Monday, January 29, 2018

What I Wear To Class

Hey everyone!

I have been a bit behind here on the blog since transferring schools, but don't worry, I am getting back into the swing of things! I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite outfits to wear to class. Having to wear uniforms my whole life, I never realized how difficult finding what to wear in the morning, uniforms were sadly a blessing in disguise! The outfits that I picked for this post are perfect to wear on campus, they are extremely comfortable, without having to sacrifice style!

I have been living in this navy sweater dress recently, it is one of my favorites things I got for Christmas this year! This dress is a great alternative to wearing sweats to class, it is just as cozy!

I wore this outfit on my first day of classes.. long story short I ended up getting drenched in a thunderstorm, no matter where you live, carrying an umbrella with you is a big lifesaver! (Shoutout to Mary for providing me dry clothes that day!) These light pink pumas are chic to wear out, as well as comfortable enough to walk around campus all day.

Last but not least, is the outfit I wear 9/10 times. I always wanna be real with you all, this is the typical outfit I usually wear to class, an oversize tee, running shorts, and sneaker! It may not be the most glamorous outfit, and yes, I hate admitting I run a fashion blog when I am dressed like this, but if you spend your whole day on campus, comfort sadly outweighs looking "cute." Getting up at 6am, my brain is still like pudding, having to assemble a decent, fashionable outfit before getting out the door in the morning is quite a challenge, so I always side with this super casual look!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Hey Everyone!

I have been wanting to share with you all one of my favorite piece I received from Christmas! I finally found some time the other day to shoot this stunning, easy to wear outfit (thanks Kyle!) Not to mention, this wicker clutch from Tuckernuck. I hate to admit it, but I am a stripes hoarder and unashamedly aware of it! I'm not so sure why I always gravitate to wanting any article of clothing to have stripes on it, but that needs to stop or pretty sure that is all I will be wearing! 

No lie I have been living in this dress, to work, to go out, it's perfect for any time! Down below I liked a few of my favorite items from Tuckernucks sale going on right now, shop away!



Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Nightly Skincare Review

Hey Guys!

Entering college, I knew it was time to get serious about my skincare. I wouldn’t treat my skin terribly, I just wasn't really paying any attention to it and it was sure lacking some TLC. I always made a “mini” vow to myself that I would start getting into skincare in my early 20’s, but why wait till then? Skin care is important and isn’t something you should just throw aside until you start seeing issues.
With that being said, after a few trials and errors, I have found the best skin care routine that works perfectly for my skin type, combination and dry. Before I dive any further into this post, just a little disclaimer, I am by no means a skin professional.  I have discovered these products that have worked wonders on my skin and I hope they will do just the same on you!

Below I’ve listed my “step by step” skincare routine.  For starters, I always make sure that all my hair is completely tied back.  I love a good stretchy headband, they always do the trick!


Makeup Removal: I have never really been fond of the way makeup feels on my skin.  I don’t care how tired I am, I make it a priority to wipe off all my makeup! (I do have some exceptions of not doing so, nobody's perfect right?) I used to use makeup wipes, but for some reason a lot of the popular brands of wipes have always burned and irritated my skin, not so sure why, so I go all natural.
Coconut oil is the jack of all trades, you can put that stuff on anything and it has so many amazing benefits. I put a small dab of coconut oil around my face and wipe off my makeup. Not to mention, the coconut oil always makes my skin feel baby bottom soft after I wash it off!

Cleanser: For the longest time I have had trouble with finding the right cleanser for my skin. I’ve been lucky enough to never have to deal with terrible acne breakouts, I do have the occasional ones here and there, but I always have these purple-red spots that never seem to go away. My dermatologist prescribe a topical cleansing gel, Glytone, which has helped tremendously! The only negative comment I would have to say about the cleanser is that it is prone to causing dry skin.  I’ve learned to use it either morning or night, or both if I remember to moisturize extra that day!Witch

Hazel Toner: I️t may smell weird, but it does the trick! Setting my skin with toner, essentially allows a “blank canvas” for my nightly products.

Serum: I recently got a Kiel’s skincare set for Christmas. I️t had to be one of the best gifts I received! Their nightly serum is some serious stuff. I️t makes my skin look hydrated and glowing in the morning, not to mention has a soothing smell of lavender!

