Monday, January 6, 2020

my goals for 2020!

Happy 2020 everyone!! It may be 6 days late but hey, it's still the same sentiment! I guess I should add becoming more punctually about my post to my resolutions list haha. Anyways, after spending some time concocting my “goals” for 2020, I couldn’t help but recognize all the completely unrealistic ones I set for myself last year, which you can check out right here

Sure, some were mixed in that I attempted to get at but I never got up at 4am and to be completely honest, that just sounds completely criminal. Regardless, I’ve definitely become more of a morning person within the past year but I clearly did really get close to the resolutions only a nut job would set. This year, Instead of creating these loony resolutions like i did last year, I thought I’d create goals for myself that I find my self either struggling/lacking in any way shaped or form. The list is down below, feel free to read up on it. I hope this year is one of the best yet, the best is always yet to come afterall! 


1. Only apologize when necessary... like Jillian u really gotta stop over apologizing for everything 

2. Be kind to yourself and be mindful of how you talk to yourself 

3. Do yoga! 

4. Read more.. finish at least 5 books

5. Say yes to every opportunity that is presented to me, you’ll regret it in the long run

6. Get stuff done the day of instead of just “leaving it for the morning” and acting like a crazy person to complete it 

7. Go to the beach more!

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