Saturday, February 24, 2018

Helllooo 19!

I was beginning to become a bit unenthusiastic about turning 19. To me I thought  it's somewhat like being 13.... in a odd, strange way. Yes, legally at 19 you are legally "considered" an adult (I am learning what that means more and more each day) And 13 you are celebrating the years to the start of your teen years, but they both are kinda the ages that stuck in the middle, ya know? You are on the brink of being 20, while still being in between as a teenage.

 While enjoying my "spa day" I was treated to on my birthday, I had a new even better realization. I have a feeling that this maybe this will be one of my greatest year yet! After all, it is my last year of being a teenage, last year with getting away with saying that, the last year of adolescence. My goals for myself is to do more of what I personally want for myself and to get out of my comfort zones of the ordinary. For instance, if i'm presented an opportunity to do anything.. anything presented my way, I should take hold of that! It is just the right time to do so.

Also, each year is a marking of a new, fresh stage of life, a new beginning! That is something so valuable, just like each day given to us, I needed to snap out of the toxic mindset of nineteen being just a "bleh" year.

Most importantly, this one sorta relates to one of my New Year's goal, is to tell everyone what is truly on my mind/ heart. I don't know maybe i'm overthinking this a bit to much, but it seems to me that in our society where everyone around us is so plugged into what people are saying about each other online, etc. it's easy for us to sugarcoat our thoughts and honest feelings to others/ subject matters. If something is on your mind, feel free and say it! If something is bothering you, speak up! If you are passionate about something, express it! Life is too short to go through life without expressing your individual thoughts!


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