Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Break Essentials

With a countdown on my calendar, I'm almost certain that I can speak for everyone when I say this: we are all just craving spring break (because I know I am). This past weekend I took my first SAT, which wasn't too awful, keeping in mind the stress-free days ahead of me during break.

I love spending my break with my friends or traveling down to the beautiful Florida Keys with my ever-so-fun Aunt Shannon. If I had the chance to plan a dream spring break getaway,  I would choose to fly to Fiji or St. Barts (One can dream right?). The more I "pin" my dream trip, with all of the tropical hotels and exquisite views, the more I wish I could hop on a flight right now!

Well, whether or not you are spending a low-key day at the pool or going on a day trip with your friends, or even traveling to some amazing destination, why not do all that in style! I've put together a few of spring favorites of mine that are guaranteed to make every day during your days off brighter.


Spring Break Essentials

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  1. I love that Gingham dress! Perfect for spring break!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence



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