Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Best is Yet to Come..

Recently, I got a really exciting project for Fabulously Floridian that I am so trilled to be sharing with you all. Throughout the past few weeks I have really focused in on  "walking my talk" (in a more practical sense, showing my true personality through my style/blogging.) I alluded a bit towards this in one of my more previous post, Why it's Important to Developed your Own Personal Style. 

  With that being said, it has been a dream of mine to make my website ever so "fabulously Floridian." I tried my best to learn some coding to create the page that I had now (that stuff is hard!) I just knew that I can take my blog to the next level if I gave it a little TLC... and by TLC I mean a well deserved face lift! Over the past few weeks I took my hard earned, tax return money and invested it to a brand new site design! I have been working along side Kiki Co. Creative, to create a stunning, brand new, Fabulously Floridian! I can't wait see what it will look like!



Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Importance of Staycations

Let’s face it, It’s that weird, uncomfortable stuck-in-the-middle sort of time of the year. Everyone, including myself, is still recovering from all the fun of spring break and hopelessly anticipating the beginning of summer. For me, this time of the year seems to drag on.. nothing quite eventful going on, things seem to be somewhat dull, just yearning for a break from the monotony!

  Over the weekend, I took a quick, much needed getaway down to the Florida Keys (If you guys don't know by now, it is my absolute favorite place to go!) Their is something so unique about the keys, it's hard to capture all of its beauty into words, you just have to go and experience it all!
 I am a firm believer in taking some time off for yourself to enjoy life and all that is around you. People may consider it to be a bit selfish, but taking some time off for yourself is actually vital for good mental and physical health!

  With the Keys only being less than two hours than me, it is a the perfect "staycation" living down in South Florida. Even if you don't live around here, go and get out of the normal routine and rediscover what is close to your home! Today it is easier than ever to come across some charming little towns that are right in your own backyard. I already have a list going of costal towns I gotta check out across Florida (shoutout to Costal Living, making me wish I was always on vacay lol.) This, odd and dull time of the year is actually pretty exciting. It's the perfect time to get away from it all!

Support your locals: One of my favorite aspects of going on a staycation is that it allows you to connect with the local business around you. Visiting  restaurants and shops that are unique to the town around you allows you to immerse yourself with different food, people, experiences as well as taking pride in your neighbors accomplishments. It's a nice break from all the big chains and our usual spots that we are so familiar with!

Refresh & Recharge: Trust me, a little getaway from your day to day life helps you not loose your sanity. Taking a quick trip allows you to focus your thoughts back to yourself, remind yourself what is important in the moment and the time to come, as well as potentially creating a spark of creativity within you. I find that I draw some of my best ideas and thoughts for my blog, within the stillness of nature! Allowing myself to unplug and relax from responsibilities allows me to recharge and come up with new and exciting ideas for my blog, as well as my future. One of the best feelings in the world to me is how I feel standing besides the ocean, I think that is why I find so much inspiration while at the beach.  You look out onto the endless horizon and it begins to click that you are so so small in the grand scheme of things. Your worries do not add up to what is ahead of you! A little cheesy, but I had to share!

Where will your staycation lead you? What memories and experiences will you have to share with the quick break from your daily routine?


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 2018 Playlist

photo via pinterest

  Not that long ago I believe I sent out an Instagram poll or story relating to how I wanna share my music with you all. For the past couple months, it has been a growing pattern of mine to post my "song of the day" on my Instagram story, I wanted a better way for you all to access my love for music and I hope you all would appreciate it just as much as I do!

  With that being said, I decided I would create my own "Fabulously Floridian" Spotify page! Creating that was a work in progress to say the least. (I'm by no means trying to seem that i'm complaining or ungrateful for what i'm about to say, i'm just stating some facts over here.) My computer is so incredibly slow. There isn't much I can do about it. When me and my sister were gifted this laptop a few years back, she decided to create/ manage ALL of the computers super important passwords, flash forward several years and she has absolutely no memory of what they could be,  so I haven't updated anything in a solid four years.... yeah.

  For some odd reason, running Spotify on my computer slows everything down to the point where I am smashing my hands on any button for them to *possibly* start working. I have to restart my laptop before I even get to click on one of my playlist! It's the most frustrating feeling, especially when I am trying to get homework or anything done, but hey things could be worse! I don't know why the dots didn't connect any sooner, but I have extensive amount of playlist ranging from Frank Sinatra, A$AP Rocky, the most obscure alternative music, to some good old country music, and everything else  in between.

Long story short I threw in the towel with that idea, and decided I will share with you all my favorite songs for each month from my account! I have been doing this concept for roughly three years now (shoot where did the time go) and I continue to add to the playlist during that listed month! So I hope you all enjoy songs I love listening to currently and from the past!



Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Break Recap

 I am currently writing to you all poolside, what could be any better then this! My apologies for last week, well for "ghosting" my blog and social media. Since last week was my spring break, all of my friends can into town and I just wanted to enjoy every moment with them, experience break outside from constantly checking my phone and having to be preoccupied with what I was going to post for that week!

   Truthfully I find nothing wrong with taking a break from the phone or whatever that may be tying you up. Enjoy the world around you, the people in your presence, life for what it is, unedited! Not to mention, I feel that putting down your phone/ technology is also great for improving your mental health as well! I may be talking to myself but whenever i'm on my phone for a while, I always feel so sluggish and extremely tired and just feeling like.. bleh. Like I said, maybe I'm the only one, but setting things aside is refreshing, and I also gain that added energy that I was lacking.

   With all of that being said, I had such an amazing break spent with the people who I love the most, and truly encourage and inspire me to chase after what I love to do.  The weather down here in South Florida has been unusual for this time, it was kinda chilly! Pretty sure all my New England friends brought the nor-eastern with them.. I almost wanted to curl up with a blanket down by beach! My days were well spent with great company, we didn't have a ton of plans, but that was all we needed to just catch up with one another.

    This might have been the most *get up and go* day of my break. Monday felt as if I was living in a dream land, my friends Josh, Juan and I headed down to South Beach to spend the day at the beach and "hotel hopping" (just trying to get into the most upscale hotels down there and hang out poolside hah.) The weather was UNREAL!  For lunch we went to this insane taco shack, Taquiza, that had some of the best food I have ever tasted, no joke it was heaven. If you are a cheese lover like me, try their corn on the cob, it was incredible! I was getting kind of hangry when we were there, but it was seriously worth the wait! If any of you are even down in South Beach, I strongly recommend it!

   The rest of my break was spent by countless hours on the beach with great company. Sometimes, that's all you really need. No over-the-top plans, just living each day with the ones you love the most! Down below is more highlights of my spring break!

Me and Mooch stuck in beach traffic for over an hour... yay tourist yay spring break..

sports party!! (I was a surfer lol)

My Squishes!! 

Love these girls!! 




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