Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Nightly Skincare Review

Hey Guys!

Entering college, I knew it was time to get serious about my skincare. I wouldn’t treat my skin terribly, I just wasn't really paying any attention to it and it was sure lacking some TLC. I always made a “mini” vow to myself that I would start getting into skincare in my early 20’s, but why wait till then? Skin care is important and isn’t something you should just throw aside until you start seeing issues.
With that being said, after a few trials and errors, I have found the best skin care routine that works perfectly for my skin type, combination and dry. Before I dive any further into this post, just a little disclaimer, I am by no means a skin professional.  I have discovered these products that have worked wonders on my skin and I hope they will do just the same on you!

Below I’ve listed my “step by step” skincare routine.  For starters, I always make sure that all my hair is completely tied back.  I love a good stretchy headband, they always do the trick!


Makeup Removal: I have never really been fond of the way makeup feels on my skin.  I don’t care how tired I am, I make it a priority to wipe off all my makeup! (I do have some exceptions of not doing so, nobody's perfect right?) I used to use makeup wipes, but for some reason a lot of the popular brands of wipes have always burned and irritated my skin, not so sure why, so I go all natural.
Coconut oil is the jack of all trades, you can put that stuff on anything and it has so many amazing benefits. I put a small dab of coconut oil around my face and wipe off my makeup. Not to mention, the coconut oil always makes my skin feel baby bottom soft after I wash it off!

Cleanser: For the longest time I have had trouble with finding the right cleanser for my skin. I’ve been lucky enough to never have to deal with terrible acne breakouts, I do have the occasional ones here and there, but I always have these purple-red spots that never seem to go away. My dermatologist prescribe a topical cleansing gel, Glytone, which has helped tremendously! The only negative comment I would have to say about the cleanser is that it is prone to causing dry skin.  I’ve learned to use it either morning or night, or both if I remember to moisturize extra that day!Witch

Hazel Toner: I️t may smell weird, but it does the trick! Setting my skin with toner, essentially allows a “blank canvas” for my nightly products.

Serum: I recently got a Kiel’s skincare set for Christmas. I️t had to be one of the best gifts I received! Their nightly serum is some serious stuff. I️t makes my skin look hydrated and glowing in the morning, not to mention has a soothing smell of lavender!

Moisturizer: I am addicted to Glossier’s priming moisturizer. I have always struggled with dry skin and this does the trick! I️ highly recommend it, it’s one of my favorite products from Glossier. It’s also a two in one, you get the benefits of a moisturizer, well as it being a base primer!


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