Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello November!

Oh how I love the beach.  The peacefulness offers me time to think, dream and realize all of the new and exciting things coming my way during the month of November. After sending out the rest of my college applications on Halloween (which probably made that day extra spooky), it got me thinking about the whole new journey I'm about to take on right in front of me. With the swiftness of clicking "submit," all I have left to do now is pray and wait. This exciting new adventure of "young adulthood" will soon be approaching. (Crazy... Where's the guide to being ready for all these big life decisions when you still feel so young?? Lol.) Also, the end of this month marks the one year anniversary of Fabulously Floridian!!!  I'll most likely write a super sappy post about the encouragement I received and how I tremendously love the decision I made to start the blog (which I seriously do.) But for now, I'm thankful for all the new ideas and dreams having my own blog as created in me. A new drive  of determination in myself to see all that I am capable of accomplishing.


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