Friday, October 13, 2017


So earlier this week I literally drove myself craaazy trying to find a cute and affordable pair of jeans. Broke girl ballin over here! I was straight out of luck toward the end of the day, everything was either way too big or was plastered onto me. When I got home, I started to put my mind to work. I hopped right onto Pinterest and immediately I remembered that I had a super old, plain pair of J.Crew jeans in my closet that I never wear. From there I grabbed my scissors and got to cutting!

I tried this DIY out of complete randomness and out of some despair from not finding the perfect pair of jeans, I was shocked at how quick this took!  Not to mention, I was extremely impressed with myself that I didn’t ruin the jeans. I found the unknown craftiness that I had inside of me.
All you need to create your original pair of distressed jeans is: an old pair of jeans, scissors and sandpaper.

I have been loving the “no hem” jean look, so the first thing I did to my jeans was to chop off roughly 2 inches of the hem, putting the jeans back on and off my body to make sure that the cut was even and looking the way I wanted.
I took my sheet of sandpaper and swiped the cut hem of the jeans to create more of a distressed and torn look I wanted from my jeans.

Using the same sheet of sandpaper, I went to the top of my jeans near the pocket and began swiping away at the top of the jeans to create a more dramatic look. I learned the hard way, with jean dust flying all over my room, to sandpaper your jeans outside. I love the effect that the sandpaper had on the denim, it really created the look I wanted!


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