Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spring Break '17 Swimsuit Shop

Hi Everyone!

If you are on spring break or dreaming for it to come quicker like me, I've created a little “Spring Break Swimsuit Shop" where you can find a few pieces I've been craving to add to my closet. This upcoming week is going to be quite challenge, my school requires all graduating seniors to complete a 35 minute presentation about our time at school. Stressful right! This whole year I've been nervous for this day to come. "Once I get past this, the closer I am to graduating!"... I keep telling myself. The weather has been so perfect recently, I feel like I'm already on break! One of my biggest inspirations has to be "vintage Florida" and I tried to embody that for this post! 

Hope you all enjoy!



My Swimsuit: Topshop Off the Shoulder One Piece

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