Friday, October 6, 2017


Hi everyone,

We all know that in this strangely beautiful thing we call life,  we are bound  to face different highs and lows on our journey. Ever since the end of June things have almost been at a complete LOW for me. Okay, that seems a bit dramatic buuuut, I found myself putting so much of my personal identity into my friends and into my relationships that when everyone moved away from me, I began to feel so empty. Now don’t twist my words, my friends are the world to me, they inspire me so much and fuel me, I love them tremendously! I just  was so caught up in always having plans, and spending time with everyone, I forgot to make time for myself, which is something extremely healthy and vital to your own well being. It really is a weird, indescribable feeling with them all gone. Older students and friends always talk about the feeling of leaving everything behind, but things don’t exactly register until you're living it. those feelings surpass what anyone has ever told you.

For me especially, this past month  has been a major change,  as well as a fresh start, because I have been at the same school with,  for the most part, the same kids for nine years. Even at times of doubt, uncertainty, and learning how to be fully  independent, there is a side of me that is excited for all  these weird changes. It makes me think of the song “Put Your Records On” By Corinne Bailey Rae. (You all know that song, it’s the one that goes: “giiirl put your records on, tell me your favorite song”,a classic, sing-your-heart-out song.) There is a line from that song that has been resonating  with me: “Maybe sometimes we feel afraid but it's alright.”  It’s the excitement for all the uncertainties and possibilities that lie ahead of me. I have the power to be the go-getter that I am, and start painting this beautiful life that I will create for myself, one with many adventures and living out my dreams. I have found a few tips and tricks that'll be sure to give to a little pick me up, and show some serious self-love, because just being a little bit selfish every once and awhile, isn't a bad thing, so don't be afraid to embrace it!

Change things up!
Chop off all your hair, dye it a crazy color, embrace the change. I can testify that a change in hair can really improve your self confidence and have almost a new outlook on life! Okay well maybe not completely, but a fresh cut can really be a big mood booster!

Feed your Soul
Recently I have bought a juicer, which has tremendously helped getting me into the whole “clean eating thing.” I love that thing, it's so fun getting to create your own juice concoction and see which one is the best! My favorite blends so far have been: blueberries, apples, ginger, chia seeds, carrots, and lemon. Also: orange, apple, and celery has been another great juice recipe! I have realized that eating more of a plant based diet and just eating clean has made me for more energized and helps clear my mind. Balance is obviously something extremely vital in life, so indulge a little, don't make yourself crazy. I always treat myself to some good dessert, I have always had the biggest sweet tooth, after all I deserve it, right?

Pamper yourself

Like I said above, don't be afraid to really spoil yourself. If you like the shoes, buy them, if you like the way you look in that outfit, wear it. Do all you can to make yourself, you'll thank yourself for that! When I'm usually feeling stressed or not really feeling like my normal self, I love taking a nice long bath, with some face masks of course. My bathtub is my sanctuary for reconnecting my thoughts or just new ideas lol. Get your nails done if you want, do whatever you gotta do to lift your spirits!!


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