniorits

Hi Everyone!

For the past few years, my school requires all 8th grade, and more importantly, 12th grade seniors to complete this giant project in order to graduate. To simplify things, it's a 35 minute presentation about how we have grown in numerous ways throughout highschool - talk about nerve-racking! The deadline for all of this is quickly approaching, so what happened to the feeling that I had so much time to get this done?

With that being said, I have been in such an utter rut recently. I have been so preoccupied with what is all in the near future for my life; college, spring break, graduation, and everything else in between. With responsibilities stacked upon one another, I’ve become so forgetful and honestly quite stressed out with everything.  

Most seniors can testify that this year is far from a shot in the breeze, but rather a time of self growth by making major decisions for your own self. “Time to put my big girl pants on and handle what life comes my way!” seems to be my mantra this year! Things can get quite overwhelming, especially at this stage in the game. I know you all might have a lot on your plate, and different things on your plate, but don't let that hinder you from missing so much in life! Especially to you seniors, I’ve thought of some ways to escape the mundane “Senioritis” that we all can get caught up in, but to be productive and finish out this long year of highschool for the best.

1. Keep in mind the Goals you’ve set
Sometimes it's so easy to lose sight of your plans when you're all over the place trying to get a million and one things done. But step back, look at how far you’ve come, and be proactive! It’s just a season in life, everyone's been there, you will overcome being overwhelmed.

2. Perspective
Have someone in your life whether it's a friend, relative, sister, or mom (for me it is), to keep you in line and remind you that everything is going to be okay. I recently found myself dwelling on meaningless assignments and things I have for this week. I needed to be reminded of life’s “Big Picture” and just focus on finishing one thing at a time.  Why should I complain when I have everything I could ever ask for - good health, family and great friends!

3. Declutter
Personally, I'm such a mess and klutz. I can have stuff organized for quite some time and then the next minute, my backpack looks like something exploded. Clearing out all the old gum wrappers and papers from my bag and locker helps me refresh a bit and doesn't make me feel so all over the place.

4. Be an encouragement
One of my favorite quotes recently has been “It takes $0.00 to be a kind person.” Go ahead, challenge yourself to encourage your classmates, even ones you aren't that close with, to be motivated to finishing out this year positively. I have found through high school that encouragement and the support from my friends, family, and teachers motivates me to go the extra mile.



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