Tuesday, February 19, 2019

bachelor 6&7 recap

It's that time of the week again! If you watched last nights episode or not, i'm here to provide with you all my interpretation of what all went down on the Bachelor last night (and the week before!)

Last weeks episode:
I really should've been better about taking notes on the episode because I feel as if last weeks episode was a year ago. Bare with me as I do my best and try to remember... wait it's all coming back to me! Last week Colton and the crew were on yet another exotic vacation to Vietnam?? Random but still a cool location. Most of the dates consisted on dilapidated boats en route to a "sandbar" that was apparently a private island? Anyways, last week is when I realized how Colton is the saving grace to the Bachelor franchise. Props to him for being vocal in keeping who he really wants, rather than keeping who would get the show more ratings.

I was beyond "shook" to say the least that he sent home DEMI!!! No joke, I couldn't lift my jaw up off the floor after that incident. I really didn't see that one coming after watching the preview for their "almost" sultry meet up that ended in devastation! Even while I am writing this I am still floored. 

This weeks episode:
Last week until hometowns!! I am still surprised how the end of the show is quickly approaching us; does it always go by this fast? I was so close to pulling the plug and looking up on Reality Steve to find out who will be the one to walk away with the proposal, but if this season has taught me one thing, is you never know really what is going to happen.

The whole "she said she said" drama between Kirpa, Tayshia, Caelynn and who else, Cassie? Was really to much to try and wrap my mind around. Here are my two solutions that seem somewhat reasonable to get down to the bottom of this unnecessary drama. 1.) Ask production if they have any recordings of what was said 2.) COLTON NEEDS TO STOP AND ASKS THE NEXT GIRL THAT STEPS INTO THE LIMO "WHAT DO YOU MEAN!" Ugggh. I was so frustrated! When Colton sent home Hannah B. she was the FORTH GIRL to walk away and say "some girls in the house aren't ready for this. We need an explanation instead of just making up scenarios in our minds! Also, when is the fence jump gonna happen??

Until next week... maybe i'll make my predictions on who will win.

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