Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall Essentials I'm Loving

This isn't a gimmick to "convince" or guilt you all into purchasing these products for apparent reason, take my word for it. I have purchased these products within the past month or so and have been obsessed (for lack of a better term) with each item. I try to find every excusing to wear each piece  I listed wherever I can! From the Madewell sweater dupe to the silk leopard pants, each of my fall favorite picks are essential for building a trendy yet classic wardrobe for this fall. Even if you like me, and live in an area where you see more Iguanas then leaves changing *like South Florida cough cough.* I digress. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Pink Striped Sweater: I popped into H&M a few weeks ago because I was lured in by their under $20 sweater promo and came across this beauty! This sweater is perfect because its light enough that I can wear it year round (i'm always uncomfortable cold), as well as layer it if it ever gets colder outside! The best part about this sweater is that is so similar to this Madewell one, for less than half the price!

Benefit Blush and Stain: This product is revolutionary. I was a bit scared when the helpful girl at Ulta showed me how colorful the "nail polish" looking cheek stain, but I was sold when I tested it out. This stain gives such a natural, flushed look that lasts for hours. Like, 24 hours. I also love the fact that it's such a buildable products, if you wanna increase how dramatic your look will be, increase the amount of product of your face!

Slip On Vans: I really jumped on the "basic binch" wagon when I bought these, but honeslty I have  shame in that! These shoes are somewhat of a throwback to me, I was crazy for slip on vans in fourth grade. I had mostly every color and even prints that collated with the holidays. I find these a better alternative to wearing flip flops all the time, since summer is "technically over."

Bean Boots: Since I live in a area where it only gets below 70 degrees two weeks out of the whole year, I bought mine used off eBay last year. Sure they are a little worn at the bottom, but I did get them for a steal of only $50! If I did live somewhere else, I would recommend buying them new. They are worth ever penny. I bought them last December before I went to Boston and didn't want to take them off! They keep your feet toasty warm and extremely comfortable. I walked all around Boston in these for 4 days and had no complaints!

Leopard Silk Pants: It was love at first sight with these gorgeous pants, I can never go wrong at J.Crew! I believe in leopard as a neutral and i'm overjoyed that leopard print is having such a moment in fall style! Not only are these pants incredibly chic, but feel like you never took your pajamas off, whats better then that? Oh yes I know, right now J.Crew is offring 30% off your entire order! Don't walk, run!

Hope you all enjoy my favorite items at the moment!

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