Saturday, April 14, 2018

How to Feel Confident for Finals

Now, I have never been the "top of my class" when it comes to grades, but I always worked as hard as I can. If your a student, I believe that this is the most awkward and uncomfortable time of the semester. I am so close to wrapping up my freshman year of college *thank god* but I have to constantly reel myself back and remind myself that I still have this last stretch left. Ahh yes, thats right, I'm taking about finals and preparation for them.

 Like I mentioned probably a million times in the past on my blog, this first year has taught me a lot about myself and more importantly how to study and pass in college. In my opinion, high school really doesn't prepare you all that well for the ungodly amount of work you will have to endure! With that being said, I thought that I would share with you all some pratical tips that I have learn (the hard way) this year that will help you succeed and feel confident about tackling your finals coming up.

Don't Compare yourself to others!: As flawed humans, we do this almost absentmindedly. We always seem to compare our own capabilities with what others can do. This can be toxic to our mindsets because instead of focusing in on what makes us who we are we start discrediting our skills, talents, even interest and fixate our thoughts on how come we didn't get the same grade as so and so, or didn't get into the same program as them. The biggest take away that I have learned in college so far is this: we are all capable of different accomplishments, as long as if you put 110% of your own effort into your work, no matter what grade you receive, it should be the most rewarding payoff. Yeah, this seems somewhat dumb to just accept (and is still incredibly hard for me to face, I need to lay off on trying to be such a perfectionist.) It take the load off your chest of beating yourself up over the fact you didn't do as well as you thought.

Find out what works best for you: Lectures to me, is the most outlandish idea I have ever heard of. I don't know, maybe their is someone out there who thrives listing to a long, 50min. lecture class, but that such as..... well that sure isn't me. Throughout this semester, I have tried many different ways of studying that works well for me.  Finding out what type of learner you are, is extremely valuable to help you out in the long haul for studying and retaining new information.

Use whats at your disposable: This somewhat piggy-backs off of what I said previously, but using all of the resources, even something as simple as asking your professor a question can help you out tremendously with your finals. In our age of technology, it is seriously easier than ever to find out more information about concepts that you couldn't understand. Videos, study groups, etc. can make you feel more prepared, and take the stress of studying.

Game plan: Finally, create a plan for yourself. A plan for how and when you are going to study for each class. Luckily, I have two classes that don't require a "typical" final. Creating even just a mental plan for how and when your going to study will make things seem less intimidating, you can even start with the easy stuff first lol.

Good luck everyone, hope this helps!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring Wishlist

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed Forever 21 really stepping up their game recently? I still get extremely overwhelmed whenever I walk into the store, but recently I have found the cutest pieces that actually fit well and look great on me! I linked a few items from their and a few other of my spring favorites that are on my radar for spring down below.

  I look forward to this time every year. It's the time when stores start introducing their spring collections! Shopping for a Floridian is finally enjoyable again, no more sifting through treacherous amounts of coats and dark colors to find last seasons spring/summer look! I rallied together a few of my favorite bright, tasseled, ready for warm weather products down below, Enjoy!


Friday, April 6, 2018

What I Can't Live Without!

A few weeks ago, I received Fossils latest hybrid watch. Lemme be the first to say, I am in love with it! This post isn't sponsored, I simply just want to share my love for this beautiful, rose gold watch! I never leave the house without wearing a watch (even if the battery needs to be replaced!) I always feel somewhat naked if I walk out the door without one on!

  By no means do I consider myself a lucky person, If anything I have terrible luck. I would never bet on myself... for anything! The stars were somehow aligned for me a few weeks back, I was picked from Fossil in a random drawing, that's how I received this beautiful watch!

  It's insane how complex and interesting this watch is. From first glance, it looks as your standard wrist watch. As my curiosity started wondering around about how to work the watch, I realized that you connect it to its app that it is connected with! My mind was blown. It's the little things in life lol.  Once I synced my watch to the app, I was allowed to pick and choose the different functions for each of the three buttons on the watch. My Fossil watch traces my steps throughout the day, I can take pictures with it, as well as play my music straight from the watch!

Shop the watch I received and ones similar down below!



Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Easiest Hair Style Ever!

You guys asked and I am here to give you what you wanted! Last week when I saw the results from the Instagram poll (which are so fun btw) I did in regards to doing an easy, summer hair tutorial, I got positive feedback about making a video about it!
     I took my best attempt at it.. now i'm not sure if I used the right camera, lighting, etc. I worked with what I had and ran with the bit of knowledge I have of video editing from a class I took in high school and here it is! Hope you all enjoy!!



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