Sunday, December 15, 2019

college update: fall 2019 recap

Each year, its no surprise that school gets harder and harder no matter if you are in college or even middle school. I've been super MIA not only on here, but on my instagram as well since i'm still trying to play the balancing act between blogging, academics, a social life, sleep, applying for summer internships and work. I can at least strive to do all, right?? I think one of biggest take away, or lesson however you wanna look at it, that I have learned over this past semester is the importance of being independent, thanks to living alone in my own apartment. This new season of independence wasn’t really something I could’ve eased my way into, I was catapulted into it and had to quickly adjust to my new “adult” way of life. Even though things have been very hectic, this chaos has allowed me to manage my time wisely and make me realize how I love having a constant routine. Days can sort of seem to blend together considering most days are kinda repetitive, school, gym, study, etc. But when I’m intentional about having a specific time to complete these task as well as having a. Set dinner time, each day seems to be more fulfilling. 

Speaking of food, that has been one challenge I’ve faced this past semester. When I first moved in and before classes officially started, I enjoyed being able to whip up a frozen Trader Joe’s entree and spruce it up a bit to make it feel like “It’s homemade” lol. Soon as events with my sorority picked up, long study hours in the library hit and everything in between, I’ve found it harder for myself to cook food meals that I enjoy, and aren’t the same frozen meals on repeat, or my my case, a meal that isn’t a couple of big handfuls of cheese it’s. What I find to be annoying is that instances where I wanna cook and whatnot I have to buy so many ingredients that I end up wasting because I’m never really gonna use again?? And it’s just myself so a lot of food goes wasted?? Idk, I guess it’s all trial and error. I’m definitely going to try hello fresh for next semester lol! 

Academically, this semester has been very challenged and I have to admit, i nearly got by with one class. Since changing my major for the summer to marketing, I am now required to take a lot more rigorous classes like calculus, accounting, stuff like that instead of the fluff I was taking while on the communications track. I know that all of this hard work and stress will pay off when I get my degree, but it hasn’t been easy. Especially for someone who thought the only math she would be taking in college would be math for liberal arts. Noting good comes easy, so I’m holding onto that sentiment for this next phase in my school career!! 

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