Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beachy-Keen: Palm Beach

On this fine summer day, I visited the land of palm trees and all things Lily Pulitzer, Palm beach. The sky was just as blue as the crystal-clear sea that is walking distance from everything. The whole town is stunning. Rachel and I had such a great day basking in the sun, (basking is just an understatement, we were almost melting in the scorching sun.
) But walking Worth Avenue was definitely worth it. Every fashion loves dream, It was so hard not to stop and stare at every storefront. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of stopping by into Vineyard Vines considering they have new arrivals out now! What a perfect excuse to drag Rachel in with me! We had a wonderfully delicious lunch at Tab-oo, such an elegant little place, and ended the day no better way then a dip in the sea. I hope all of you cherish these final days of summer!



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