Saturday, March 9, 2019

working woman outfit inspo!

Correct me if I am wrong, but when it comes to dressing up in any "professional" matter, we tend to push ourselves into these lackluster boxes of wearing the expected frumpy, itchy-tweet body suits that are four sizes two big for our body type. Yes, of course I am being candidly dramatic just to paint this picture for you all. But just like many of you, when asked to dress "professionally" I tend to go into panic mode. After all, I still want to dress office appropriate without having to sacrifice looking cute and being myself at the same time! If I am going to be sitting in a cubical all day while getting up just to chat at the water cooler, I hope to look cute while doing that! Hypothetically speaking of course. 

"Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have." It is such a profound statement that has not only stuck with me while dressing for work, but even translating it to my day to day scenarios. Right before I started my internship I was a little apprehensive with dressing up for my new office life. This sounds silly, but for a girl that wore a uniform her whole life, now was my chance at a restricted version of "adult" dress up lol. Luckily for me, my internship wasn't extremely by the books when it came to the dress code, even with that I found some great styling tips along the way that is sure to ease anyones worries.

What I Realized: My biggest tip is to try to stick to one "bold" piece that sets yourself apart from the rest. Something that makes you excited about the day ahead of you and the job that you have. Whether it be a bold lipstick color, a fun embellishment on your blouse, or a pair of funky pants. Stick to one bold item to let your personality be on display through it. Take my word for it, I've learned it the hard way, I have shown up in a very loud Lily Pulitzer dress with matching hot pink heels (how Elle Woods of me haha)... the only benefit is that it sparked conversation before a conference call lol.) By sticking to mainly a neutral palate when it comes to the rest of your ensemble, not only do you look more put together but you are ready to march your way through corporate world looking fabulous!

Shout out for instagram for saving all my obnoxious stories that can be recycled to my blog! I've shared a few of my favorite looks from my internship days down below!

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