Wednesday, January 2, 2019

oh hellllooo 2019!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Call me crazy, but I have this little theory that a huge reason people tend to break their New Year's resolutions so quickly is because we all know deep down that all these elaborate plans we set for ourselves will crumble just in time for February. So, to be extra careful and not fall into the same trap we all do year after year, I carved some time out for self refection. Stepping back and taking a break from the busyness of everyday to focus on realistic goals that I want to achieve for myself in 2019.  Goals, not resolutions, see what I did there.  Hoping that the minor change in what I call these actions will help them stick, fingers crossed!

One last thought before I share with you all my complete list of things I want to pursue this year. I understand that each new year is a start of a "clean slate" essentially, it's like a huge reset button for millions and millions everywhere. But each and every day we are given a chance to pick ourselves up, and start a brand new day. If you feel so compelled to change or start something new in your life, don't put if off till the next national holiday, be original and get going now, sis!

With setting that little sermon aside, here's the little list of goals for my new year! I encourage you all to create "goals" and to light that fire under your feet, don't waste the time you have in the moment! If there has been one thing that 2018 has taught me, is to chase after what you want & don't wait around for what you may think is the perfect opportunity. Sounds like a no brainer, it's easier said than done, who knows what's in store for you!

    1. Eat more holistically (kick processed foods buhbye!)

2. Wake up earlier, even on days off to be more productive

3. Start reading more for enjoyment

4. If I like a song, give the whole album a try

5. Go to more concerts, no matter how big or small

6. Listen to 5 new podcast

7. Learn yoga

8. Document my life better (lol just fancy for taking more pictures and videos)

9. Learn to cook, something other than my speciality of eggs!

10.  Have a physical and digital (my blog) journal to track what I'm loving or hating, or just random thoughts during each month.

11. Become more minimalistic, donate clothes that I haven't bothered to touch in eons. 


  1. I totally feel you on so many of these goals. I recently Marie Kondo-ed my closet, and it felt so refreshing. I've only gone through my shirts but its so much easier to get dressed in the morning.

    1. Omg I just started watching her show and feel so inspired!! Thanks for the extra bit of encouragement girl!



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