Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Swimwear Under $50!


photo via pintrest

I absolutely HATE (yes i'm saying in all caps) how expensive swimsuits are! Let's face, you are paying for hardly any material just to cover what is needed, just like underwear and whatnot.. but I digress. Real talk, I am very ashamed of this, but over christmas break I actually ended in a little bit of debt from buying a super expensive swimsuit that I, at the time didn't have the funds for but still impulsively bought it anyway. The remainder of my winter break I was constantly having to mooch of off my friends food (sorry again guys), be as frugal and cheap as possible for the rest of break.. well at least until I got my next paycheck!

  I have this love/hate relationship with swimsuits. In a way, I am such a hoarder of them, one just can't ever have to many! I'm such a sucker for anything locally made and has great quality, so if its gonna last me a good time (and if I have the money) I am willing to spend the extra penny. But I get it, sometimes you would just like something new to wear for vacation, spring break, etc! I found a good handful of adorable, trendy, swimsuits that wouldn't break your bank! Before I forget.. I also found this dupe for this Tory Burch swimsuit I have been seeing everywhere for under 20! If I could only convince my mom to get me a swimsuit for spring break....haha!



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