Wednesday, January 23, 2019

bachelor recap week 2 & 3


All and all, not a whole lot happened this episode. The most exciting scene for me was the "sneak peak" of Colton catapulting himself over the mansion fence and the girls SCREAAAMING! Like, blood curdling SHREAKS!

In typical Bachelor fashion, episode two starts off with our host with the most, Chris Harrison speaking to the group of beaming girls. Once the camera pans over to all the contestants, the confusion starts to settle in. "Wait.... who is she?" "I don't remember all these people the first night?" It ultimately takes me a few weeks to learn who the cast is because in every beginning episode they always seem to "introduce" someone new to the mix!

Last weeks episode made me feel as if the show wanted to place a negative target on the girl from Fort Lauderdale, when in reality it has proven to be Demi. She keeps using this narrative that her young age is what excuses all her bizarre actions with the girls and Colton. I can see her going far for ratings.

ONE ON ONE WITH MISS ROLL TIDE: Unfortunately, not my current fave, Hannah G.  Anyways, the "day date" portion of this segment was so cringey, it was almost hard to watch.  Poor Colton, spewing out his emotions to a girl to only say "yeah." Cringe.  A hot tub magically appears in front of them; Colton walking in first in effort to have her follow along. She later steps in, without responding to much of the small talk he is coming up with, she then puts her head on his shoulder and they begin smooching away. It was kinda painful to witness.


I immediately thought that they were going to the same pirate themed restaurant like the one the Tanner family visited in Full House. Like, isn’t the Bachelor crew near San Fran? Not that much of a far fetched thought.

Take Tanner Family Fun night... but make it 2019.

I’ve wondered this since episode one... What is this big beef between the two pageant girls!? It has to be something massive if it wrecked the group date for the two mini Miss Americas... but how come we are left feeling so unsettled?  Why so vague ladies? 

GIRL!! HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED THE BACHELOR!!! DON'T TELL HIM YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANOTHER GIRL IN THE HOUSE, that’s an automatic bag packed out of there!!! Especially when you don't have a point to prove.... like are the producers trying to make this up?? Or she just crazy?  We need answers!

I honestly feel for Colton. He is trying to figure out this extremely vague, so called “warning” about Caitlin. I would be just as dramatic as Colton, possibly more after that bizarre encounter. This is an issue Colton shouldn’t care about just now, we’ll dive into it more later I'm sure. Until it’s affecting him personally, then get involved. Keep your baggage at the door ladies. 

The girls pull up to this Wynwood-esk CrossFit. Not sure about any of you, but I would die if I had to do a push up to win over someone’s love. Hello..:: have you seen my stick arms??  The limo pull had me in tears laughing. Yes Chris, that was the worst *but best* idea in Bachelor history

To sum it all up, this episode really captivated my full attention. Or maybe it was that I wasn’t on my phone while watching lol. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda glad they kept the two "toddlers in tiaras", so **fingers crossed** we can get their full story next week.

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