Tuesday, March 12, 2019

what I wish I knew before planning to transfer

Many of you may not know, but next semester *fingers crossed* I will be transferring to the University of Central Florida! I am so beyond excited, but I don't want to jinx my acceptance just yet and get my hopes up. I should have a finalized answer by May, so wish me luck! Even though I haven't been admitted into the university yet, the process of transferring hasn't been the best. I learned a few things along the way that if I can help out just one of you that are going through this process, it would mean the world to me. Big decisions like this are tough to make and I hope I can be the one along side you knowing that it'll be alright!

Like I mentioned, things haven't been the simplest when it comes to transferring. Here is what I've learned

Take Control, Don't Heavily Rely on Others: Not only did I have to submit my high school transcript, but I also had to send through the transcripts of the other two schools I've attended. Long story short, one of the transcripts slipped through the cracks. Each week I was frantically calling both my current university and UCF confirming if they sent/received the transcript. Each call getting different answers. I wasn't going to stand by and prolong the status of my application, so I began to blow up their phones at the admissions offices. After leaving voicemail after voicemail, it was time for myself to solve the issue, not others. From there I had to send out yet another transcript. Relying on complete strangers for a major change in your life can be somewhat of a challenge and honestly frightning. I've learned that it's best to keep track of everything and if their is a problem, their is usually a quick solution you can figure out for yourself, don't be afraid to do so!

Don't Be Embarrassed: My college experience thus far has been something so far from "the best years of my life" but I am willing to change that! The further I got into the transfer process, I began to feel bit embarrassed that I would be transferring in half way through. Hellloooo, kids that are younger than me probably know more about the campus than me. But you know what? That's okay. I snapped right out of my self pity party and realized that so many student's plan is to transfer after their first two years, I'm not in this by myself! In these moments of self doubt it's far more easy to just dwell on all that could go wrong, but their are so may potentially wonderful opportunities we are ignoring!

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