Monday, November 11, 2019

a few of the most helpful tips i've tried to boost my positivity!

Throughout the past week or two, I haven't really been feeling like my normal self. Not sure if it's based off the fact that i'm in the thick of this busy semester or that mercury is probably in gatorade or some nonsense like that lol. Jokes aside, things have just seemed totally off and I can't really put my finger on it. As some of you may know, I'm the type of girl who views life through the lens of "the glass being half full, opposed to empty", but like I said, i've found myself in this slump of bitterness and self comparison, all for what?

 To give myself some perspective of my actions, I had a moment of self reflection over the weekend and thought, "these negative thoughts have no positive impact to myself, or even to others around me." From then I decided to take the matter into my own hands instead of waiting on the world to change, (which seems to be a toxic pattern of mine). Thank god i've been creeping out of this weird stage. Whether or not you've been going through something similar, I've thought of some tips that have helped me and will hopefully help you get back to your groove!

The way you speak to yourself matters.... A LOT! 

I know a lot of what i'm about to say may come off as so incredibly cheesy and corny, but please hear me out!! Despite the fact that you may hate having to get up early for your 8am class, or even struggle at even the thought of making your bed in the morning, try to fill yourself with positive affirmations because that will set a positive trajectory for the rest of your day! After waking up cranky and allowing myself to go about my day around those negative feelings, I didn't even give myself the chance to change my mindset about the day ahead of me and all the possibilities right in front of me! 

More often than not, I tend to find myself making fun of myself and all the "clownery" that I can put myself through. Over time of classifying myself as a clown or being "toxic" (another hot word of mine lol), I start to bind myself within this mold of that dons't line up to who I truly am. Like I mentioned in this previous post of getting over my indecisiveness, I need to set aside the labels I tend to slap on myself in order to break from this cycle.

You are loved, wether you believe it or not:

Call up your mom, check in with your best friend, find a dog to hug, remind yourself how loved you are. Living alone, i've fallen a time or two into this feeling of loneliness, since it's so easy to do so within the little confinement of my apartment. Surrounding yourself in the love of others, no matter how far away they are, isn't that much of a challenge! It's as easy as dialing up an old friend, or getting to chat with my parents that remind me of the support system that I have surrounding me at all times! Even thought it may not sound like a lot, sharing a laugh with someone you love can really lift your mood for the better!

Gravitate back to what makes you the happiest!
Wether it's going outside to soak up some sun at the beach, taking a walk to clear your mind, or whatever activity that makes you the happiest, carve some time out of your business to do so! I've noticed that i've been obsessing over the idea of "being busy" that i've began to almost idolize it, without cutting myself any slack by just.... having a break! Giving 110% of yourself all the time to others and responsibilities can easily cause you to burn out if you don't take some time to enjoy yourself. Whatever it may be that you love to do, get back to it! Shut off the world around you, enjoying the season you are in currently, so that you can recharge yourself back to your fullest potential!

hope you guys go and have an amazing week!

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