Thursday, April 16, 2020

my best kept secret!

Never in a million YEARS would I have imagined myself as the effortless "girl next door" kinda individual. You know what i'm talking about, that cool, L.A vibe girl who just shows up in jeans and a tee to go grab an IPA brew with the boys yet still manages to look so effortlessly chic in jeans and a simple tee shirt. That was until I came upon the worlds best jeans, and you will never believe where they are from! I've always had such a hatred towards those denim pants. Every pair i've owned up  until now have been stiff, uncomfortable, to tight, or just downright farty looking on me. I thought in order to go for the look I wanted to achieve I'd have to shell up over hundreds of dollars in order to find the right pair.

Alright, alright, I guess it's time for me to "spill the beans" on my favorite pair of jeans... sorry I just had too! Drum roll go-to pair of jeans are from Ann Taylor LOFT, yes you heard me, LOFT! I'm sure we have all been dragged into that store by our mothers for them to try on work appropriate outfits, next time that happens to you go and try a pair of their jeans on, you wouldn't regret it! They are as soft as butter and their sizes fit incredibly. They feel expensive! I am on the more petite, shorter side and I didn't even have to get them altered, or even have to wear a belt to keep them from falling!

Another bonus is that they always have amazing deals! Loft is currently running a 70% off promotional on your first purchase than 50% off everything else! How could you pass up such an offer! With this new discovery of mine, do I dare say that I have become that "girl next door?" Still gotta stay true to myself and stick my drink of choice, a vodka soda (with extra lime) any day before an IPA though! Down below I linked a few of my favorite styles they currently have in stock! Hope you all will be just as transformed as I am!

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