Moisturizer: I am addicted to Glossier’s priming moisturizer. I have always struggled with dry skin and this does the trick! I️ highly recommend it, it’s one of my favorite products from Glossier. It’s also a two in one, you get the benefits of a moisturizer, well as it being a base primer!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Recap of 2017 & Goals for 2018!


Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the reality that 2017 is already another closed chapter in the books. Growing up, the year “2017” always felt extremely out of reach. Afterall, it was my graduating year and I have been at the same school for nine years… nine years…a huge chunk of my life was spent in the same environment. (Now you can see why 2017 never felt as if it would actually come!) I have been reflecting on this past year and realized that it has been a lot more than just the “resolutions” I had set for myself.

This year ended up taking a different turn than I was intending to follow. I know I’m only 18, so saying “this has been the year I have learned the most” can sound a bit far fetched, but this time has opened my eyes to so much more responsibility, independence, and learning how to find comfort within new situations. Things have been difficult, uncomfortable even, but I’m grateful for that. Again, I may sound like a cheesy Hallmark card, but the challenging times in life can produce the greatest outcome, that has been my most impacting takeaway.

I came to the realization not that long ago that a big part of my ambition and empowering feelings was supported by the ones around me and where I had attended school for so long. Being separated from that motivation and not being around like minded people, took a bit of a toll on me. Being able to come back, stand on my own two feet, and really pursue my dreams, my passions, and my calling on my own, really took some maturing. 2017 taught me a lot about personal growth, and how to stand my own ground within myself. Now, onto my goals for 2018!

2018 Goals

Running: I have learned to love running, you can read more on my progress here. Recently I have noticed that I don’t really push myself to go the “extra-mile” when I run. I tend to stay within the 1.5-2 mile distance. I am looking into running the Seven Mile Bridge Run in the Florida Keys, I know that this will be great motivation to get myself running longer, and train myself for the race!

Variety: I wanna start taking more of a variety of workout classes, rather than just the same routine to keep things interesting! I have been wanting to do yoga for the longest time ever, or even a cycle class here and there!


It’s okay to say “No”:  THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST THINGS I HAVE LEARNED IN 2017! I cannot stress this enough. In the past I would bite off more than I could chew, essentially taking too many responsibilities all at once, in reality, I had hardly any time to complete it well, or time for myself! I used to think I was being selfish by always being the “yes man”, even though we sometimes think we can tackle the world, we gotta start small!  

Dream Log: Maybe it’s just a Pisces thing, it’s rare that I don’t go a night without having some of the most vivid, intense dreams. I want to start journaling them, just for fun, maybe they mean something who knows. (I’m proud of myself, I have one entry in!)

Budgeting: This is the year I am going to be smart with my money! I have heard great things about this app called “Every Dollar” it links with your bank account and at the start of every month you create different ways in which you decide to budget your money. No more of Jillian spending money on stuff I don’t need, or even impulsive buying. That habit will be kicked to the curb!


“Logging Off”: I have such a love/hate relationship with social media. I hate the fact that it can take away from wonderful moments in life, not even that, it can sometimes create a toxic mindset, whether you are conscious of it or not! I thought of this idea, which I really want to implement, which is dedicating the downtimes I have in the evenings or whenever, to write a ton of content, save it all, and schedule it. Hoping that this will erase the mindless scrolling since my post will be planned, I will have more time to spend with others and catch up on well, life!

I am looking forward to 2018 with a different perspective than the previous year, a year to really grow with what I love doing, which is blogging.  I want to strive to always keep it personal between my readers, as well as providing content you all will love. In this day and age with all the social media at our access, it’s easier now than ever to create what you've only dreamed of, having that outlet of self expression, as well as being able to be your own #girlboss. Besides my resolutions with Fabulously Floridian, I really love the feeling of an overwhelming sense of happiness. And, it is achievable! I want to always be a genuine friend to everyone, even people who I have brief encounters with, and share positivity to the ones around me. Why waste your energy on being with negative people or even being negative yourself? I’m elated to see all that this year holds. Here’s to all the new adventures, new memories with my friends and loved ones, and new opportunities ahead in 2018. Can’t wait to experience it with you all!



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