Monday, January 28, 2019

my nightly skin care routine

Since I unfortunately don't have the "swipe up" option on my Instagram stories (well for now at least;), here is the list of all the products I use on a nightly basis!

Cleanser: For when you don't trust you and your makeup wipe to remove all the makeup completely, lather up your skin with this thickly luxurious facial cleanser. I haven't met a Kiehl's product that I don't love. This cleanser gives me the piece of mind that my face is clear from everything it experienced that day, with a bonus glowy radiance. If you are looking for an alternative to this product for more than half the price, I recommend trying this one out that I go back and forth with using

Toner: No need to get all fancy over here and spend an arm and a leg on your skincare routine. This drug store find has been my favorite toner for a few years now. $5 dollars for a huge bottle you can find nearly anywhere is more than a great deal if you ask me! Not only do I love the price of it, but I notice a huge difference after using it for more than 3 days. My pores are non existent! For the best results, make sure to swipe all over your face morning and night with a cotton round!

Treatments: Here's the fun part, well for me at least. Now is the time to apply serums! My two favorite holy grail night serums are Kiehl's night serum and this one I borrow from my mom haha. Some nights I use both, or one of the other, I like to play around depending on how my skin is feeling that day. Both are worth every penny. I have used the Kiehl's night serum for a little over a year now and still have so much left in my bottle. A little does go a long way!

Eye creme: This is one area I need to start focusing in on. I haven't tried a ton of different products when it comes to eye cremes because I just simply forget about this step. Applying eye creme is just a preventative step in my skincare down the road. With the few that I have been loving Benefits "It's Potent" eye creme, which could be found right here.

Ice Roller: Hands down my favorite gift I received for Christmas! I am here to tell you all that this simply genius invention really does live up to all it's glorification it receives from the blogger community! I have always struggled with finding the right products that will help re-energize my dark puffy under-eyes, until I found out this is the solution to my problems! Their is so much I love about the ice roller. It helps set in all of my serums and whatnot at night and gives me the morning wakeup alertness that I need!

Night Masks: I was actually inspired to write this post because I have been on the hunt to find a decent overnight mask. I picked up this one from target that I have only used once last night & instantly fell in love! It has everything you could ever want: a sweet, refreshing watermelon scent, free from animal testing and makes your skin look so alive and bouncy! I'll keep you all posted if I end up not liking it later down the road, I hope not but we will see.

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