Sunday, December 4, 2016

Art Basel + Vineyard Vines Contest Recap

Hi Everyone!

This weekend was jampacked with so much happening and went by way too quickly!!! However today, I decided to just unwind and listen to Christmas music! Saturday was quite exciting, I sent in my “audition” tape for the Vineyard Vines brand ambassador contest! I know it'll be just a stroke of pure luck if they choose me out of the thousands of people across the nation that entered, but hey,  it was definitely an experience to do so!  Part of the audition process is that they record you on an Ipad answering a series of questions for 30 seconds and like most people, I hate hearing my own voice on camera so I hope they don't mind! I’m usually quite chatty, especially under pressure, but with only like 30 seconds, I felt like I was talking a million miles per hour!  I kept reminding myself to just be me and have fun with it.  This little note of encouragement my friends gave me prior to going eased my nerves and made me realize that I didn’t need to worry, just present myself in the best way, and be comfortable and have fun with it!

Right as I got home, I quickly got ready for Art Basel in South Beach. (I surprised myself and wore a leather jacket, a bit more “edgy” from my usual style but why not!) Art Basel is world renowned art gallery event that happens once a year down in Miami Beach and celebrities, bloggers, and designers from all over the world come here each year! I was ecstatic to be going for the first time and consider myself fortunate enough to visit such an iconic event without having to travel that far from where I live! It was quite a maze inside the convention center and each time my friend Rachel and I thought we saw everything, we ran into a new section! Next year I hope to get tickets to the fashion and design exhibit.

I hope everyone has a great week!



Down Below are some of my favorite pieces as of right now from Vineyard vines 

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