Tuesday, April 21, 2020

what's kept me sane during quarantine

Maybe Elle Woods was right after all when she infamously states "exercise gives you endorphines, endorphins make you happy..." well you know the rest (If you don't i'm a bit disappointed haha.) Midway through high school I decided to take up running as a way to keep me active considering I was starting to slow down with dance and I was far from playing on any D1 sports team. For hating the thought of even having to even jog my whole life, I thought I was nuts but kept pressing on to at least run for 15 minutes, one mile, etc. until I built up the stamina, and dare I say it now brings me enjoyment?!

Over the years i've learned that by stepping out for my daily run has not only kept me in shape, but has allowed me to indulge in some "me time" which. Carving an hour of my day to shut off the world around me, no matter what may be going on in my personal life or within the world around me is something that I look forward too. Just me, some good music, and all that is around me. The little time spent of escapism through running has been extremely important throughout the years, not to mention it's been very beneficial in my overall mental health.

Now listen, I'm not suggesting that everyone should take up running, but find some activity that you enjoy, it could be biking, yoga, walking, dancing ,I don't know anything you name it!! My hobby of running has kept my sane during this madness and uncertain times we are all living in. So especially in these quarantine times, take pride in those little activities that make you happy and try to work on them more and more each day, trust me it'll be worth it!

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