Wednesday, February 6, 2019

bachelor 4&5 recap

A little update with my self experiment of recapping The Bachelor. It's kinda tough to do, since they only give me the same predictable content that is extremely overexcited with each commercial and leaves me with not a whole lot to elaborate upon! Nevertheless, I will persist because I am by no means a quitter. Not sure if this will pan out next season, we will see.

I was going to dive right into the lackluster of last nights episode, but I just remembered I didn't recap the intensity from the previous week. Also, we all know that in order to live in the present we must revisit our past!


All I can say, and well remember from last weeks episode is Caitlin's horrific story about her sexual assault. I felt so terrible for some girl I don't even know, but I just wanted to bust through the screen and give her the biggest hug. Since that isn't reality, the closest thing to that was to silently cry to myself because I was reminded that these things unfortunately do happened to girls and there needs to be an end with it.

I really think she is a genuine human being, not only genuine - but strong. She was able to turn something so terrible in her life and use it as a way to bring awareness for others who have experienced a similar situation.

The one on one date was really sincere and I felt the connection between her and Colton..... Waaaait, I am now remembering that during her "daytime" date was when she went on a major shopping spree to those obscure boutiques and prom dress depot!

Also, this date in Thailand was giving me all the "Crazy Rich Asian" vibes lol. Not only that, but with this season visiting Thailand and Vietnam, ABC must have been saving up from the lame destinations during Becca's season for their around the world excursions!


To be completely transparent, I wasn't totally invested into this episode. It was one of those "scroll as you watch" type of situations. The highlight of this episode was the absurdity that is and was Elise's self inflicted dilemma. Not only was the exit rude, but the whole segment was hard to wrap my mind around. Okay, I get it that people get extremely in their head when they ultimately have to fight for the love of the same guy, but she kept confusing herself evermore. The motives for wanting his love, but then not getting enough of it, to her not being ready for the engagement? Like do you know what this show is about? 

If they don't already, the producers should make all the contestants familiar or just watch a season or two so they get the gist of how the process works. I have also heard speculation about her being the next Bachelorette, so maybe this was a segway for her to wiggle her way out without being to deep into the process? 

Time will tell.

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